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              Drama of the Week

              Every Friday we bring you a new drama from Radio 4 or Radio 3. Exercise your imagination with some of the best writers and actors on radio. Storytelling at its very best.

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              • dtw: Sung: 27 May 15

                Fri, 29 May 15

                45 mins

                10 days remaining

                Sung by Jim Cartwright, starring Jane Horrocks. A bittersweet drama which reunites the writer and star of 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice'. Lorna is an alcoholic who lives alone in a down at heel flat. Then a young door to door salesman peddling stretch settee covers knocks on her door and discovers that she has a glamorous past. Song & Lyrics by John O'Hara Producer/Director Gary Brown

                Download 41MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

              • Lizzy Barry's Lesson 22 May 15

                Fri, 22 May 15

                45 mins

                3 days remaining

                Lizzy Barry was without doubt the most celebrated and best loved actress of the Restoration. But though Mrs Barry would disagree, it may have been her liaison with the infamous libertine The Earl of Rochester which provided the key to her extraordinary success. By Robin Glendinning. With Jane Slavin, Tim McInnerny and Lizzy McInnerny.

                Download 41MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

              • Macbeth 22 May 15

                Fri, 22 May 15

                120 mins

                3 days remaining

                Shakespeare's thrilling tragedy starring Neil Dudgeon and Emma Fielding, a new production for BBC Radio 3.

                Download 110MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

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