Series of profiles of people who are currently making headlines. Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturdays at 7pm.

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  • 19 Jul 7MB

    Profile: Nicky Morgan 19 July 14

    Following the cabinet reshuffle, Mark Coles profiles Nicky Morgan and asks who exactly is the new Education Secretary?

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 12 Jul 7MB

    Profile: Elizabeth Butler-Sloss 12 July 14

    Elizabeth Butler-Sloss has been chosen to lead a major enquiry into abuse allegations. But claims that she is too close

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 10 May 7MB

    Profile: Elizabeth Warren 10 May 14

    Could Elizabeth Warren be the next President of the United States of America?

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 03 May 7MB

    Profile: Amal Alamuddin 03 May 14

    Amal Alamuddin is the fiancée of George Clooney, the worlds most eligible bachelor, but who is this London human rights

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 26 Apr 7MB

    Profile: The Glazer Family 26 Apr 14

    The owners of Manchester United are under the spotlight once again following the sacking of manager David Moyes.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 19 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Sajid Javid 19 Apr 14

    Sajid Javid is the new culture secretary. Son of 1960s immigrants from Pakistan, after a stellar banking career he's now

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 12 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Narendra Modi 12 Apr 14

    The Indian Elections are in full swing and Narendra Modi is tipped to become the next Prime Minister but he's a

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 05 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Sir Alan Ayckbourn 05 Apr 14

    Sir Alan Ayckbourn is one of the country's most celebrated comedy playwrights. Known for his acerbic social observations

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 29 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Noah 29 Mar 14

    A new Hollywood blockbuster about Noah and his ark is out this week. Mark Coles explores the many sides of a character

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 22 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Matteo Renzi 22 Mar 14

    Matteo Renzi is the new Italian prime minister. A former boy scout - nicknamed "demolition man" for his desire to smash

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 15 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Rupert Harrison 15 Mar 14

    He's George Osborne's top advisor and ahead of the budget Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Rupert Harrison. Some say "he's

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 08 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Vladimir Putin 08 Mar 14

    Vladimir Putin's motives and aims are at the heart of the Ukraine crisis. In this week's Profile, Mary Ann Sieghart

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 04 Jan 7MB

    Profile: Janet Yellen 04 Jan 14

    Janet Yellen is Barack Obama's choice as the next Chairman of the US Federal Reserve. She will become the most powerful

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 28 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Idris Elba 28 Dec 13

    Actor, Producer and DJ Idris Elba is best known for his role playing Baltimore drug boss Stringer Bell in The Wire, and

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 21 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Vitali Klitschko 21 Dec 13

    This week Mark Coles profiles 'Dr Ironfist', Vitali Klitschko, the world boxing champion turned Ukrainian political

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 14 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Michelle Bachelet 14 Dec 13

    Michelle Bachelet is on the threshold of winning a second term as President of her country. Her family were victims

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 07 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Tom Daley 07 Dec 13

    Tom Daley is in the media spotlight again this week when he announced via YouTube that he is dating a man and he has

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 30 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Nicola Sturgeon 30 Nov 13

    Lesley Curwen profiles Nicola Sturgeon. Plans for an independent Scotland have been announced by the SNP and Nicola

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 23 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Bill de Blasio 23 Nov 13

    Bill de Blasio will soon take over as Mayor of New York. Having overcome the suicide of his war veteran father, created

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 16 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Sachin Tendulkar 16 Nov 13

    Sachin Tendulkar embodies the Indian dream and is seen by some as a living god. As his quarter-century cricketing career

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 09 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Alison Saunders 09 Nov 13

    Becky Milligan profiles Alison Saunders, the new Director of Public Prosecutions and a barrister who has prosecuted some

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 02 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Jim Ratcliffe 02 Nov 13

    Grangemouth owner Ineos has been described as the 'biggest company you've never heard of.' Jo Fidgen profiles its

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 26 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Andrew Mitchell 26 Oct 13

    Becky Milligan profiles Andrew Mitchell, who resigned as Conservative Chief Whip last year after being accused of

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 19 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Rufus Norris 19 Oct 13

    Mary Ann Sieghart looks at the life of Rufus Norris, the next director of the National Theatre and the first not to be a

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 12 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Maajid Nawaz 12 Oct 13

    Mark Coles examines the life of former Islamist Maajid Nawaz who has been instrumental in the departure of leaders Tommy

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 05 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Paul Dacre 05 Oct 13

    A gifted journalist with his finger on the pulse of Middle England? Or "the most dangerous man in Britain" as the

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 28 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Hassan Rouhani 28 Sep 13

    Iran's new president Hassan Rouhani has been centre of attention at the UN this week. Mary Ann Sieghart asks: is he a

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 21 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Billy Connolly 21 Sep 13

    Comedian Billy Connolly has announced new film and touring plans despite facing ill health. Mark Coles explores how

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 14 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Sergei Lavrov 14 Sep 13

    As the international talks continue over the Russian initiative on the crisis in Syria, Mark Coles asks how the Russian

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 07 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Angela Merkel 07 Sep 13

    Chris Bowlby profiles the German leader Angela Merkel, as she campaigns for a third term.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 02 Sep 7MB

    Profile: John Kerry 31 Aug 13

    Mark Coles explores the life of US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and asks what we can expect of him as he takes a

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 24 Aug 7MB

    Profile: General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi 24 Aug 13

    Edward Stourton profiles the man who was instrumental in President Morsi's downfall - General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi,

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 17 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Mo Farah 17 Aug 2013

    Jane Deith profiles the double Olympic champion, Mo Farah, who recently became the first British man to win a 10,000m

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 10 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Mark Carney 10 Aug 2013

    Chris Bowlby profiles the new governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, who unveiled his economic strategy this

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 03 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Haifaa Al-Mansour 03 Aug 13

    Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia's first female film director. Haifaa Al-Mansour directed the

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 27 Jul 7MB

    Profile: Andre Geim 27 Jul 13

    A profile of Sir Andre Geim, winner of both the Nobel Prize and the slightly less serious IgNobel Prize. Helen Grady

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 20 Jul 7MB

    Profile: Samantha Cameron 20 Jul 13

    Samantha Cameron is three years into her role as Prime Minister's wife. Edward Stourton asks how she is handling life in

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 13 Jul 7MB

    Profile: Alastair Cook 13 Jul 13

    With the Ashes underway, Mark Coles profiles the England cricket captain Alastair Cook - a former chorister and

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 11 May 7MB

    Profile: Pep Guardiola 11 May 2013

    This week the football world ascended dizzying heights of breathlessness over the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. But

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 04 May 7MB

    Profile: Margaret Hodge 04 May 2013

    As she wages war against tax avoidance, Margaret Hodge, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee is becoming one of the

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 27 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Alisher Usmanov 27 April 2013

    Alisher Usmanov has just been named the richest man in Britain. Making his fortune in the collapsing Soviet Union his

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 20 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Robert Mueller 20 April 2013

    Robert Mueller took on the job one week before the 2001 World Trade Center attacks. Now, as he approaches retirement,

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 13 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Elizabeth Llewellyn 13 April 2013

    Opera star Elizabeth Llewellyn had an obvious singing talent from and early age. Her school-teachers in south London

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 06 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Jeff Bezos 06 April 2013

    The online retailer has revolutionised shopping as we know it. What began as a small start-up in a Seattle

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 30 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Lucy Winkett 30 March 2013

    Lucy Winkett is a former Canon of St Paul's and a favourite to become the first female Bishop in the Church of England.

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 22 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Magnus Carlsen 23 March 2013

    Magnus Carlsen is the world’s highest rated chess player at only 22 years old. He played chess legend Gary Kasparov

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 16 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Zhang Xin 16 March 2013

    Powerful Chinese businesswoman Zhang Xin is the billionaire CEO of a property development business but she's also a

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 09 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Justin Bieber 09 March 2013

    Justin Bieber is an international pop phenomenon and internet sensation. He has 21 million followers on twitter and his

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 02 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Beppe Grillo 02 March 2013

    A profile of Beppe Grillo the comedian-turned politician who has achieved a stunning success in the Italian elections

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 23 Feb 7MB

    Profile: Mike Ashley 23 Feb 2013

    Mike Ashley's sports shops make him millions. He bought Newcastle United and tried to become an ordinary fan. Chris

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 16 Feb 7MB

    Profile: Tom Ford 16 Feb 2013

    Tom Ford has become one of fashion's most influential designers. James Silver charts his rise and rise, ahead of an

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 09 Feb 7MB

    Profile: John Brennan 09 Feb 2013

    John Brennan, President Obama's nominee to head the Central Intelligence Agency is a controversial choice. Jane Deith

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 08 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Sir Philip Green 08 Dec 2012

    Lesley Curwen profiles the business tycoon Sir Philip Green, who this week sold a stake in his flagship fashion chain

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 01 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Nigel Farage 01 Dec 2012

    After a busy week for the UK Independence Party including rumours of a potential election pact with the Conservatives,

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 24 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Lynton Crosby 24 Nov 2012

    Mary Ann Sieghart on the colourful and controversial political strategist Lynton Crosby, the architect of Boris

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 17 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Abu Qatada 17 Nov 2012

    Mark Coles profiles Abu Qatada, the radical Islamic cleric described by the Home Secretary as a "dangerous man, a

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 10 Nov 7MB

    Profile: MP Nadine Dorries

    Mark Coles profiles the controversial Conservative MP Nadine Dorries.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 03 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Xi Jinping 03 Nov 12

    Tim Franks profiles the Chinese leader-in-waiting, Xi Jinping.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 27 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Alexei Navalny 27 Oct 12

    Lucy Ash profiles Russian anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny, who this week topped a ballot to elect leaders of

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 20 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Sam Mendes 20 Oct 12

    Mary Ann Sieghart profiles the director of the latest James Bond film - Sam Mendes, a man who wanted to play cricket for

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 13 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Paul Ryan 13 Oct 12

    Claire Bolderson profiles US Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 06 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Psy 6 Oct 12

    Chris Bowlby profiles the South Korean pop star Psy, whose song Gangnam Style has topped the UK singles charts, and

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 29 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Justin Welby 29 Sept 12

    Edward Stourton profiles Justin Welby, former oil executive and now Bishop of Durham, emerging as one of the most

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 24 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Andy Murray 15 Sept 12

    Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Andy Murray after his epic victory over Novak Djokovic in the US Open Final.

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 22 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Pete Cashmore 22 Sept 12

    Edward Stourton profiles Pete Cashmore, one of the worlds most popular bloggers who founded the social media news blog

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 08 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Grant Shapps 8 Sep 2012

    Conservative party co-chairman Grant Shapps showed an interest in politics from an early age, is related to a punk rock

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 01 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Frances O'Grady 1st Sept 2012

    The first woman to lead the TUC, France O'Grady comes from a family of trade unionists. Presenter Clare Bolderson hears

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 25 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Lee Pearson 25 Aug 2012

    Gerry Northam profiles dressage champion and nine-times gold medallist Lee Pearson who is on track to be one of the most

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 18 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Helen Ghosh 18 Aug 12

    After a 33 year civil service career, Dame Helen Ghosh is leaving to become director general of the National Trust.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 11 Aug 7MB

    Profile: David Brailsford 11 Aug 12

    British cycling is enjoying unprecedented success and cyclists are now household names. Ruth Alexander profiles David

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 04 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Boris Johnson 4 Aug 12

    All eyes are on London for the Olympics, putting the city's colourful Mayor on the world stage. James Silver asks

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 26 May 7MB

    Profile: Engelbert Humperdinck 26 May 2012

    Pascale Harter profiles the singer Engelbert Humperdinck who is representing the United Kingdom in the Eurovision song

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 19 May 7MB

    Profile: Jay Hunt 19 May 12

    Channel 4's controller Jay Hunt is in the spotlight as audiences continue to fall. Andy Denwood profiles one of the most

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 12 May 7MB

    Profile: Alexis Tsipras 12 May 12

    The brash young leader of the far left-wing bloc 'Syriza', now Greece's second largest party. Andy Denwood profiles

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 05 May 7MB

    Profile: Roy Hodgson 05 May 12

    The new England Football Manager is multi-lingual, bookish and the surprise choice for arguably the biggest job in

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 28 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Jeremy Hunt 28 Apr 2012

    Mary Ann Sieghart examines a man under pressure, the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Jeremy

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 21 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Ralf Hutter, Kraftwerk 21 Apr 2012

    Chris Bowlby profiles Ralf Hutter, a founding member of the highly influential German electronic band Kraftwerk, who are

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 14 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Kim Jong-un 14 Apr 2012

    After North Korea's controversial rocket launch, David Torrance profiles the country's new young leader, Kim Jong-un, as

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 07 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Suzanne Collins 07 Apr 12

    The Hunger Games is based on a best –selling book trilogy. Gerry Northam profiles its author, Suzanne Collins. Her

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 31 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Len McCluskey 31 Mar 2012

    As the threat of possible strike action by fuel tanker drivers looms, Mukul Devichand profiles Len McCluskey, general

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 24 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Dame Edna Everage 24 Mar 2012

    Rosie Goldsmith profiles one of entertainment's most colourful characters, Dame Edna Everage, who is soon to retire from

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 17 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Jimmy Wales 17 Mar 2012

    Claire Bolderson profiles the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, who is working as an unpaid advisor to the UK

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 10 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Francois Hollande 10 Mar 2012

    Chris Bowlby profiles the French Socialist Party presidential candidate Francois Hollande.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 07 Jan 7MB

    Profile: Imran Khan 07 Jan 12

    As two men begin life sentences for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence, Andy Denwood profiles Imran Khan the lawyer

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 31 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Michael Acton-Smith 31 Dec 2011

    The children's website Moshi Monsters has 50 million members worldwide. The BBC's technology correspondent Rory

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 24 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Rowan Williams 24 Dec 2011

    Emily Buchanan profiles Rowan Williams, poet and scholar, thought by some to be the most talented and intellectual

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 20 Dec 13MB

    Profile Extra: Vaclav Havel 20 Dec 11

    As tributes are paid to Vaclav Havel, who has died, the BBC's former Prague correspondent Chris Bowlby looks back at the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Prof Peter Higgs 17 Dec 11

    The physicist Peter Higgs, who in the 1960s postulated the existence of the so-called 'God Particle' which may have been

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 10 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Newt Gingrich 10 Dec 2011

    Newt Gingrich, former adversary of Bill Clinton, now a leading contender for the Republican nomination for the US

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 03 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Youssou N'Dour 03 Dec 2011

    Youssou N'Dour has announced he is to put his music career on hold to concentrate on politics. Edward Stourton profiles

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 26 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Mohamed Hussein Tantawi 26 Nov 2011

    Chris Bowlby charts the career of 76 year old Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the key figure in Egypt's new

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 19 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Meryl Streep 19 Nov 2011

    As Meryl Streep prepares to star as a determined Margaret Thatcher in a new star studded biopic, Andy Denwood explores

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 12 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Tom Watson MP 12 Nov 2011

    He's been described as the man who's driven the media empire of Rupert Murdoch to the brink with his relentless campaign

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 05 Nov 7MB

    Profile: Mario Draghi 05 Nov 2011

    Mario Draghi takes on one of the most important jobs in Europe, head of its Central Bank. Lesley Curwen profiles the

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 29 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Umberto Bossi 29 Oct 2011

    Geeta Guru-Murthy profiles Umberto Bossi, the controversial leader of Italy's Northern League, who has been accused of

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 22 Oct 7MB

    Profile: 'Ian Brown Stone Roses 22 Oct 2011

    Legendary band The Stone Roses announced this week that they are reforming. Liam Gallagher, John Leckie and John Robb

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 15 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Jeremy Heywood 15 Oct 2011

    He's long been one of the most powerful figures in government, but few outside Whitehall have heard of him. Chris Bowlby

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 08 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Lord Justice Leveson 08 Oct 2011

    Lord Justice Leveson is leading the public inquiry into the phone hacking scandal, and relationships between

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 01 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Stelios Haji-Ioannou 01 Oct 2011

    Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of easyJet, has just set up to rival his old company. Rosie Goldsmith finds

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 24 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Warren Buffett 24 Sep 11

    Mary Ann Sieghart presents a profile of US investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 17 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Bernard Hogan-Howe 17 Sep 2011

    The BBC's Home Affairs Correspondent Danny Shaw looks at the life and career of the new London Metropolitan Police

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 10 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Rick Perry 10 Sep 2011

    Chris Bowlby looks at Texas Governor Rick Perry, one of those vying to become the Republican Party's Presidential

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 03 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Vanessa Redgrave 02 Sep 11

    Edward Stourton profiles Vanessa Redgrave, political activist and award-winning actress.

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 27 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Mustafa Abdul Jalil 27 Aug 11

    Mustafa Abdul Jalil who defected when Justice Minister for the Libyan regime and now heads the rebel National

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 20 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Arsene Wenger 20 Aug 2011

    The Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger is credited with turning around the fortunes of his club and forging a new approach

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 13 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Theresa May 13 Aug 11

    After the worst riots in England for a generation, Simon Cox profiles Home Secretary, Theresa May, known for her

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 06 Aug 7MB

    Profile: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei 06 Aug 2011

    James Reynolds profiles Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the religious leader of Iran, the cleric who, despite appearances,

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 30 Jul 7MB

    Profile: John Armitt 30 July 11

    The London Olympics project is on time and under budget. John Armitt, head of the Olympic Delivery Authority, deserves

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 23 Jul 7MB

    Profile: Elizabeth Filkin, 23 July 11

    Elizabeth Filkin appointed this week to clean up the relationship between the Metropolitan Police and the media, to

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 16 Jul 7MB

    Profile: Rupert Murdoch 16 July 11

    Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corp, at the centre of a storm of protest over illegal phone hacking. Steve Hewlett reveals

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 09 Jul 7MB

    Profile: Nick Davies, 2 July 11

    Jonathan Maitland looks at the life and career of Nick Davies, the investigative journalist. Davies broke the phone

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 02 Jul 7MB

    Profile: Christine Lagarde 2 July 11

    New head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, becomes the first female to hold the post and one of the world's most powerful

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 25 Jun 7MB

    Profile: Bashar al-Assad 25 Jun 11

    Reformer or autocrat? As President Assad of Syria battles to remain in power, Simon Cox examines how a doctor trained in

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 23 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Martin Amis 23 Apr 11

    In the week that novelist Martin Amis criticised the Royal Family and bemoaned the 'moral decrepitude' of Britain, Rosie

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 16 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Rebekah Brooks 16 Apr 11

    In the week that the News of the World has come under intense scrutiny over phone hacking allegations, Ed Stourton

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 09 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Ai Weiwei 09 Apr 2011

    Ai Weiwei this week became the most high-profile figure to be detained by the Chinese authorities. Mary Ann Sieghart

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 02 Apr 7MB

    Profile: Adele 02 Apr 11

    Adele's unique voice has won both critical acclaim and sold millions of albums - and she's still just 21. BBC

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 26 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Amr Moussa 26 Mar 11

    The Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa - the man who represents the uncertain position of its members over

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 19 Mar 7MB

    Profile: Marine Le Pen 19 Mar 11

    Marine Le Pen is the new leader of the far right Front Nationale party in France. She has done well in recent opinion

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 12 Mar 7MB

    Profile: William Hague 12 Mar 11

    The foreign secretary William Hague has been criticised this week for his handling of the crisis in Libya. Chris Bowlby

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 05 Mar 7MB

    Profile: John Galliano 05 Mar 11

    Chris Bowlby looks at the turbulent career of John Galliano, one of the most successful British designers, who has been

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 26 Feb 7MB

    Profile: Lord Patten 26 Feb 11

    Mary Ann Sieghart looks at the life and career of Lord Patten, who is expected to become the next Chairman of the BBC

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 19 Feb 7MB

    Profile: Sachin Tendulkar 19 Feb 11

    This week Profile takes a look at Sachin Tendulkar, possibly the most worshipped cricketer in the world. Rob Bonnet

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 12 Feb 7MB

    Profile: Arianna Huffington 12 Feb 11

    Emma Jane Kirby looks at the life and times of Arianna Huffington, who this week sold her internet newspaper, The

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 05 Feb 7MB

    Profile: Craig Oliver 05 Feb 11

    What makes Craig Oliver the best choice for David Cameron's Director of Communications? Jane Dodge profiles the career

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 29 Jan 7MB

    Profile: Baroness Sayeeda Warsi 29 JAN 11

    Gerry Northam profiles Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, co chair of the Conservative party and the first female Muslim government

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 22 Jan 7MB

    Profile: Andy Coulson 22 Jan 11

    After Andy Coulson's resignation as the Prime Minister's Communications Director, James Silver profiles his life and

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 15 Jan 7MB

    Profile: Colin Firth 15 Jan 11

    As Colin Firth is honoured with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, Jonathan Maitland profiles the actor tipped to

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 08 Jan 7MB

    Profile: Mark Zuckerberg 08 Jan 11

    At 26, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is now thought to be the world's youngest billionaire. Is he really the

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 01 Jan 7MB

    Profile: Prince William 1 Jan 2011

    As Prince William prepares to marry, Chris Bowlby asks who and what has shaped him and his royal role?

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 25 Dec 7MB

    Profile: Lady Gaga 25 Dec 10

    Steven Smith profiles the extraordinary pop phenomenon, Lady Gaga.

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 23 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Glenn Beck 23 Oct 10

    Mary Anne Sieghart profiles the contoversial American radio and talkshow host, Glenn Beck

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 16 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Iain Duncan Smith 16 Oct 10

    A Profile of Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, presented by Mary Ann Sieghart.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 09 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Yvette Cooper 09 Oct 10

    Mary Ann Sieghart profiles the new Shadow Foreign Secretary, Yvette Cooper

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 02 Oct 7MB

    Profile: Dilma Rousseff 2 Oct 10

    Dilma Rousseff looks likely to become the next President of Brazil and, as a result, one of the most powerful women in

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 25 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Eric Daniels 25 Sep 10

    The CEO of Lloyds, Britain's biggest retail bank, who will retire with an estimated £13 million pay off package. Eric

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 18 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Danny Alexander 18 Sep 10

    Jonathan Maitland looks at Danny Alexander, former Lib Dem back bencher, now Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 11 Sep 7MB

    Profile: John Yates 11 Sep 10

    Nick Ravenscroft profiles John Yates, leading the investigation into phone hacking at the News of the World.

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 04 Sep 7MB

    Profile: Pope Benedict XVI 4th September 2010

    Who is Pope Benedict XVI? Ahead of his visit to the UK in September, Jane Little delves into his background and paints a

    Duration: 15 mins