A Point of View: Clive James

A Point of View: Clive James

Clive James presents reflections on topical issues ranging from politics to pop culture in this award-winning series of BBC Radio 4's A Point of View. These programmes were first broadcast between 2007 and 2009.

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  • 25 Dec 5MB

    PoVCJ: Talking About Their Generation 25 DEC 2009

    Nothing could be worse than eternal youth if it meant denying the next generation room to live, says Clive James.

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 18 Dec 5MB

    PoVCJ: Option Swamp 18 DEC 2009

    Computerised customer service systems are a modern waste of time says a frustrated Clive James - all he wants is a real

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 11 Dec 5MB

    PoVCJ: Hermie’s Ghost 11 DEC 2009

    Clive James reflects on the media coverage of man-made global warming and stresses the need for minds to be open and the

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 04 Dec 5MB

    PoVCJ: Impact 04 DEC 2009

    Living in a democracy can be trying, says Clive James, until you think of the alternatives. A democracy can hope to

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 27 Nov 5MB

    PoVCJ: Spirit of the Game 27 NOV 2009

    It's the spirit in which a game is played which determines whether Clive James likes or loathes a particular sport.

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 20 Nov 5MB

    PoVCJ: Blog de Jour 20 NOV 2009

    Following the exposure of the identity of Belle de Jour, the author of The Diary of a London Call Girl, Clive James

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 13 Nov 5MB

    PoVCJ: The Man on the Fourth Plinth 13 NOV 2009

    Clive James celebrates the honouring of Battle of Britain commander Sir Keith Park with a temporary statue on Trafalgar

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 06 Nov 5MB

    PoVCJ: High Road to Xanadu 06 Nov 2009

    Clive James gives his personal view of the world of drugs and reflects on the seductive allure of illegal narcotics,

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 30 Oct 5MB

    PoVCJ: On Strike 30 OCT 2009

    Clive James reflects on the postal workers' dispute and gives his personal view of the modern history of labour

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 23 Oct 5MB

    PoVCJ: The Golf Ball Potato Crisp 23 OCT 2009

    Scepticism is important in every walk of life, says Clive James, as he criticises extreme reactions to those who are

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 29 May 5MB

    PoVCJ: Newsflash from the Far East 29 MAY 2009

    Despite its drawbacks, democracy is the right system for running a country, says Clive James - it just doesn't stack up

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 22 May 5MB

    PoVCJ: Feminism and Democracy 22 MAY 2009

    Democracy is the best hope for achieving justice for women, says Clive James, as he celebrates the election of four

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 15 May 5MB

    PoVCJ: Expensive Mistakes 15 MAY 2009

    The row over MPs’ expenses is a sign of a healthy democracy, says Clive James, as the public outcry over politicians

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 08 May 5MB

    PoVCJ: Sheer Poetry 08 MAY 2009

    The presence of a Poet Laureate is a good indicator of the British attitude to poetry, says Clive James. The job might

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 01 May 5MB

    PoVCJ: London Underground 01 MAY 2009

    Loft extensions are for ordinary citizens. When the property market gets tough, the wealthy dig down to create the

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 24 Apr 5MB

    PoVCJ: Britain Has Talent 24 APR 2009

    What does the reaction to Susan Boyle’s performance on a television talent show tell us about the progress of

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 17 Apr 5MB

    PoVCJ: Reputational Damage 17 APR 2009

    Clive James reflects on what it takes to make – and break – a good reputation in public life. He concludes that the

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 10 Apr 5MB

    PoVCJ: Bright Side of the Cane Toad 10 APR 2009

    The cane toad was brought to Australia for pest control - since when an army has marched across the continent,

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 03 Apr 5MB

    PoVCJ: High-Priced Porn 03 APR 2009

    After years of watching late-night porn in anonymous hotel rooms - for research - its purpose is clear, says Clive

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 27 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: The Speeding Judge 27 MAR 2009

    Clive James reflects on the downfall of a distinguished Australian judge, who was jailed for perjury after lying about a

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 02 Jan 5MB

    PoVCJ: New Year Prediction 02 JAN 2009

    Getting rich for its own sake will look as stupid as bodybuilding does at the point when the neck gets thicker than the

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 26 Dec 5MB

    PoVCJ: Jesus 26 DEC 2008

    Whatever you believe in when it comes to the birth of Christ, even if you believe in nothing at all, no one can doubt

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 19 Dec 5MB

    PoVCJ: It’s a Wrap 19 DEC 2008

    The hardest part of Christmas is not socialising with family, nor hauling coal or peeling potatoes - it's wrapping the

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 12 Dec 5MB

    PoVCJ: National Identity 12 DEC 2008

    Forget proud traditions and cultural exports - a nation's identity is bolstered if Americans know about it. Just ask the

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 05 Dec 5MB

    PoVCJ: Writer's Room 05 DEC 2008

    Are we able to think clearly when surrounded by mess, because chaos is inherent in all our minds - even those of the

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 28 Nov 5MB

    PoVCJ: Glamourising Terror 28 NOV 2008

    As a new film on the notorious Baader Meinhof gang is released, Clive James discusses the glamourisation of terror in

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 21 Nov 5MB

    PoVCJ: Bad Language 21 NOV 2008

    The odd expletive escapes most people's mouths in times of stress, but when we fall back on swear words just for effect

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 14 Nov 5MB

    PoVCJ: Robin the Hood 14 NOV 2008

    Rational choices, reasoned discussions, respect for lawful institutions: that's what Clive James says he wants from his

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 07 Nov 5MB

    PoVCJ: Changing the Government 07 NOV 2008

    As President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take office, Clive James examines the significance of the word

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 31 Oct 5MB

    PoVCJ: How Rich is Rich? 31 OCT 2008

    Forget super-rich baddies who seek to destroy the world with a death ray. Boring! Clive James reflects on how money is

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 09 May 5MB

    PoVCJ: Gaffes 09 MAY 2008

    Clive James explores the world of the political gaffe – past and present. He argues that it isn’t always the elegant

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 02 May 5MB

    PoVCJ: Snoop and Amy 02 MAY 2008

    Why are gifted artists such as Amy Winehouse so hell-bent on destroying their talent - and themselves - asks Clive

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 25 Apr 5MB

    PoVCJ: Instructions to the Sea 25 APR 2008

    Clive James turns his attention to political intervention and Zimbabwe, arguing that Robert Mugabe’s time is up. All

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 18 Apr 5MB

    PoVCJ: Legal Dilemmas 18 APR 2008

    At a time when Iraqis who have risked their lives for Britain in Basra need a newspaper campaign to fight for their

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 11 Apr 5MB

    PoVCJ: Right on the Money 11 APR 2008

    Clive James turns his attention to the Royal Mail’s decision to redesign the coinage. The old coins, he says, did

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 07 Apr 5MB

    PoVCJ: Terminal Terminal 04 APR 2008

    The prospect of mobile phones on planes gets Clive James hot under the collar, but he is overjoyed by the disastrous

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 28 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: Pedal Power 28 MAR 2008

    Clive James ponders David Cameron’s faux-pas of cycling the wrong way up a one way street and pedalling through a red

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 21 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: State of Law 21 MAR 2008

    A court decision about a man and a grape brings back painful memories of Clive James' own life. He reflects on just how

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 14 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: Private Life 14 MAR 2008

    Having a private life – an institution once regarded as vital to civilization – is now in danger of collapse, argues

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 07 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: Princes into Battle 07 MAR 2008

    Clive James reflects on Prince Harry’s time in Afghanistan. He delves into the history books to find another warrior

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 24 Aug 5MB

    PoVCJ: Clams are Happy 24 AUG 2007

    As he sits on a bench in Central Park, Clive James ponders what makes us happy and relives his first slice of watermelon

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 17 Aug 5MB

    PoVCJ: Click on the Icon 17 AUG 2008

    Clive James considers the role of the icon – ancient and modern – and focuses on film icons. Who are they? Why do we

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 10 Aug 5MB

    PoVCJ: Desirable Devices 10 AUG 2007

    The environmental impact of plastic bags, shopping trolleys and overly loud hip hop music - Clive James applies his

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 03 Aug 5MB

    PoVCJ: Smoking the Memory 03 AUG 2007

    Once an 80-a-day chain smoker, today Clive James explains how he, reluctantly, became a non-smoker and now just dreams

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 27 Jul 5MB

    PoVCJ: Harry Potter Envy 27 JUL 2007

    ‘JK Rowling Envy’ is a psychological condition suffered by many writers, says Clive James, when confronted with the

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 20 Jul 5MB

    PoVCJ: Helplessly Advanced 20 JUL 2007

    As life is made easier by machines which do our thinking for us, will our intellect suffer, asks Clive James. Reflecting

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 13 Jul 5MB

    PoVCJ: Wimbledon Wisdom 13 JUL 2007

    Clive James enjoys the wisdom of former Wimbledon tennis champions whose insights as commentators, he says, double as a

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 06 Jul 5MB

    PoVCJ: Glider Shoes 06 JUL 2007

    Marveling at the sight of children gliding in shoes with wheels fixed into the heels, Clive James reckons the secret of

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 29 Jun 5MB

    PoVCJ: Reflections on a Diamond Skull 29 JUN 2007

    Clive James gives his personal reaction to Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skull and considers its significance as a

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 22 Jun 5MB

    PoVCJ: Man-Made Beauty 22 JUN 2007

    There are lots of reasons to be cheerful about the world - many the result of human creativity, says Clive James. It is

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 06 Apr 5MB

    PoVCJ: Congratulations! 06 APR 2007

    The thing with hoaxes is that they work – and that’s a good reason for not liking them, says Clive James. Although

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 30 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: Torture on 24 30 MAR 2007

    Do television dramas like the hit American series 24 encourage the use of torture in the fight against terrorism, asks

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 23 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: Black Destiny 23 MAR 2007

    Are we in danger of placing an extra burden on the shoulders of outstandingly successful young, black people to be

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 16 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: Going for Gold 16 MAR 2007

    Clive James criticises the high spending planned for the London 2012 Olympics. It would be much better, he argues, to

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 09 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: Because She’s Worth It 9 MAR 2007

    The publicity surrounding the wedding of actress Elizabeth Hurley is the focus of Clive James' attention as he takes a

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 02 Mar 5MB

    PoVCJ: Nob Voices, Yob Voices 02 MAR 2007

    As Helen Mirren carries off her Oscar for sounding like the Queen, Clive James comments on the way we speak English

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 23 Feb 5MB

    PoVCJ: Flying People, Flagrant Piffle 23 FEB 2007

    From Bruce Lee to Jean-Claude Van Damme to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Clive James reflects on the martial arts

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 16 Feb 5MB

    PoVCJ: Fidgets on the March 16 FEB 2007

    Clive James rails against changes to the names of things we rely on - such as railways and the Royal Mail - as a type of

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 09 Feb 5MB

    PoVCJ: The Mind's Construction in the Face 09 FEB 2007

    With a reported growth in cosmetic surgery, Clive James applauds the work of surgeons who repair the ravages of disease

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 02 Feb 5MB

    PoVCJ: Attack of the Wheelie Bins 02 FEB 2007

    Clive James reflects on man-made climate change from the standpoint of a sceptic, discussing the power of language to

    Duration: 11 mins