Podcast of the day (新闻播客)

Podcast of the day (新闻播客)

Podcast of the day by bbcchinese.com gives you the best interview on a hot topic or despatches from our reporters based in Asia and elsewhere.

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  • 1st August 2014

    Fri, 1 Aug 14

    8 mins

    7 days remaining

    HK-based Chinese military affairs observer Lam Wo Lap tells BBC Chinese that Xi Jinping’s visit to PLA troupes in Fujian Province sent out a message meant to strengthen his authority in the army.

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  • 31th July 2014

    Thu, 31 Jul 14

    5 mins

    6 days remaining

    Podcastoftheday: 31th July 2014

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  • 30th July 2014

    Wed, 30 Jul 14

    7 mins

    5 days remaining

    After Zhou, who is next?

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  • 28 July 2014

    Mon, 28 Jul 14

    5 mins

    3 days remaining

    Former President of Taiwan Lee Tenghui says the cross straits relationship is have evolved from “state to state” into what he calls “big fish eats small fish” type of relations. In an exclusive interview with the BBC Chinese, Mr. Lee says the new Chinese president Xi Jinping will not be able to take China onto a democratic path.

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