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Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day has made it the biggest show in the country. An unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment.

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  • Stephen Fry blasts conscience clause proposals

    Thu, 18 Dec 14

    54 mins

    30 days remaining

    A campaign opposing the DUP's proposed conscience clause bill has had high profile support from Stephen Fry. The gay actor and presenter labelled the bill "sick" and urged people to sign a petition against it. The Democratic Unionist Party's Paul Givan's bill wants to introduce a new clause in Northern Ireland's equality laws that would allow businesses to refuse services to a customer if it is against their religious beliefs. This comes on the back of a row over a cake, the bakery Ashers is facing a court battle over its decision to refuse to make a cake that carried a pro-gay marriage slogan. Stephen gets the views of DUP MLA Paul Givan, journalist and commentator Patrick Strudwick and we take your calls.

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  • The Belfast casino battle Wed 17th Dec

    Wed, 17 Dec 14

    52 mins

    29 days remaining

    Plans for a casino in Belfast have just got bigger. The Rank Group are not giving up on their ambition to bring one of their gambling outlets to Northern Ireland. In fact, they were in Belfast last night presenting a proposal to the council for an even BIGGER complex. They say it will create twice the number of jobs first thought (400) and that they will make a charity donation to an addiction centre. But would that justify a supercasino in Belfast - or does gambling just cause misery to the lives of many addicts? Stephen gets the veiws of former Conservative Minister Sir Richard Needham on behalf of Rank, DUP councillor Brian Kingston, Rev David McIlveen, Alliance Councillor Tom Ekin and Sinn Fein Councillor Niall Donnghaile

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  • 'No more English taxpayers money for NI' - Nigel Mills MP

    Tue, 16 Dec 14

    56 mins

    28 days remaining

    Northern Ireland is a special case and needs extra funding from London. That's the argument being put by our leading politicians, as the Stormont talks grind on. Trade unions are making the same case. Unions representing 215,000 people here announced they are going on the offensive against public spending cuts. They want Stormont to say no to David Cameron on cuts and welfare reform. But the special pleading for more money may not win the day. In today's podcast you'll hear from Nigel Mills MP, Peter Bunting from Irish Congress of Trade Unions, who issued the statement vowing unions going on offensive, commentator Ruth Dudley Edwards, Goretti Horgan from the University of Ulster and we take your calls

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  • The curse of loneliness and BBC Sports Personality

    Mon, 15 Dec 14

    45 mins

    27 days remaining

    We wanted to start the show today talking about loneliness - loneliness suffered by older people especially. Obviously, it can be worse this time of year when everyone seems to be having fun and enjoying family time. Stephen has been speaking to a lovely woman named Flo in Belfast. He met her at an Age NI facility, which we were visting as part of the BBC's 'Playing Our Part' campaign Flo began by telling Stephen about the problems she faces.... we then heard from Brenda Kearns from Age NI's Advice Service and Department of Social Development Minister Mervyn Storey. Also in the podcast... there was some big reaction last night when Lewis Hamilton beat Rory McIlroy to pick up the prestigious BBC Sports Perosnality of the Year award. We get the views of Belfast Telegraph journalist John Laverty, commentators Ian Collins and Mike Parry and we took your calls.

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  • Talks deadlock - political reaction to Stormont stalemate

    Fri, 12 Dec 14

    82 mins

    24 days remaining

    Prime Minister David Cameron and Taoiseach Enda Kenny left Stormont this morning with no deal confirmed in the latest round of Stormont talks. What happens next? In today's podcast we bring you the latest political reaction

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  • Should MLAs be allowed to have family members on the payroll?

    Thu, 11 Dec 14

    42 mins

    23 days remaining

    It looks like it's going to be harder for MLAs to employ family members. Currently about a third of them have relatives on their payrolls. But the body that sets MLA pay and expenses is proposing new regulations. The Independent Financial Review Panel says MLA staff should be recruited on merit, with the processes open and transparent. The report also says current employment practices by Assembly members may not provide value for money for taxpayers. In today's podcast we hear from Pat McCartan, chair of the Independent Financial Review Panel, Ex MLA Seamus Close, former MP Lembit Opik and we take your calls

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  • Legal challenge on NI abortion law Wed 10th Dec

    Wed, 10 Dec 14

    54 mins

    22 days remaining

    The Human Rights Commission is taking legal action against Stormont in a bid for new abortion law in N Ireland. The Commission - a Government-funded body - wants legislation allowing abortion here in cases of rape, incest, and lethal fetal abnormaility - that's where the unborn baby has no chance of a viable life. The Human Rights Commission says a consultation by Justice Minister David Ford on changing the law does not go far enough It says the consultation deals with cases of lethal foetal abnormality while only seeking public opinion on cases of sexual crime including rape and incest" In today's podcast we hear from former Health Minister Edwin Poots, Dr Fiona Bloomer from University of Ulster and we take your calls

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  • Stewart Memoral House & the Belfast Barman 9th December 2014

    Tue, 9 Dec 14

    23 mins

    21 days remaining

    Nolan Show exclusively broke the news on Friday that a decision to close Stewart Memorial House in Bangor has been put ON HOLD. It is run by the NI Institute for the Disabled & provides specialised care to those with mental and/or physical disabilities. 2 weeks ago families were told the house was closing & relatives moved to alternative accommodation in the new year. But in a dramatic u-turn, it was announced a full consultation would be carried out before any action would be taken on the home's future. Last night, relatives converged at Stewart Memorial for a meeting with the Chief Executive of the NIID, John Miskimmon. Online blogger - 'Belfast Bar Man' has written about his teens in a post for his website & Slugger O'Toole. For many - our teens are about enjoying ourselves, with few worries in the world. His time however-was speckled with homelessness, sleeping in cars & where his next meal would come from. He has hit out at recent criticism of those who use foodbanks to get by.

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  • The man who says he is attracted to children 8th December 2014

    Mon, 8 Dec 14

    42 mins

    20 days remaining

    ***WARNING - Considering the subject matter this podcast is NOT suitable for children*** You are about to hear from a man "Caller Michael" who says he is attracted to children, but has never acted upon it. This call was made to Stephen's Five Live programme who, at the time were reporting reporting on comments made by Simon Bailey - Chief Constable of Norfolk and the child protection lead at the Association of Chief Police Officers. He had said that men sexually attracted to children should be treated as patients not criminals. In the debate that followed, researcher Sarah Goode told us that she believes as many as one in five men have the potential to be attracted to children as well as adults. And then a man who we're calling 'Michael' contacted the show.

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  • Care home closure put on hold Fri 5th Dec

    Fri, 5 Dec 14

    32 mins

    17 days remaining

    There's huge controversy over plans to close a Bangor care home. Stewart Memorial House cares for people with profound physical and mental disabilities. In a shock announcement the people living there were told they would have to find alternative accommodation in the new year. They and their families were devastated. Some of them told us they couldn't get any answers about why the decision had been taken. Well we've been digging at this story. And we've got some good news this morning. Tony McMullan's sister, Maureen, has been mentally and physically disabled since birth. She has lived in Stewart Memorial House in Bangor for the last four years. We hear from Tony, DUP MLA Peter Weir and Green Party MLA Steven Agnew. Also on the podcast, Stephen hears from Employment and Learning Minister Stephen Farry about proposed huge cuts on universities and further education colleges

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