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Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day has made it the biggest show in the country. An unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment.

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  • Welfare Reform & Lord Tebbitt 18th April 2014

    Fri, 18 Apr 14

    49 mins

    30 days remaining

    "The idea that Northern Ireland can sit and refuse to make any changes round welfare reform is not a sustainable political position and it says to the people of Northern Ireland, politics doesn't work." That's what shadow Secretary of State Ivan Lewis told the Nolan show earlier this week. Let's listen to a bit more. He was one of the fiercest politicians of his generation. Norman Tebbitt, now Lord Tebbit, was given nicknames like Thatcher's rottweiler. The former Tory cabinet member controversially hit the headlines last week. That was after he suggested dissident republicans might shoot deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness for attending a Royal banquet. Lord Tebbit was, of course, one of the victims of the 1984 IRA bombing of the Brighton hotel. His wife, Margaret, was paralysed in the attack.

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  • Care homes reprieve Thursday 17th April

    Thu, 17 Apr 14

    56 mins

    29 days remaining

    You will remember last year the story that we covered of the 18 care homes set for closure under 'transforming your care'. At the time we spoke to 92 year old Jean Faulkner who was going to have to leave her care home. Health Minister Edwin Poots has now confirmed that all 18 care homes will stay open and that existing residents will be allowed to remain in their home for as long as they wish and so long as their needs can continue to be met. Stephen talks to Jean and gets her reaction to the news that her care home will remain open. We also get the views of Jean's cousin, Sheena Costelloe, and political reaction from SF's Maeve McLaughlin, SDLP's Ferghal McKinney and UUP's Roy Beggs Junior.

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  • Proportionate focus on all wrongdoing - Villiers

    Wed, 16 Apr 14

    51 mins

    28 days remaining

    Northern Ireland Secretary of State Theresa Villiers is calling for a "proportionate" focus on wrongdoing by paramilitaries. She will also claim there has been almost exclusive concentration on state activities in many of processes currently under way.

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  • Steven Gerrard - Best Footballer Ever?

    Tue, 15 Apr 14

    15 mins

    27 days remaining

    Is Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard the best Premier League Footballer EVER? Jim Gracey from the Belfast Telegraph and football pundit Mike Parry debate with Joel Taggart and callers.

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  • Attracting Catholics to unionism Mon 14th April

    Mon, 14 Apr 14

    34 mins

    26 days remaining

    Attracting Catholics to unionism. Is that a realistic goal? And is the union at risk if it doesn't happen? The First Minister Peter Robinson has told members of the DUP they need to seek out converts to unionism. He was speaking at the party's spring conference in Newcastle on Saturday. Mr Robinson said demographic changes could not be wished away and ignoring them would be, what he termed, "constitutionally dangerous". The DUP leader said the test of success for unionist parties would be in stopping to look for Lundies and starting to look for converts.

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  • Bonfire row & Liz Kershaw Interview Fri 11th April

    Fri, 11 Apr 14

    55 mins

    23 days remaining

    Our top story this morning, bonfire blight for Newtownabbey. Bonfires are a huge part of life for a lot of people in Northern Ireland. But as we reported on Wednesday they can also be highly devisive. Newtownabbey councillors have voted to spend 30 thousand pounds facilitating a bonfire site in Ballyduff. That sent the phones red hot. Well in the wake of that people living close to another bonfire site, also in Newtownabbey, got in touch with the Nolan show. They said that even though it's only the 2nd week of April, construction is well underway. We were told one hundred tyres and hundreds of pallets are on the site already. We sent Lisa up for a look. And our Friday interview this week is with broadcaster Liz Kershaw who has presented the Top 40 on Radio 1, has fought to save Radio 6 Music AND also made claims of being routinely groped while working at the BBC and described the atmosphere at Radio 1 as very intimidating for a young woman.

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  • Domestic Abuse. Thursday 10th April 2014

    Thu, 10 Apr 14

    27 mins

    22 days remaining

    Yesterday Susan's former partner was jailed after brutally attacking her. She says she thought she was going to die. Susan, which isn't her real name, has decided to speak out. She wants to use her experience to help other victims of domestic violence. This podcast does contain some details you may find upsetting.

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  • Bonfires and a victim's call to Martin McGuinness 9th April 2014

    Wed, 9 Apr 14

    53 mins

    21 days remaining

    Thirty thousand pounds - does that sound like a lot of money to you? Well Councillors in Newtownabbey have voted to spend exactly that amount -thirty thousand pounds- of ratepayers money- on making a site suitable for an 11th of July bonfire on the Ballyduff estate. In remarkable scenes last night Martin McGuinness joined in a toast to the Queen. Victor Barker - whose 12 year old son James was killed in the Omagh bomb was part of a protest outside Windsor Castle. He had a placard which read, "A terrorist in a white tie and tails is still a terrorist. Martin McGuinness time to tell the truth." Danny Morrison also dicusses.

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  • Controversial posters and car parking 8th April 2014

    Tue, 8 Apr 14

    35 mins

    20 days remaining

    Controversy over Belfast posters demanding local jobs for local people. Is this racism in action? The posters have appeared across South and East Belfast asking why 'outside labour is being used' in place of the local workforce. This comes only a matter of weeks after graffiti SAYING 'Locals Only' was painted on a house in Maryville street in South Belfast. Lower car parking fees are to be introduced in 25 town centres in Northern Ireland for up to six months. In total, 93 car parks operated by Roads Service are to charge £1 for five hours parking. But Belfast will NOT be included. The initiative, which comes into operation on Saturday, was first tried over Christmas and New Year.

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  • McGuinness to attend state banquet & Carl Frampton's win 7th April 2014

    Mon, 7 Apr 14

    43 mins

    19 days remaining

    Sinn Fein has announced that Martin McGuinness is to attend events during the State visit to Britain by Irish President Michael D Higgins. One of the engagements is a state banquet hosted by the Queen in Windsor Castle. Mixed fortunes for our sporting stars over the weekend, On friday night the 'unbeatable' Carl Frampton crushed the threat of Hugo Cazares inside two rounds of their WBC super-bantamweight title final eliminator at the Odyssey Arena. And on Saturday night despite a battling display, Ulster lost narrowly 17-15 to Saracens.

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