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Best of Nolan

Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day has made it the biggest show in the country. An unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment.

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  • A handbook teaching atheism, should it be allowed in NI schools? - 30th July 2014

    Wed, 30 Jul 14

    33 mins

    30 days remaining

    The British Humanist Association has started a fundraising campaign to distribute copies of the Young Atheist's Handbook to schools in Northern Ireland. The book has already been distributed in England and Wales, largely receiving a warm welcome. With more young people describing themselves as non religious should there be room in our religious education for Atheism? Sara Passmore, Head of Dducation with the British Humanist Association and Rev David McIlveen from the Free Presbyterian church debate. We were talking on the show yesterday about couples asking for cash, instead of a wedding present. What do you think? Is asking for money for your wedding the height of rudeness or is it a practical way to get what you want?

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  • Would you report a benefit fraudster? 29th July 2014

    Tue, 29 Jul 14

    30 mins

    29 days remaining

    The Irish News has revealed that increasing numbers of benefit cheats are being exposed by neighbours and friends. Almost 30,000 anonymous tip offs have been made to welfare fraud investigators in the past four years, according to the paper. And from January to May of this year there have already been over 3,000 tip offs. Is it right to encourage tip offs from the public? Would you report a neighbour or a friend for doing the double? Broadcaster Ian Collins and, People before Profit Belfast councillor - Gerry Carroll debate. Plus,nobody puts Nolan in the corner. Dirty Dancing - the 1987 romantic blockbuster. The stage version kicks off in the Grand Opera house tonight, and runs until the 16th August - but would you believe it, some people do NOT like this classic movie?! Well this movie can even divide opinion in some marriages as Lisa chatted with Radio Ulster presenters and husband and wife combo Ralph and Kerry McLean.

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  • Motor show leaves fans feeling flat 28th July 2014

    Mon, 28 Jul 14

    28 mins

    28 days remaining

    Billed as the Northern Irelands Biggest Motoring Event the Belfast motor show took place at the Kingshall at the weekend. It was advertised as an action packed weekend with all aspects of motoring under one roof and a full programme including exhibitions, motoring experts, demonstrations, celebrity guest appearances, hands on fun, entertainment, stunts and more. But it would seem that many of the motoring fans who attended the event where left feeling a little flat. Travel writer Tim Hedgley and former MP Lembit Opik discuss. Also, caller Annie tells Lisa about a hit & run incident which caused damage to a disability van, hindering her disabled great grandson from leaving the house for two weeks .

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  • Nick Garbutt talks about his adoption 25th July 2014

    Fri, 25 Jul 14

    36 mins

    25 days remaining

    The Irish News has an exclusive this morning about how gagging orders are stopping Kincora child abuse victims from speaking out. We'll hear from the reporter who carried out that investigation And it could have been me... The horrors of the mass baby grave at Tuam has prompted media figure Nick Garbutt to tell me the unknown story of his childhood adoption

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  • "We're all going to die today!" 24th July 2014

    Thu, 24 Jul 14

    52 mins

    24 days remaining

    Stephen hears the story of Antoinette Tuff from Atlanta in the United States. Struggling in her own life with financial problems and her husband, she had tried to take her own life numerous times. Then, in August last year, she went to her job at an elenmentary school. But that day, a young man called Michael Hill walked into the school reception office, brandished a loaded AK47 and said, 'We are all going to die today'. The only thing that stood in his way Antoinette. Plus investigation was carried out into a police officer accused of eating an ice cream while driving. One policing board member has described it as "a ridiculous waste" of time and money. Another says road safety is paramount. What do you think?

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  • Garth Brooks ticket refunds controversy 23rd July 2014

    Wed, 23 Jul 14

    55 mins

    23 days remaining

    Just when you thought the Garth Brooks fiasco was coming to and end - someone throws another stetson on the fire. Most ticket holders have now received their refunds, BUT - those who paid in sterling are getting LESS than they paid! And what about other charges, like special ticket delivery? Nolan callers react And - something everyone in Northern Ireland can be proud of: our Rory. How did you feel when you saw him flanked by Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness at Stormont yesterday? The commentator Malachi O'Doherty says the politicians need to stop trying to grab reflected glory. DUP's Sammy Wilson reacts.

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  • BBC top earners pay cut by £6m 22nd July 2014

    Tue, 22 Jul 14

    30 mins

    22 days remaining

    The BBC slashed its top stars pay by more than 6 million pounds last year. The move followed the continuing licence fee freeze and new commitments given to the BBC such as part-funding the roll-out of superfast broadband. Details of the BBC's so-called "talent pay" was included in its annual report. The corporation has been heavily criticised for the amount it pays its top talent with presenters including Jeremy Clarkson and Graham Norton reportedly among its biggest earners. DUP MP Gregory Campbell, TV critic Toby Earle and callers discuss

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  • Rory's open win & row over institutional child abuse inquiry 21st July 2014

    Mon, 21 Jul 14

    54 mins

    21 days remaining

    Rory McIlroy has won the Open title by 2 shots at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. Rory lead from day one and eventually won by two strokes - ahead of Rickie Fowler of the USA and Spain's Sergio Garcia. Victims of institutional child abuse call on the First Minister, Peter Robinson, to withdraw his statement that wrangling about Stormont's finances could mean an inquiry into the scandal has to be suspended. Is he - as has been claimed - playing politics with people's lives?

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  • Reaction to Hallet review on 'On the Run' letters

    Fri, 18 Jul 14

    58 mins

    18 days remaining

    Flawed but NOT unlawful, under the radar but NOT secret, and NOT a get out of jail free card for republican terror suspects.. The results of Lady Justice Hallett's review into the so called 'On The Run' letters telling scores of republicans they weren't wanted by police have now been published. News of the existence of the letters threatened to bring down Stormont. We now know that 2 more republican terror suspects were mistakenly issued letters. We now know that there were - quote - 'significant systematic failures' in the scheme. And we now know that the scheme was - quote again - 'not designed but evolved' , and didn't have proper lines of accountability, responsibility and safeguards. That's what we know - but there's plenty we don't know. In the podcast we get analysis from security journalist Brian Rowan and Denis Bradley - one of the authors of the Eames/Bradley report on dealing with the past. We also get political reaction and your views.

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  • Home Affairs Select committee Chair supports Westminster inquiry on Kincora

    Thu, 17 Jul 14

    10 mins

    17 days remaining

    The pressure continues to mount for the Kincora Boys' Home scandal to be brought into the Westminster government's inquiry into historical child sex abuse going back decades. Over the past two days this programme has heard harrowing interviews with victims and calls from leading politicians for claims that MI5 protected paedophiles at the east Belfast home to be included in a wider investigation into abuse. Yesterday, a former RUC assistant chief constable Alan McQuillan told us it was "potentially credible" that intelligence services during the Troubles may have been involved in a cover-up. This morning we heard from the Labour MP Keith Vaz who's the chair of Westminster's powerful Home Affairs Select committee - which is also investigating historical child sex abuse and will consider the findings of of the UK wide inquiry when it reports.

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