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Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day has made it the biggest show in the country. An unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment.

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  • A remarkable woman - shot missionary Maud talks to Stephen

    Fri, 27 Feb 15

    18 mins

    30 days remaining

    Our guest today is a remarkable lady who last month was shot by bandits in Africa and has lived to tell the tale. Maud Kells is a 75-year-old missionary from Cookstown who has dedicated her life to helping others. But days after being awarded an OBE for nearly 50 years of service to the people of the Congo, she was shot through the ribs during a robbery at her home. She arrived back in Cookstown last weekend to continue her recovery and she joined us for her first broadcast interview

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  • Job cuts plan for civil servants Thurs 26th Feb

    Thu, 26 Feb 15

    54 mins

    29 days remaining

    Plans to cut civil servant jobs will have an impact on services. That was the admission yesterday, as MLAs were briefed on the civil service voluntary redundancy programme that will be launched next week. Stormont is planning to slash 20,000 jobs across the public sector. Trade unions are holding ballots with the aim of staging a wave of strike action against cuts. Stephen gets the views of Bumper Grahamfrom public sector union NIPSA and commentator Jeffrey Peel. Also on the podcast... The TV licence has no longterm future and could be gone in 15 years. That's the verdict from a group of MPs at Westminster who say it is likely to be replaced by a new levy. Former Conservative MP Jerry Hayes and the journalist Heidi McAlpin. And street light fear for disabled man in Belfast - Nicola Weir reports

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  • Strike action on way in NI Wed 25th Feb

    Wed, 25 Feb 15

    66 mins

    28 days remaining

    Strike action is on the way in health and education. Members of the public services union - Unison - have voted in favour of strike action in response to service cuts and job losses. UNISON says its members are under increasing pressure and in many cases working with unsafe staffing levels. Stephen gets the views of Unison's Patricia McKeown, NI Conservatives' spokesman, Mark Brotherston and former Health Minister Edwin Poots. Also on the podcast... Are some of our over 70's - a danger on our roads? Commentators Niamh Horan and Bill Jeffrey debate. And... Stormont's controversial Welfare Reform Bill has passed its latest stage. Stephen gets the views of Green Party MLA Steven Agnew and Sinn Fein MLA Alex Maskey

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  • Time to give MPs a massive pay hike? Tues 24th Feb

    Tue, 24 Feb 15

    41 mins

    27 days remaining

    MPs are underpaid on £67,000 a year and should be getting over £100,000. That's the controversial call in the middle of the latest "cash for access" row in Parliament. Former Foreign Secretaries Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind have denied wrongdoing, after being secretly filmed being offered work for a fictional company. They were targeted by reporters for the Daily Telegraph and Channel 4's Dispatches. There have been fresh demands for MPs to be banned from accepting work outside Parliament. But Sir Malcolm has claimed it's "unrealistic" for MPs to live off their basic salary. Stephen gets the views of Philip Blond from the think tank Res-Publica, he is among those proposing a big hike, and commentator Seamus Close also joined us. Also on the podcast... Health Minister Jim Wells on bedside vigil for seriously ill wife

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  • Parking Fines 23rd Feb 2015

    Mon, 23 Feb 15

    54 mins

    26 days remaining

    Parking fines. Could drivers be in for a multi-million pound payback bonanza? Outrage as a convicted paedophile is awarded twenty thousand pounds in damages after being named and shamed on facebook.

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  • Samina Dornan hits out at Alisdair McDonnell 20th Feb 2015

    Fri, 20 Feb 15

    37 mins

    23 days remaining

    One of the most senior consultants in NI has slammed the SDLP leader Alastair mcdonnell, accusing him of humiliating the medical profession. Lets set the story out for you first. Abortion is a topic this show has debated for some time. The issue of whether women should be able to get a termination here if their unborn child has a lethal foetal abnormality has been on the agenda ever since Sarah Ewart told her story on the Nolan show two years ago. Last year the Department of Justice recommended that abortions should be allowed in those circumstances as a public consultation on amending the criminal law on abortion was launched. But the matter still divides opinion among the political parties here. Just how accurate can doctors be? Well SDLP leader Dr Alasdair McDonnell recently made controversial comments on the accuracy issue.

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  • Which community has done better out of the peace process? 19th Feb 2015

    Thu, 19 Feb 15

    25 mins

    22 days remaining

    Which community has done best out of the peace process? That question was raised when Loyalist community worker Jim Wilson was on the Nolan show two weeks ago. Well since then we've been doing a bit of digging. And we've got some facts and figures. East Belfast community worker Jim Wilson is back on the show along with Nationalist commentator Chris Donnelly And there's growing controversy over plans to re-introduce prescription charges. MLAs are told charges aren't needed

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  • 'Irish First' council language policy 18th Feb 2015

    Wed, 18 Feb 15

    24 mins

    21 days remaining

    Irish first. That's the policy that's just been adopted in the newly formed super council Newry, Mourne and Down. Unionists are furious at the move to have irish first then english on the council's logos, literature and vehicles. The SDLP say it will try and implement the policy of placing Irish above english in other areas too. That could mean as many as four nationalist led councils could have Irish as the dominant language. SDLP MLA Dominic Bradley, DUP MLA Nelson McCausland and Sinn Fein councillor for the area Barra Ó Muirí discuss.

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  • Is enough being done to help former soldiers with PTSD? Tues 17th February

    Tue, 17 Feb 15

    45 mins

    20 days remaining

    Figures suggest that more members of the armed forces are seeking help for mental health issues. The MOD says the number of Armed Forces personnel with "mental health disorders" has risen from 3,927 in 2011 to 5,076 in 2013. We hear powerful testimonies from former soldiers and emergency services staff who are suffering with PTSD.

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  • Should people who don’t work through drink, drugs or obesity have benefits cut?

    Mon, 16 Feb 15

    34 mins

    19 days remaining

    Benefits could be cut for people who refuse treatment for drink, drugs or weight problems. That's the plan announced by David Cameron. People who cannot work because they are obese or have alcohol or drug addictions could have their sickness benefits cut if they refuse treatment. So will this help get people back to work or is this picking on the vulnerable? We hear from former Conservative Minister and MP Edwina Currie, and Patrick Mullholland from the union NIPSA.

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