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Movie Café

Janice Forysth with news and reviews of the latest movie releases, interviews with the stars and directors of the moment and what to look out for in new DVD releases. Plus updates and features on what's happening in the world of film around Scotland.

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  • 28 Mar 21MB

    moviecafe:28 Mar 13 James Cosmo Special

    Janice Forsyth presents a very special interview with the legendary Scottish film actor James Cosmo, famous for his

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 21 Mar 21MB


    John Gordon Sinclair talks to Janice Forsyth about his new venture into thriller writing.

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 14 Mar 21MB

    moviecafe: 14 Mar 13: Ken Loach

    Director Ken Loach talks to Janice Forsyth about The Spirit of 45 - his new documentary, Mike Kelt, CEO of Artem Special

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 07 Mar 21MB

    moviecafe: 07 Mar 13: Jude Law

    Jude Law tells Janice Forsyth about working with director Steven Soderbergh on Side Effects, which is potentially his

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 28 Feb 21MB

    moviecafe:28 Feb 13

    Janice Forsyth presents reviews of some of the major new film releases including Mark Wahlberg in Broken City, Nicole

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 21 Feb 21MB

    moviecafe: 21 FEB 13 Song For Marion

    Janice Forsyth with the latest movie reviews including Terence Stamp in Song For Marion, To The Wonder directed by

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 14 Feb 21MB

    moviecafe:14 Feb 13

    In today’s show, Janice is joined by critics Eddie Harrison and Siobhan Synnot. They cast their critical eyes over

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 07 Feb 21MB

    moviecafe: 07 Feb 13

    Vic Galloway sits in for Janice this week and speaks to John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman, stars of the latest big

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 31 Jan 21MB

    moviecafe:31 Jan 13

    Flight: Producers, Steve Starkey and Jack Rapke, discuss 'Flight' with DENZEL WASHINGTON (whose performance has been

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 24 Jan 21MB

    moviecafe:24 Jan 13

    Lincoln– Film critics Paul Gallagher and Nicola Balkind discuss Steven Spielberg’s revealing new drama.

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 17 Jan 21MB

    moviecafe:17 Jan 13

    • Django Unchained – Alistair Harkness and Hannah McGill discuss Quentin Tarantino’s latest film /Glasgow Film

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 10 Jan 21MB

    moviecafe:10 Jan 13

    Quartet: Nigel Floyd and Siobhan Synnot review ‘Quartet’ a bittersweet tale of ageing opera singers forced to face

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 03 Jan 21MB

    moviecafe: 03 Jan 2013 John Gordon Sinclair

    John Gordon Sinclair has come a long way from Gregory's Girl. In a special edition of the Movie Cafe he talks to Janice

    Duration: 46 mins

  • 20 Dec 21MB

    moviecafe: 20 Dec 12:Life of Pi, Midnight's Children

    Salman Rushdie and Tom Cruise pop up on this week’s Movie Café when Janice Forsyth will be reviewing Cruise’s

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 13 Dec 21MB

    moviecafe: 13 Dec 12: The Hobbit

    Janice Forsyth, Alistair Harkness and Wendy Lloyd discuss The Hobbit, West of Memphis and The Muppets on a festive Movie

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 06 Dec 21MB

    moviecafe:06 Dec 12

    On The Movie Cafe, the Proclaimers talk about the film of SUNSHINE ON LEITH that's been shot at the moment around the

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 29 Nov 21MB

    moviecafe: 29 Nov 12

    On The Movie Café , famous movie composer Alexandre Desplat talks to Janice about his composing and his latest work on

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 22 Nov 21MB

    moviecafe: 22 Nov 12

    Tom Courtenay explains how he got on with his co-stars Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz in the new art heist comedy GAMBIT

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 15 Nov 20MB

    moviecafe:15 Nov 12

    On the Movie Café with Janice Forsyth - It’s the end of the vampires versus werewolves’ phenomenon of the TWILIGHT

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 08 Nov 21MB

    moviecafe:08 Nov 12

    It’s Scottish Dyslexia Awareness Week and director James Redford (Robert Redford's son) talks about his film THE BIG

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 01 Nov 21MB


    On The Movie Café today Janice Forsyth talks to David Thomson, one of the most revered and knowledgeable film critics

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 25 Oct 21MB

    moviecafe:25 OCT 12

    Janice Forsyth reviews the latest Bond extravaganza - SKYFALL. Geordie stand-up comedian Ross Noble talks about playing

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 18 Oct 21MB

    moviecafe: 18th October 2012: Frankenweenie

    Janice Forsyth interviews Sally Potter, and Nigel Floyd and Ian Hoey review Ginger & Rosa, Frankenweenie and Beasts of

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 11 Oct 17MB

    moviecafe:11 Oct 12

    The British conductor and the man behind the John Wilson Orchestra, talks about his love for film musicals with Janice

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 04 Oct 21MB

    moviecafe: 04 OCT 12: The Movie Cafe

    Emma Watson moves on from Harry Potter to star alongside Logan Lerman in Hollywood's latest high school drama 'The Perks

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 27 Sep 21MB

    moviecafe:27 Sep 12

    Janice Forsyth presents the weekly fim review show. This week critics Paul Gallagher and Gail Tolley review time travel

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 20 Sep 21MB

    moviecafe:20 Sep 12

    Directors of French comedy Untouchable talk about their film which is set to be a UK box office smash.Find out about the

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 13 Sep 21MB


    THE SWEENEY Ray Winstone who takes on the role of maverick Flying Squad Detective Inspector Jack Regan talks about the

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 06 Sep 21MB

    moviecafe:06 Sep 12

    Lawless – Director John Hillcoat discusses his take on the true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers: bootlegging

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 30 Aug 21MB

    moviecafe: 30 Aug 12: Nicola Benedetti

    Nicola Benedetti the renowned violinist discusses her new album - The Silver Violin/Berberian Sound Studio: Director

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 23 Aug 21MB

    moviecafe: 23/08/12

    The Imposter Paul Gallagher and Stephen Carty discuss Bart Layton’s fascinating, mind-boggling, documentary/ 360

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 26 Jul 21MB

    moviecafe: 26th july 2012

    Another chance to hear a special edition of the Movie Café: Janice Forsyth conducts an in-depth interview with

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 19 Jul 21MB

    moviecafe: 19 July 12: The Dark Knight Rises

    Edi Stark and guests review the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, Salute a film taking us back to the 1968

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 12 Jul 21MB

    moviecafe:12Jul12:Lord Puttnam on Chariots of Fire & Channing Tatum

    Lord Puttnam & Hugh Hudson on re-release of Chariots of Fire; Channing Tatum talks baring all for Magic Mike; Ice Age 4

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 05 Jul 21MB

    moviecafe:05Jul12: Spiderman & God Bless America

    Amazing Spiderman; God Bless America; Friends With Kids; & Mission to Lars

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 28 Jun 21MB

    moviecafe: 28 June12

    EIFF ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival/Killler Joe: Actress

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 21 Jun 21MB

    moviecafe: 21/06/12

    Killer Joe - William Friedkin discusses his shockingly cool, controversial and brutal black comedy/Abraham Lincoln:

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 14 Jun 21MB

    moviecafe: 14Jun12

    Respected Director Hugh Hudson discusses the new Blu ray release of ‘Revolution’/Movie News – including Kelly

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 08 Jun 21MB

    moviecafe: 7th june 2012

    Prometheus - We review the film with critics Eddie Harrison and Ian Hoey/Casa Di Me Padre - Eddie Harrison discusses

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 31 May 21MB

    moviecafe:31 May 12

    EIFF Programme Launch - Chris Fujiwara the new Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival discusses

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 24 May 21MB

    moviecafe:24 May 12

    Moonrise Kingdom - Film critics, Siobhan Synnott and Alistair Harkness review Wes Andersons's new film Cannes 2012 -

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 17 May 21MB

    moviecafe:17 May 12

    Even The Rain - Film critics, Nigel Floyd and Graeme Virtue review this powerful, richly layered indictment of the

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 10 May 21MB

    moviecafe:10 May 12

    In a special edition of the Movie Café, Janice Forsyth conducts an in-depth interview with Film-maker, Anthony Baxter,

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 03 May 21MB


    Mark Cousins - The Story of Film: An Odyssey. An extended interview with award-winning film-maker Mark Cousins. The

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 26 Apr 21MB

    moviecafe:All things film 26 APR 12

    Award-winning actress Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs) plays a woman passing as a man in order to work and survive in 19th

    Duration: 46 mins

  • 19 Apr 21MB

    moviecafe:19th April 2012

    Marley - we review Kevin Macdonald's detailed portrait of Bob Marley The Glen Cinema our reporter Bob Dickson

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 12 Apr 21MB

    moviecafe: 12 April 2012

    Cabin In the Woods - Director Drew Goddard discusses his much anticipated horror film . We also review the film with

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 05 Apr 21MB

    moviecafe: 5th april 2012

    Peter Mullan – Another chance to hear the Scottish actor, writer and director, looking back over his career and

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 29 Mar 21MB


    Peter Lord - director of the Aardman Animations studio discusses THE PIRATES! IN AN ADVENTURE WITH SCIENTISTS' Cinema

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 22 Mar 21MB

    moviecafe: 22/03/12

    House of Automata” Michael and Maria Start from the House of Automata talk about their automata workshop and store in

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 22 Mar 21MB

    moviecafe: 15/03/12

    'We Bought a Zoo' Cameron Crowe's latest movie. We review the film with critics, Ian Hoey and Nigel Floyd/Our DVD Pick

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 08 Mar 21MB

    moviecafe: 08/0366

    Christina Ricci -discusses her role in BEL AMI - We also review the film with critics, Nicola Balkind and Alistair

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 01 Mar 21MB

    moviecafe: 01/03/12

    Minnie Driver –discusses her role in Hunky Dory/Louis De Bernieres discusses Red Dog/DVD Pick of the Week is

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 23 Feb 21MB

    moviecafe: 23/02/12

    Rampart - Director Oren Moverman, discusses his disturbing new film, Bertrand Tavernier - Deathwatch. DVD Pick of the

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 16 Feb 21MB

    moviecafe: 16/02/12

    Glasgow Film Festival - Gene Kelly Retrospective/ Sneak preview of our interview with the great French director Bertrand

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 09 Feb 21MB

    moviecafe: 09/0212

    Viggo Mortensen discusses his role as Sigmund Freud in David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method/John Hurt – BAFTA’S -

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 02 Feb 21MB

    moviecafe: 02/02/12

    Young Adult - We review the critically acclaimed dark new comedy. Food On Film - Helen Graham (Co-ordinator of Food on

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 26 Jan 21MB

    moviecafe: 26/01/12

    The Descendants - We review the latest film from Alexander Payne, Two Lane Blacktop – one of the greatest cult films

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 19 Jan 21MB

    moviecafe: 120112

    Glasgow Film Festival/W E /Corialanus/ J. Edgar

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 12 Jan 21MB

    moviecafe: 12/01/12 - Warhorse and Shame

    Warhorse - Tom Hiddleston Interview and Review.Great Scottish Cinema Pack -GFT. DVD Pick of the Week - Arrietty. Steve

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 29 Dec 21MB

    moviecafe: 29th DEC: Peter Mullan

    Peter Mullan - Scottish actor, writer and director, looks back over his career and touches on some of the values and

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 22 Dec 21MB

    moviecafe: 22 Dec Best of 2011

    Janice Forsyth looks back at the top films of 2011.

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 15 Dec 21MB

    moviecafe: 15th Dec 11: Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes reviewed, Jared Harris discusses Moriarty, Meet me In St Louis Reviewed, Rise of Planet of The Apes on

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 08 Dec 19MB

    moviecafe: 8th Dec 11: New Year's Eve

    New Year's Eve, the new Gary Marshall film is brutally reviewed by Ian Hoey, Wendy Lloyd and Janice Forsyth, Ian also

    Duration: 41 mins

  • 01 Dec 21MB

    moviecafe: 1st December 2011: Harry Potter

    Harry Potter actors Warwick Davis (Prof Flitwick), Mark Williams (Mr Weasley), Oliver and James Phelps (the Weasley

    Duration: 45 mins