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Wake Up To Money

Award-winning business, economic and personal finance news with Adam Parsons and Mickey Clark. Broadcast live every weekday morning at 5.15am on BBC Radio 5 live.

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  • Greece: 30 Jan 15

    Fri, 30 Jan 15

    39 mins

    5 days remaining

    We take a look back over Alexis Tsipras' first week in power and discuss whether Syriza's win could lead to Grexit and a better future for the euro. We talk to a housebuilder after it was revealed that 145,000 homes were built last year, up 9% on the 2013 but still not enough according to the government. And we look into trademarking a phrase, after pop star Taylor Swift became the first in the world to trademark a lyric.

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  • Shell 29 Jan 15

    Thu, 29 Jan 15

    42 mins

    4 days remaining

    We look ahead to Shell releasing their yearly results, the first oil producer to do so since the price slump. We check on how Mr Tsipras is doing as the new PM of Greece, in light of Mark Carney’s latest outburst on austerity and we look into why his government is considering banning Brit favourite - the all inclusive holiday.

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  • Apple 28 Jan 15

    Wed, 28 Jan 15

    40 mins

    3 days remaining

    As Apple reports the biggest quarterly profit ever made by a public company we get reaction from the UK, Singapore and California. We speak to a supporter of the new Greek government about austerity. A Subway restaurant executive gives us his take on the latest growth figures and we find out why Scotch Whisky is now more valuable to the UK than steel.

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  • GDP 27 Jan 15

    Tue, 27 Jan 15

    41 mins

    2 days remaining

    Ahead of the the latest UK growth figures, Wake Up to Money is live from a retailer, exporter and manufacturer in Birmingham to assess the health of the economy. As politicians line up against Greek debt reduction plans we get the latest from Athens. Plus a top economist explains why Russia's credit rating has been cut to 'junk' status.

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  • Greek Elections 26 Jan 15

    Mon, 26 Jan 15

    41 mins

    1 day remaining

    Following victory in the Greek elections by anti-austerity party Syriza we hear from experts in Athens in the UK about what the election could mean for us all. The BBC understands Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus is set to approve a takeover bid by British Airways' owner IAG - we get the latest from Ireland.

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