Scott Mills Daily

Scott Mills Daily

A daily slice of Scott, with more silly features, crank calls and plenty of attempts to make you laugh.

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  • Charlotte Crosby And Selfie Girl At The World Cup 22 Apr 14

    Tue, 22 Apr 14

    51 mins

    7 days remaining

    Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore, Celebrity Big Brother and now her own TV show, The Charlotte Crosby Experience, plays Innuendo Bingo. Has White D from Benefits Street really done a DJ set in a club? The actual girl from Chainsmokers' "#Selfie" does her take on great moments from history. And it's FAT Tuesday with Charlie Sloth.

    Download 24MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • #Selfie girl Alexis Killacam has a go at the moon landing 18 Apr 14

    Fri, 18 Apr 14

    35 mins

    2 days remaining

    Alexis Killacam is the girl who does the #Selfie song! She's in London, so Scott gets her in, we find out what 'ratchet' means, how she even ended up doing the song and Scott asks Alexis to put her own take on a few historical moments

    Download 16MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • Lily Allen loves the trolls and Foxes does Innuendo Bing 170414

    Thu, 17 Apr 14

    62 mins

    1 day remaining

    Lily Allen pays Scott a visit, they playing Loving The Trolls and Lily informs us that she invented 'slagging off celebs'. Scott and Chris have a listen to other interviews that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have done recently...awkward relationship things and Foxes is in to play Innuendo Bingo.

    Download 29MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

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