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Scott Mills Daily

A daily slice of Scott, with more silly features, crank calls and plenty of attempts to make you laugh.

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  • "ONLY THE YOUNG!" The Shouty Man Speaks 24 Nov 14

    Mon, 24 Nov 14

    50 mins

    7 days remaining

    The shouty man from the audience of X Factor is back on the phone. How did he cope with Only The Young going out of the competition this weekend? Also, after the success of our lesson on learning to sing like Sia last week, this time it's time to take on Ariana Grande. Scott's brilliant YouTube vocal coach, Felicia, is here to instruct you on how to pronounce the words just right. Chris and listener Kim are here to find their inner Ariana. Plus, Scott has some huge news about what's happening on tomorrow's show. It involves Jennifer Aniston! And Dev plays Real Or No Real. Can Joe Thomas from The Inbetweeners grow a beard these days?

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  • Do You Go Posh At Work? 21 Nov 14

    Fri, 21 Nov 14

    46 mins

    4 days remaining

    Scott's spent some time looking at old John Barrowman clips (don't ask!) He's noticed that John has TWO accents: sometimes American, sometimes thick Scottish. Francesca from Swansea calls in to tell everyone about her mum who also has two voices. There's a Friday game of Who's That Tweeting. Danny Howard plays Real Or No Real. And Scott's got more details on something amazing that's going to happen next week.

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  • Greg James Innuendo Bingo 20 Nov 14

    Thu, 20 Nov 14

    43 mins

    3 days remaining

    Greg's in to play Innuendo Bingo today so it's time to wheel out some of the amazing clips he's missed since the last time he's been on. Chris has heard a theory about cats. Has he really found a way to make them sit still for once? A listener has found a bizarre video that's big in China. And Matt Edmondson plays Real Or No Real. Is Van McCan from Catfish And The Bottlemen's Dad really called Dan McCan and does he drive a Van?

    Download 20MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • "Are You The Real X Factor Shouty Man??!" 19 Nov 14

    Wed, 19 Nov 14

    37 mins

    2 days remaining

    Scott takes a phone call from a man who claims to be the one who shouts "ONLY THE YOUNG" in the audience on X Factor. But is it really him? Chris cross examines! Also, a listener reminds Scott about an important Christmas issue he might have forgotten about. And on the theme of poor admin, Scott and Chris finally get round to opening their post for the first time in six months. Finally, Alice Levine plays Real Or No Real. Does the "Fi" in WiFi really not stand for anything at all?

    Download 17MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • Stereo Kicks Innuendo Bingo 18 Nov 14

    Tue, 18 Nov 14

    49 mins

    1 day remaining

    X Factor's 8-piece band, Stereo Kicks, are ALL in the studio and we manage to fit most of them around a mic to play Innuendo Bingo. Scott's found his new favourite Anglo Saxon burial ground of course! It's got a great name; one you might just associate with the show. Chris is confused about what exactly "smart casual" means. And Charlie Sloth plays Real Or No Real. But did he really get refused entry to a club because he was wearing a hat?

    Download 23MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

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