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Media Show

BBC Radio 4's topical programme The Media Show, presented by journalist and former TV executive Steve Hewlett, featuring the latest stories and opinion from the fast-changing world of media in all its forms - print, television, radio, online and telecommunications.

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  • 25 Mar 14MB

    Media: Jeremy Clarkson fired by the BBC plus SNP media policy

    Steve Hewlett hears from BBC creative director Alan Yentob on why star Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked and from Guido

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 Mar 14MB

    Media: The Clarkson row and how best to handle "difficult" stars; the future for Netflix; and the Green Party media policy

    Steve Hewlett looks at how the BBC is handling the latest Jeremy Clarkson controversy and the challenges of managing

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 11 Mar 14MB

    Media: Older people in the media; Top Gear brand; TV election debates.

    How the absence of Clarkson could impact the Top Gear brand; how the media represents older people; the challenges of

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Mar 14MB

    Media: The Director General of the BBC, Tony Hall, on funding, efficiency and governance.

    Steve Hewlett talks to the Director General of the BBC, Tony Hall, on the future of funding, driving efficiency, and how

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 25 Feb 14MB

    Media: Can BBC Three be bought?; how BARB measures TV audiences; 'FIFA Files' journalists win award.

    Media: Danny Cohen on the reasons why BBC Three can't be bought; how to measure the popularity of TV programmes; 'FIFA

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 Feb 14MB

    Media: Advertisers and editorial; British drama; "Immigration Street"

    Do advertisers influence editorial?; the growing global success of British drama; and why Channel 4 has reduced the run

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 11 Feb 13MB

    Media: Protecting journalists' sources; American news anchors; football rights; Sports Radio

    Protecting journalists' sources; the value of American news anchors to networks; the rising cost of premier league

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Feb 14MB

    Media: Head of BBC Trust's first major speech; the battle for sports rights; Sky's 'Fortitude'.

    The head of the BBC Trust's first major speech; Sky, BT and the battle for sports rights; and Sky's strategy to

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 28 Jan 14MB

    Media: The future of news; Entertainment shows; Page 3 and The Sun

    The future of news and journalism on the web; the elusive search for hit entertainment shows; the Sun's PR strategy for

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 21 Jan 14MB

    Media: End of Page 3?; Josie Cunningham's agent; Sir Alan Moses on press freedom.

    Media: What the end of Page 3 could mean for red top rivals; Josie Cunningham's agent on her controversial media

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 14 Jan 14MB

    Media: Publishing Charlie Hebdo images; Newsbeat's editor; Channel 4's diversity plan

    The dilemma of editors on whether to re-publish Charlie Hebdo's latest front cover; Newsbeat's editor on engaging young

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 07 Jan 14MB

    Media: Prince Andrew coverage; postponing of Royal doc; Peter Greste retrial; 10 years of FOI.

    The press coverage of the Prince Andrew story; the BBC postpones Royal documentary; Peter Greste wins a retrial, and the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 31 Dec 13MB

    Media: Chat shows with Graham Norton 31 Dec 14

    The changing nature of chat shows with host Graham Norton; Elaine Bedell, Director of Entertainment and Comedy at ITV;

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 24 Dec 13MB

    Media: ABC Entertainment, Monty Penguin, Snow Wolf

    Paul Lee, ABC Entertainment President on finding the next hits such as 'Modern Family and 'Desperate Housewives'; How

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Dec 14MB

    Media: BT's EE talks; journalism and PR; Ofcom's review into C4; London weeklies launch

    BT's exclusive talks to buy EE; journalism's changing relationship with PR; Ofcom's review into C4; Tindle London

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 10 Dec 14MB

    Media: BBC plans for the future of BBC3, Press regulation panel

    The BBC's Director of Television on transforming BBC3 for a digital age; The new Chair of the Press Regulation Panel.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 Dec 14MB

    Media: The Times growth; Christopher Jefferies; front page tabloid content

    The Times and The Sunday Times turning a profit; Christopher Jefferies - real crime drama; Representation of women in

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Nov 14MB

    Media: Sun editor on white van man; The National launches in Scotland; Kenyan Young Journalist; local TV in Birmingham

    Media: Sun editor David Dinsmore on the white van man and David Mellor exclusives; pro-independence paper 'The National'

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 19 Nov 13MB

    Media: Ed Richards; licence fee; Trinity Mirror closures; teen blog on OCD

    Departing CEO of Ofcom; Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen on scrapping the BBC’s licence fee; the award-winning teen who

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 12 Nov 14MB

    Media: BBC One Controller; sports journalism; Serial podcast

    BBC One Controller Charlotte Moore on her vision for the channel; Serial - the real life crime drama and the changing

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 05 Nov 14MB

    Media: Al Jazeera English chief; BT Sport and Sky sports; BBC R1 on iPlayer; pay-per-view news

    Al Jazeera English chief on putting human stories at the heart of news; Radio 1's new TV channel; pay-per-view news in

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 29 Oct 14MB

    Media: Guardian Media Group, Russia Today, Broadmoor, Facebook

    Andrew Miller, CEO of Guardian Media Group on their global strategy; the launch of Russia Today (RT) UK service; Olivia

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 22 Oct 13MB

    Media: David Liddiment and Alison Hastings leave the Trust; Women in the media; Mirror complaint

    David Liddiment and Alison Hastings leave the BBC Trust; women in news and current affairs; why IPSO is pursuing a

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 15 Oct 14MB

    Media: Reporting the EU; TV election debates

    Why the British media's coverage of the EU is falling short, and how to negotiate a TV election debate.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 08 Oct 14MB

    Media: Facebook's apology to drag queens; anonymity online; an inquiry into the use of RIPA

    Facebook's apology to drag queens; should anonymity be allowed on websites?; an inquiry into the use of RIPA.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 01 Oct 13MB

    Media: Sunday Mirror sting, journalists' safety, interviewing politicians

    The Mirror under investigation for MPs online sexting investigation; journalists' safety; how to make the political

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 24 Sep 14MB

    Media: Devolved powers and the BBC, Inside police custody, Trinity Mirror and phone hacking

    How the debate over more devolved powers might impact on the BBC; New Channel 4 series put the spotlight on the police

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Sep 14MB

    Media: Mike Darcey, CEO of News UK; the role of the press in Scotland; Ofcom on London Live

    Ofcom on why it's rejected London Live's plans to change its licence; the CEO of News UK on why he's got no plans to

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 10 Sep 14MB

    Media: Protecting journalists' sources; Page 3, AP robots; car digital adapters

    Protecting journalists' sources; Rupert Murdoch: Page 3 is old fashioned; Associated Press uses robots to write

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 Sep 14MB

    Media: Who is Rona Fairhead?; the BBC on Sir Cliff coverage; the Press Gazette joins IPSO.

    The BBC Trust's potential new chair Rona Fairhead; the operational decisions the BBC made when covering the raid on Sir

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 27 Aug 14MB

    Media: Exploitation in South Yorkshire - TV election debates - Jihadis and social media

    Times reporter Andrew Norfolk on his investigations into sexual exploitation in South Yorkshire; How to construct TV

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 20 Aug 13MB

    Media: BBC's coverage of raid on Sir Cliff; covering the Missouri riots; Sky's diversity targets

    The BBC's coverage of the police raid on Sir Cliff Richard's home; how journalists are coping on the ground in Ferguson;

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 13 Aug 14MB

    Media: Local TV's first casualty; the class action against Facebook; reporting suicide

    The Local TV service for Birmingham goes into administration; Austrian law student launches a class action against

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 06 Aug 12MB

    New laws for bloggers; the impartiality of reporters; radio presenters working for free

    New laws designed to boost local democracy and a free press; why some commercial radio presenters are working for free;

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 01 Aug 12MB

    Media: Local TV, BBC3 campaign, Right to be Forgotten

    Emma Barnett presents. Local TV - is it workable? The campaign to Save BBC3. And the UK's Information Commissioner on

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 23 Jul 12MB

    Media: MH17 and Gaza reporting, Al Jazeera English journalist Sue Turton, Murdoch's media moves

    The challenges of covering MH17 and Gaza; Sue Turton on her jailed Al Jazeera English colleagues; Rupert Murdoch's quest

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 16 Jul 12MB

    Media: BBC commissions up for grabs; IMPRESS regulation plans; 'Immigration Street'

    Tony Hall's plans to tear up quotas at the BBC and 'liberate' in-house production has been largely welcomed by the indie

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 09 Jul 12MB

    Media: 'Magaluf Girl' coverage, White Dee, the reporting of historic child sex abuse allegations

    The tabloid coverage of 'Magaluf Girl' story - responsible journalism or 'slut-shaming'?; White Dee on 'Benefits

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 02 Jul 12MB

    Media: Diversity, Facebook controlling emotions, Changes to Radio 5 Live

    Radio 5 Live presenter changes; how ethical is it for Facebook to play with people's emotions?; increasing Black, Asian

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 25 Jun 14MB

    Media: Hacking trial special

    A panel of insiders discuss how the hacking trial has exposed the culture of an industry competing to break the biggest

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 Jun 14MB

    Media: Sports Commentary, ABC Chief, Internet vs Print, Peter Jukes

    The art of sports commentary; why the internet is not responsible for print's decline; tweeting at the hacking trial;

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 11 Jun 14MB

    Media: BBC Radio cuts; Richard Ingrams; Sun special row.

    How job cuts at BBC Radio might impact programmes; why some posties in the North West won’t deliver the Sun; and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Jun 14MB

    Media: Google requests; FIFA; Newsweek; Peter Greste

    Google privacy requests; the trial of Peter Greste; FIFA expose; Newsweek Europe launches.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 28 May 14MB

    Media: New Chair of IPSO; the Duchess's bottom line.

    Sir Alan Moses, the new chair of press regulator IPSO, gives his first interview; and the Sydney Daily Telegraph's

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 21 May 13MB

    Media: Dido Harding; female news editors; "sex-swap" headlines.

    Chief Executive of TalkTalk's Dido Harding; three female UK newspaper editors on the challenges they've faced; and the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 14 May 14MB

    Media: TV debates; women directors; all3media sold

    Will the sale of all3media affect creativity?; how TV debates encourage voter participation; BSkyB talks to expand into

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 07 May 14MB

    Media: Patten; Paxman; Channel 5 sold; Sunday Herald.

    How to find a new BBC Trust Chair; the future of Newsnight once Paxman departs; Viacom's purchase of Channel 5; and the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 30 Apr 14MB

    Media: BBC Trust's review of News; Lachlan Murdoch

    BBC Director of News and Current Affairs James Harding on the Trust's review into output; Richard Aedy talks about

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 23 Apr 14MB

    Media: Royal video; IPSO; Adoption Docs; Peter Greste

    The FT's decision not to join IPSO; programmes on adoption; the trial of Peter Greste, and coverage of the Duke and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 16 Apr 13MB

    Media: Oscar Pistorius TV; Sunday tabloids; BBC commissioning

    The head of the Oscar Pistorius channel on getting access; why print circulation of the Sunday tabloids is declining;

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 09 Apr 14MB

    Media: Maria Miller goes; YouView; reporters harassing?

    What did Maria Miller achieve for the media and what impact will Sajid Javid make; YouView's chief executive Richard

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 02 Apr 14MB

    Media: Local TV; Johnston Press; Geordie Greig

    Mustard TV and London Live launch; Ashley Highfield, chief exec of Johnston Press, on future of local news; The Mail on

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Mar 14MB

    Future of arts TV; Peter Greste campaign; Turkey Twitter ban

    Is BBC Arts really 'the greatest commitment to arts for a generation'? How Turkish journalists are getting round the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 19 Mar 14MB

    Media: Lenny Henry; licence fee evasion; L'Wren Scott

    Lenny Henry at BAFTA; decriminalizing licence fee evasion; L'Wren Scott coverage

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 12 Mar 14MB

    Media: Sophie Turner-Laing; live debates; licence fee

    The BBC's Director of Strategy on how making licence fee evasion a civil offence could lead to the closure of channels.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 05 Mar 14MB

    Media: BBC 3 online only; Vice news; net neutrality.

    Would making BBC 3 an online only channel really save money?; Vice launches a news website, and the cases for and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Feb 14MB

    Media: Licence fee; Lord Hunt on IPSO; Paul Foot award

    Tony Hall says the BBC needs to make efficiences, but how? David Cohen on winning this year's Paul Foot award and Lord

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 19 Feb 14MB

    Media: World Service; Daybreak changes; Reader's Digest

    Adverts on the BBC's World Service; will another presenter change rescue ITV's Daybreak?; and the man who plans to save

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 12 Feb 14MB

    Media: Al Jazeera; Panel Shows; Exposes; Twitter

    British Al Jazeera journalist Sue Turton; funny women on panel shows; Tom Bower on exposes; is Twitter too niche to fly?

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 05 Feb 14MB

    Media: DMI; Royals; media ownership; journalists in Egypt 05 Feb 2014

    The BBC's failed DMI project, are recent pictures of the Royals at odds with past objections to 'private' photos? and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 29 Jan 14MB

    Media: NFL; DMI failure; News UK; Sky results 29 Jan 2014

    The BBC's failed Digital Media Initiative; Guto Harri - the man tasked with changing the image of News UK; BT Sport's

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 22 Jan 14MB

    Media: Birds of a Feather, diversity in TV, The Telegraph 22 Jan 2014

    Why is minority ethnic representation in the creative world going down? Steve Hewlett talks to playwright Kwame Kwei

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 15 Jan 14MB

    Media: Benefits Street; future of the BBC 15 Jan 2014

    Channel 4's Benefits Street - reinforcing harmful stereotypes, or dipicting the reality of life on benefits? Ralph Lee,

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 08 Jan 14MB

    Media: "Dramatised" natural history; Sir Hayden Phillips; Channel 5 08 Jan 2014

    The BBC Natural Unit's Wendy Darke on BBC One's Hidden Kingdoms and "dramatised" natural history documentaries. Sir

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 01 Jan 13MB

    Media: TV presenter Chemistry 1 Jan 2014

    What is the elusive 'chemistry' between TV hosts that is so central to a shows success? In this special programme, Steve

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 Dec 14MB

    Media: BuzzFeed, BBC governance; Danish writers' rooms 18 Dec 2013

    A report into the BBC's failed DMI project; a culture of 'cronyism' at the BBC?; why BuzzFeed UK wants to become a

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 11 Dec 14MB

    Media: CEO of News UK; ad-funded programmes; press reform 11 Dec 2013

    Chief Executive of News UK, Mike Darcey on the success of Sun digital subscriptions, competing with the Daily Mail,

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Dec 14MB

    Media: Gary Barlow, Women in Journalism 4th Dec 13

    On the Media Show - TV exports to China, Gary Barlow coverage on the BBC, The Bourne Local and Eleanor Mills, Chair of

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 27 Nov 14MB

    Media: Local TV, S4C, crowdfunded journalism 27 Nov 2013

    The first of a network of local TV services has launched, but why have so many been delayed? The head of S4C talks

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 20 Nov 14MB

    Media: Scottish broadcasting, BBC North, Young Journalist Award 20 Nov 2013

    In this week's Media Show from Salford; Scottish Minister for Culture on broadcasting in an independent Scotland; and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 13 Nov 14MB

    Media: BT Sport, magazines, DAB switchover 13 Nov 2013

    BT TV's chief executive Marc Watson; President of Condé Nast International on the future for magazines; and why small

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 06 Nov 14MB

    Media: People website, Indy relaunch, Sports on TV, Mirror ruling 06 Nov 2013

    Trinity Mirror's Sue Douglas on the new People website; why the Independent is re-designing yet again, and what BT Sport

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 30 Oct 14MB

    Media: Press regulation, JacksGap, Bedlam 30 October 2013

    The latest on press reform plans; the challenges of producing a programme on mental illness, and Steve meets new media

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 23 Oct 14MB

    Media: Black audiences, online comments, the end of Millionaire? 23 Oct 2013

    Could broadcasters do more to serve black audiences better; the risks publishers face when allowing online comments;

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 16 Oct 14MB

    Media: BBC2 Controller Janice Hadlow

    Steve Hewlett talks to Janice Hadlow, the controller of BBC Two and Four about losing The Great British Bake Off to BBC1

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 09 Oct 14MB

    Media: The BBC's digital strategy, press reform

    James Purnell, the BBC's Director of Strategy and Digital, on the corporation's vision for the future; and the Editor of

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 02 Oct 14MB

    Media: TV Soaps; DAB radio; The Mail and Miliband

    Is The Mail breaking any regulations with its Ralph Miliband story; edging closer to an announcement on radio's digital

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 25 Sep 14MB

    Media: Children's TV, Radio Times 90th Anniversary

    Why children's entertainment from the BBC needs to offer more online; how a new season on Channel 4 hopes to tackle the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 Sep 14MB

    Media: Media Agencies; "journalese"; Twitter Floatation.

    The influence of media agencies on broadcast networks; how Twitter's floatation could affect content, and the strange

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 11 Sep 14MB

    Media: TV Writers; BBC Governance

    How might the BBC be governed if the BBC Trust were wound up? And how earnings for top TV writers are making it harder

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Sep 14MB

    Media: BBC severance pay; reporting the Scottish referendum; political interviewing

    As a report from the National Audit Office today concludes that severance pay at the BBC provided poor value for money

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 28 Aug 14MB

    Media: Women on Breakfast

    Women presenters on BBC breakfast shows; the challenges facing lads' mags as a campaign for modesty bags gains momentum,

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 21 Aug 14MB

    Media: David Miranda, New Statesman, Int Herald Tribune

    The latest developments in the David Miranda case with the editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger. The future of

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 14 Aug 14MB

    Media: Appointment of James Harding to BBC News

    In this week's programme, Steve Hewlett talks to Nick Pollard, whose review into the BBC has led, amongst other things,

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 07 Aug 14MB

    Media: Media Plurality, The Guardian and press regulation

    Steve Hewlett discusses how you measure media plurality with David Elstein and Des Freedman.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 31 Jul 14MB

    Media: Sun+, BT Sport, Twitter row

    David Dinsmore the Editor of The Sun talks to Steve Hewlett about the launch of Sun+. BT Vision's Chief Executive Marc

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 24 Jul 14MB

    Media: Covering the Royal Baby; Channel 4; blocking internet porn

    The challenge the royal baby story poses for Sunday papers and rolling tv news; Channel 5 ratings overtake Channel 4 -

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Jul 14MB

    Media: New presenter of Today; trust in the BBC; Ofcom and Anjem Choudary; Chris Blackhurst

    BBC's Ceri Thomas and Miranda Sawyer of Sound Women on Mishal Husain joining Today; Chris Blackhurst on future of The

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 10 Jul 14MB

    Media: BBC at the PAC; Hacked Off; Rupert Murdoch

    Lords Hall and Patten questioned by Public Accounts Comittee over size of exec pay offs; Brian Cathcart, Hacked Off, on

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 Jul 14MB

    Media: BBC Trust and exec pay; murder trials on TV; delay for press reform

    BBC Trustee David Liddiment on whether the BBC needs closer scrutiny; C4 to show a UK murder trial - the first on tv in

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Jun 14MB

    Media: News UK; Guardian's scoops; BBC1

    The future of Rupert Murdoch's News UK; coverage of the Guardian's scoops; change at BBC1

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 19 Jun 14MB

    Media: C4's Jon Snow on reporting from Iran; the future of the TV licence fee; the Guardian USA

    C4's Jon Snow on reporting from Iran during the recent elections; is the TV licence fee threatened by catch up viewing;

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 12 Jun 14MB

    Media: Closure of Greek public service broadcaster; Apple's iTunes Radio; the BBC's lost £100m

    We hear from Greece about the sudden closure of the public service broadcaster, ERT, which was taken off air last night;

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 05 Jun 14MB

    Media: The prospect of leader debates at the Euro and General Elections, following UKIP's rise.

    How broadcasters and politicians are reassessing the leader debates, following the rise of UKIP; why Dr Who thrives on

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 29 May 14MB

    Media: How the media covered the Woolwich attack

    How the media covered the Woolwich attack with Fran Unsworth Acting Director BBC News Group, Peter Preston a columnist

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 22 May 14MB

    Media: Loss of listeners to Radio 1 22 May 13

    Does Radio 1's drive for a younger audience mean losing loyal listeners?; New police guidelines on relationships with

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 15 May 13MB

    David Abraham, Chief Executive of Channel 4

    The Chief Executive of Channel 4 David Abraham on performance; rebuilding trust in journalism with the launch of The

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 08 May 13MB

    Banning of football reporters, Labour's Harriet Harman

    The banning of reporters from football press conferences; Labour's Harriet Harman on media ownership and press

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 01 May 14MB

    Media: Rival Royal Charters 01 May 13

    Rival Royal Charters with Acting Times Editor John Witherow and Christopher Jefferies; Charlotte Raven on bringing back

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 24 Apr 14MB

    Simon Singh on Libel reforms

    Simon Singh welcomes new defamation legislation. Should people arrested be named in the media or should they remain

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Apr 14MB

    Journalists gaining access to North Korea

    Journalists gaining access to North Korea, with Sue Lloyd Roberts; the row between Sky and BT over premiership football

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 10 Apr 14MB

    Lady Thatcher, the Media and Rupert Murdoch.

    With guests Baroness Dean of Thornton Le Fylde, former President of the print union SOGAT, Andrew Neil, former Editor of

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 Apr 14MB

    Melvyn Bragg

    Melvyn Bragg about coverage of the Arts on TV . How important is the coverage to BBC, ITV and other broadcasters like

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 27 Mar 14MB

    Mumsnet - the risk of being drawn into press regulation.

    The Sun's decision to start charging for online content; Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts on the risk of press regulation

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 20 Mar 13MB

    Helena Kennedy QC on Leveson

    Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Acting Chair of the Media Standards Trust talks to Steve Hewlett about the latest twists and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 13 Mar 14MB

    Ed Richards, Chief Exec of Ofcom; the latest on Leveson

    Steve Hewlett with Ed Richards, Chief Exec of Ofcom on the future of public service broadcasting, internet regulation

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 06 Mar 14MB

    Is ITV's Broadchurch influenced by The Killing?

    After years of campaigning for reform could the Defamation Bill be derailed by "Leveson clauses"? Could BBC Worldwide be

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 27 Feb 14MB

    Documentaries - Oscar glory and community grief

    Nick Davies and Ian Hislop on the health of investigative journalism; why some people don't like "People Like Us"; Mike

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 20 Feb 14MB

    Should advertising junk food be banned?

    Does advertising make children fat? Yes say doctors - so ban it before 9pm. No say advertisers - no evidence. They

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 13 Feb 14MB

    FT editor Lionel Barber

    FT editor Lionel Barber, on the paper's 125th anniversary; Frances Whitaker and Pat Llewellyn on how cooks on TV have

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 06 Feb 13MB

    Dido Harding on YouView

    Dido Harding, CEO of TalkTalk, on YouView; Andrew Mullins, MD of the Lebedev UK newspapers on winning the biggest new

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 30 Jan 14MB

    Sir Harold Evans on press regulation and Leveson

    Former Editor of The Sunday Times Sir Harold Evans on how the press have reacted to Leveson. Plus David Dinsmore,

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 23 Jan 13MB

    Expert women on TV and radio

    Why aren't there more women on radio and tv as experts, commentators and presenters? Steve Hewlett explores the issues

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 16 Jan 14MB

    Lord Hunt. Plus Julie Burchill and the transgender row.

    Lord Hunt Chair of the PCC on press self-regulation. Plus free speech and the columnist - the challenges faced by

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 09 Jan 14MB

    Hacked Off's draft bill; Channel 4's advertising deal

    Hugh Tomlinson QC on Hacked Off's draft bill on press regulation; Channel 4's advertising deal; Information Commissioner

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 02 Jan 14MB

    Christmas TV ratings and the power of a photo.

    The winners and losers in the Christmas TV ratings war. What lies ahead for the BBC in 2013. Plus what's the role of the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Dec 13MB

    Christmas TV scheduling and David Jason.

    Steve Hewlett explores the dark arts of festive TV scheduling and talks to David Jason about the making of the Christmas

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 19 Dec 14MB

    Pollard Review

    Analysis of and reaction to the Pollard Review looking at the management of the Newsnight investigation into Jimmy

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 12 Dec 13MB

    James Harding resigns from The Times.

    James Harding's resignation from The Times; falling advertising income for print; regulating the internet; is progress

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 05 Dec 13MB

    Hacked-off and press after Leveson, future of News Corp

    Editors' meeting; Prof Brian Cathcart of Hacked Off argues for implementing the Leveson recommendations; How separation

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 30 Nov 13MB

    The Leveson Special.

    The Leveson Inquiry rejected the industry's own plans for self-regulation. So what can they come up with now and are

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 28 Nov 14MB

    Last minute lobbying on press regulation

    As lobbying on regulation continues behind the scenes, we hear from John Whittingdale MP who is one of those signing a

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 21 Nov 14MB

    Lord Black on his proposals for a self regulated press

    As we prepare for the publication of the Leveson Inquiry into Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press Lord Black the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 14 Nov 27MB

    Crisis at the BBC - special edition

    The BBC management was already in trouble over the way it struggled to handle revelations about Jimmy Savile. It was

    Duration: 58 mins

  • 07 Nov 14MB

    Leveson; Channel 4 at 30; is the BBC trustworthy?

    Why are the FT and The Guardian moderating their position ahead of Leveson? As it prepares to turn 30, what next for

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 31 Oct 14MB

    Former BBC Executive on the Savile scandal

    Former BBC Executive Will Wyatt on the Savile inquiries; how safe is Mark Thompson's job at the New York Times; a new

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 24 Oct 14MB

    The Savile crisis plus The Inside Story of Politics

    The Director of Editorial Policy and Standards David Jordan talks to Steve Hewlett and explains how the BBC appears to

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Oct 14MB

    Media: Savile Inquiry latest and Women in Journalism

    Why the Chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee wants to question the BBC's Director General over Savile.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 10 Oct 14MB

    Media: Lord Patten on the Savile scandal.

    BBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten talks to Steve Hewlett about the Savile scandal with comments from Eve Pollard,

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 Oct 14MB

    Media: Jimmy Savile, Kevin Marsh on Hutton, Al Jazeera

    An ITV documentary due out tonight exposes serious allegations against the former BBC and TV Star Sir Jimmy Savile.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Sep 13MB

    Media: Ombudsman for The Sun, Channel 4's Drugs Live

    Philippa Kennedy has been appointed as Ombudsman for The Sun. She will consider complaints and correct errors but how

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 19 Sep 14MB

    Media: Leveson, Kate pictures, new BBC DG

    Harriet Harman on Leveson. Kate and those pictures. Plus the BBC welcomes a new DG.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 12 Sep 13MB

    Media: Levenson update, Interview with Armando Iannucci

    John Whittingdale, Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee gives his views on Leveson Inquiry followed

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 05 Sep 13MB

    Media: Freesat, new Culture Secretary, Daybreak

    Steve Hewlett interviews Emma Scott, managing director of Freesat, as the free to air satellite TV operator launches a

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 29 Aug 13MB

    Media: Chris Blackhurst on Leveson letter 29 Aug 2012

    Chris Blackhurst, editor of the Independent, gives his shocked reaction to a letter he and other editors have received

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 22 Aug 14MB

    Media: Minority sport on TV, Liz Murdoch's big speech, TV on the second screen

    A new TV channel called "London Legacy" aims to capitalise on the popularity of the Olympics with live coverage of

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 15 Aug 14MB

    Media: Local TV: Birmingham’s experience

    Why does Birmingham Alabama have eight local TV stations when Birmingham in the UK - four times the size - has none?

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 08 Aug 13MB

    Media: Olympics Coverage and DAB radio

    Have TV's Red Button and HD channels struck gold at the Olympics? Plus where are we with DAB and the digital radio

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 01 Aug 14MB

    Media: Adam Crozier; Twitter and the Olympics

    ITV's Chief Executive Adam Crozier talks to Steve Hewlett about the company's latest results. And Twitter and the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 25 Jul 14MB

    MS 25 Jul 12: Super-Hi Vision, ad-funded TV, end of Leveson

    Will a digital first strategy mean the end for some newspapers? Lord Leveson begins writing his report - what will it

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 Jul 14MB

    Media: BBC presenters' tax 18 Jul 2012

    Bal Samra, BBC director of business affairs, on BBC presenters' tax; can Marissa Mayer solve Yahoo's problems; The Voice

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 11 Jul 13MB

    Media: Chris Moyles; Neil Wallis; YouView 11 Jul 2012

    Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper on plans after Chris Moyles; former News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis on the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Jul 14MB

    Media: Jeremy Hunt interview 04 Jul 12

    Steve Hewlett talks to Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport; what are the prospects

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 27 Jun 14MB

    Media: Olympic TV rights & Arab Spring reporting 27 Jun 2012

    How well did the BBC cover the Arab Spring? The author of an in-depth study gives his view. With the news this week of

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 20 Jun 14MB

    Media: BBC plurality & Premiership Footie on BT 20 Jun 2012

    Why BT wanted rights to show Premiership football; the alleged "chilling effect" of the Leveson Inquiry; does the BBC

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 13 Jun 13MB

    Media: Reporting from Syria & Media Ownership 13 Jun 2012

    BBC's Paul Wood and CBS's Clarissa Ward on reporting from Syria; Greg Dyke on BBC Breakfast in Salford and next DG.And

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 06 Jun 13MB

    Media: Diamond Jubilee & YouView 06 June 2012

    At its peak the BBC attracted almost 17 million viewers for its Diamond Jubilee coverage but some have described parts

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 30 May 13MB

    Media: Mirror editors forced out 30 May 2012

    Mirror editors Tina Weaver and Richard Wallace lose their jobs; C4's Paralympics innovation; impact of decision not to

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 23 May 14MB

    Media: EBU & Tessa Jowell 23 May 2012

    The Director General of the European Broadcasting Union on taking the Eurovision contest to Azerbaijan, plus Tessa

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 16 May 13MB

    Media: Channel 4, The Voice & Facebook 16 May 2012

    Channel 4's chief executive David Abraham discusses the channel's ratings and revenues. Tim Bradshaw, digital media

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 09 May 13MB

    Media: BSkyB's Jeremy Darroch 09 May 2012

    BSkyB chief executive Jeremy Darroch gives a rare interview on his strategy for Sky, including investment in programmes,

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 02 May 13MB

    Media: BSkyB, Ashley Highfield & England Manager 02 May 2012

    BSkyB posts big profits, but will Murdoch's NewsCorp sell if can't own it all; Ashley Highfield of Johnston Press on the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 25 Apr 14MB

    Media: Rupert Murdoch at the Leveson Inquiry 25 Apr 2012

    Reaction to today's evidence from Rupert Murdoch. How did he become more influential than other media owners in the UK

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 Apr 13MB

    Media:Keir Starmer & Johnston Press 18 Apr 2012

    Steve Hewlett questions Keir Starmer DPP on his new public interest defence guidelines; How significant are the changes

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 11 Apr 14MB

    Media: Guido Fawkes on Motorman 11 Apr 2012

    Paul Staines ("Guido Fawkes") on why he's leaked Motorman files and Christopher Graham's response; Facebook & Instagram;

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Apr 13MB

    Media: James Murdoch, The Voice v BGT 04 April 2012

    James Murdoch resigns: are the Newscorp and Murdoch interests diverging; relations between press and police under

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 28 Mar 14MB

    Media: Max Mosley, Google, Totally Essex vs TOWIE 28 Mar 2012

    Max Mosley looks at the outcome of a Lords and Commons report on privacy; the future for the NDS pay-TV piracy claims;

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 21 Mar 14MB

    Media: Danny Cohen on The Voice; Press Awards; BBC DG

    BBC1 controller Danny Cohen on The Voice; editors at the Press Awards; issues for the next DG; the Reynolds defence.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 14 Mar 14MB

    Media: Lord Hunt on the PCC & The Voice. 14 Mar 2012

    How did The Voice and Britain's Got Talent schedule clash happen? James Murdoch's latest apology and explanation; Lord

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 07 Mar 14MB

    Media: John Birt & Women experts 07 Mar 12

    Dame Elizabeth Filkin on relations between press and police; Lord Birt on problems for the next BBC Director General and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 29 Feb 13MB

    Media: James Murdoch & BBC Local Radio 29 Feb 2012

    What next for the Sun and the Sun on Sunday as James Murdoch steps down from News International and the police claim

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 22 Feb 13MB

    Media: Marie Colvin & Sun on Sunday 22 Feb 2012

    The Sunday Times editor John Witherow pays tribute to Marie Colvin; We discuss the challenges for the Sun on Sunday;

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 15 Feb 14MB

    Media: The Sun, James Whitaker & Women 15 Feb 2012

    Lorraine Heggessey and Joan Smith respond to Mark Thompson's admission that there should be more older women on TV. The

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 08 Feb 14MB

    Media: Phone hacking settlements 8 Feb 12

    As Facebook goes public, what are the challenges ahead; can the BBC avoid controversy when covering an independence

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 01 Feb 13MB

    Media: How to be Director General of the BBC 1 Feb 12

    Last week the Chairman of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, announced he's started looking for a successor for the current

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 25 Jan 13MB

    Media: Lord Patten on Local Radio Cuts 25 Jan 12

    Last Autumn BBC management proposed a wide-ranging series of cuts which would see the Corporation's local radio services

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 Jan 14MB

    Media: Newspaper Regulation & Circulation 18 Jan 12

    Steve Hewlett talks to James Harding, editor of The Times and Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian. Harding reflects

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 11 Jan 13MB

    Media: The Future of TV 11 Jan 12

    Netflix, the video streaming service which enables customers to watch films and selected TV programmes over the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Jan 13MB

    Media: Daily Mail & Stephen Lawrence 4 Jan 12

    How important was the Daily Mail's campaigning journalism in securing the conviction of the men who killed Stephen

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 28 Dec 14MB

    Media: Children & TV 28 Dec 11

    The media like stories claiming to link TV with harm to children, but is the picture so clear? Focussing on two recent

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 21 Dec 14MB

    Media: What Future For The Tabloids? 21 Dec 11

    Steve discusses the changes to tabloids and the wider media since David Cameron announced the Leveson Inquiry in July,

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 14 Dec 13MB

    Media:Neville Thurlbeck, Harriet Harman 14 DEC 11

    Harriet Harman MP is the new shadow secretary of state for culture, media and sport. So what are Labour's policies on

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 07 Dec 13MB

    The Media Show: Syria & Secret Recording 7 Dec 11

    Jonathan Miller is back from Syria, where he's been reporting for ITN and working on a documentary for Channel 4. He

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 30 Nov 14MB

    Media Show: Celebrities & the Tabloids 30 Nov 11

    With tabloid newspapers under sustained attack at the Leveson Inquiry, The Sun's managing editor Richard Caseby talks

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 23 Nov 13MB

    The Media Show: Giving evidence at Leveson 23 Nov 11

    As the Leveson Inquiry takes evidence from alleged victims of phone hacking and other intrusions of privacy, one of the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 16 Nov 13MB

    The Media Show: Leveson and PCC Reform 16 Nov 11

    The Leveson Inquiry into the culture, ethics and practices of the media has started this week, with opening statements

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 09 Nov 13MB

    The Media Show 09 Nov 11: Undercover in Syria

    Max Mosley on the implications of his court win in Paris; Sue Lloyd Roberts on reporting undercover in Syria; Vanity

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 02 Nov 13MB

    The Media Show: BBC move north, Radio Festival. 2 Nov 11

    The director of BBC North, Peter Salmon, on his vision for the future of the BBC in Salford, Dee Ford of Bauer Radio on

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Oct 14MB

    The Media Show: The i, WikiLeaks funding, X-Factor 26 Oct 11

    Andrew Mullins on the first anniversary of The Independent's sister paper, the i, Dan Wootton and Simon Shaps on the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 19 Oct 14MB

    The Media Show: PCC, phone hacking revelations. 19 Oct 11

    Sir Christopher Meyer, the former chairman of the PCC, on the challenges for the press regulator; Mark Lewis and Ben

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 12 Oct 14MB

    The Media Show: BBC Cuts, Dacre at the Leveson Inquiry 12 Oct 11

    The BBC's director of strategy John Tate on the "Delivering Quality First" proposals and why the BBC wants to stop

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 05 Oct 14MB

    The Media Show: Amanda Knox trial, BBC savings. 5 Oct 11

    How did the media cover the trial of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito? Marco Colombo and Nina Burleigh discuss Italian

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 28 Sep 14MB

    The Media Show: Chris Blackhurst, Facebook. 28 Sep 11

    The shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis has called for journalists who behave unethically to be "struck off". The

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 21 Sep 13MB

    The Media Show: Sir Harold Evans, X-Factor exploitation? 21 Sep 11

    Veteran editor Sir Harold Evans, Baroness Jay and Prof Roy Greenslade ask whether the British press is heading towards

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 14 Sep 14MB

    The Media Show: Simon Heffer, media plurality, embargoes 14 Sep 11

    Simon Heffer on his new role as editor of RightMinds, the Daily Mail's new comment website; Emma Alberici on media

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 07 Sep 14MB

    The Media Show: Channel 5 and Big Brother, Leveson Inquiry. 7 Sept 11

    Jeff Ford, Channel 5's director of programmes on why Big Brother is a hit, Des Lynam and Stuart Cosgrove discuss Channel

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 31 Aug 14MB

    The Media Show: WikiLeaks, Google and TV. 31 Aug 11

    Has WikiLeaks's latest drop failed to make an impact? Heather Brooks and Emily Bell discuss what's next for WikiLeaks,

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 24 Aug 13MB

    The Media Show: Covering Libya. 24 Aug 11

    Which news organisations have done the best job of reporting on unfolding events in Libya? BBC News's Jon Williams and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Aug 13MB

    The Media Show: Hacking, Big Brother, Newsnight. 17 Aug 11

    John Whittingdale and Ian Katz on the "devastating revelations" in the phone hacking story, Newsnight editor Peter

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 10 Aug 14MB

    The Media Show: Reporting the riots. 10 Aug 11

    Sky New reporter Mark Stone and photographer Amy Weston on reporting from the scene of the riots, BBC News's Fran

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 Aug 14MB

    The Media Show: Libel, Contempt and the PCC 3 Aug 11

    The Sun and The Mirror have been found in contempt of court for their coverage of Chris Jefferies' arrest by police

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 27 Jul 13MB

    The Media Show: James Harding, Times Editor, 27 Jun 11

    Editor of The Times, James Harding, on how this News International title has fared during the phone hacking scandal; in

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 20 Jul 14MB

    The Media Show: The Murdochs and phone hacking. 20 Jul 11

    The Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks have been questioned by MPs about phone hacking. But has anything new come to light?

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 13 Jul 14MB

    The Media Show: Lord Patten; phone hacking; PCC. 13 Jul 11

    The new chairman of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, on his plans for BBC pay, Lord Foster on the latest developments in the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 08 Jul 12MB

    The Media Show: News of the World Special. 8 Jul 11

    A special edition of The Media Show investigates the lasting impact of the decision to close the News of the World.

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 06 Jul 14MB

    The Media Show: Phone Hacking. 6 Jul 11

    As further revelations about phone hacking at the News of the World come to light, The Media Show discusses what this

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 29 Jun 14MB

    The Media Show: The Mirror and Bellfield; Johann Hari. 29 Jun 11

    The Independent's editor Simon Kelner explains why the paper is standing by Johann Hari after he admitted to using

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 22 Jun 14MB

    The Media Show: Ivan Lewis, 3DTV, Alan Rusbridger. 22 Jun 11

    Shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis on his claim that opponents of the BBC's move to Salford are snobbish about the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 15 Jun 13MB

    The Media Show: Tim Davie on BBC radio review; hoax blogs. 15 Jun 11

    Tim Davie, head of BBC Audio and Music, on the Myers review's recommendations for BBC music radio; Mark Damazer

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 08 Jun 13MB

    The Media Show: Death on TV; Caryn Mandabach. 8 Jun 11

    As Channel 4 broadcasts a documentary which includes "horrific" footage of alleged war crimes, Channel 4's Dorothy Byrne

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 01 Jun 14MB

    The Media Show: David Abraham; Keir Starmer; X-Factor 1 Jun 11

    David Abraham, the chief executive of Channel 4, on the broadcaster's future, the director of public prosecutions Keir

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 25 May 14MB

    The Media Show: Al Gore; Twitter; Press TV. 25 May 11

    Al Gore, chairman of Current TV, and Tom Mockridge of Sky Italia discuss Current TV's claim that it has been dropped by

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 May 14MB

    The Media Show: Kiss and tells; IP review; Steve Forbes. 18 May 11

    Max Clifford and Duncan Lamont on whether recent injunctions signal the end of the "kiss and tell" story, Prof

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 11 May 14MB

    The Media Show: Privacy and press freedom. 11 May 11

    Twitter users allegedly breaking super-injunctions and Max Mosley losing his case for stronger privacy laws have

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 May 13MB

    The Media Show: New York Times paywall, pre-watershed TV. 4 May 11

    Neil Midgley on Lord Patten's first day as chairman of the BBC Trust; Katherine Rake and Stewart Purvis discuss Ofcom's

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 27 Apr 13MB

    The Media Show: Privacy law; Piers Morgan. 27 Apr 11

    Hugh Tomlinson QC is the barrister in several of the recent high profile celebrity privacy cases. Gill Phillips is head

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 20 Apr 13MB

    The Media Show: 5Live's remit, Royal Wedding. 20 April 11

    Talksport has accused BBC 5 Live of treading on their toes by broadcasting too much sport and chat. Jonathan Wall, 5

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 13 Apr 14MB

    The Media Show: Phone hacking apology; Danny Cohen. 13 Aprl 11

    The new controller of BBC1, Danny Cohen, on his plans for the future of the channel; following News International's

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 08 Apr 13MB

    The Media Show: Press Awards, Michael Lyons. 6 April 11

    Sir Michael Lyons, chairman of the BBC Trust, talks about the BBC's challenges in his final few weeks in the job; Katie

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 30 Mar 14MB

    The Media Show: Jeremy Hunt; reporting Libya. 30 Mar 11

    The culture secretary Jeremy Hunt on his plans for the UK media; Channel 4 foreign correspondent Jonathan Miller on Eman

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 24 Mar 13MB

    The Media Show: BBC cuts; TV advertising sales. 24 Mar 11

    Cuts in local radio, dropping Wimbledon and Formula 1, closing down networks at night: just some of the radical options

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 16 Mar 14MB

    The Media Show: Covering Japan; sales of i; online piracy. 16 Mar 11

    Have news organisations have sent too many journalists to cover the earthquake in Japan? The BBC's Fran Unsworth and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 09 Mar 13MB

    The Media Show: Tabloid tactics, Ofcom. 9 Mar 11

    Ex Daily Star reporter Richard Peppiatt on his claims that he made up stories while working on the paper; Ofcom's cheif

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 02 Mar 13MB

    The Media Show: Interviewing Gaddafi, Assange trademark. 2 Mar 11

    Veteran foreign correspondent Marie Colvin on securing an interview with Colonel Gaddafi, Julian Assange's plans to

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 23 Feb 13MB

    The Media Show: Libya, BBC Trust. 23 Feb 2011

    As protests in Libya continue, BBC World News editor Jon Williams and Channel 4 correspondent Alex Thompson discuss

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 16 Feb 13MB

    The Media Show: YouView; OK! TV; News Corp. 16 Feb 11

    The internet TV service YouView has been delayed again and is not expected to launch until 2012. Steve Hewlett asks

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 09 Feb 14MB

    The Media Show: Question Time move to Glasgow; TalkSport. 9 Feb 11

    As Question Time's editor leaves due to the programme's move to Glasgow, Steve Hewlett discusses the BBC's plans to move

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 02 Feb 14MB

    The Media Show: The Guardian and WikiLeaks; The PCC. 02 Feb 11

    The Guardian's editor Alan Rusbridger discusses working with WikiLeaks; Prof George Brock on Wikileaks's new partnership

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Jan 13MB

    The Media Show: Mark Thompson; BBC Cuts; Ofcom 26 Jan 11

    As the BBC announces substantial cuts, Steve Hewlett talks to the Director General Mark Thompson about cuts, job losses,

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 19 Jan 13MB

    The Media Show: Jeremy Hunt; Tunisia new media; News of the World 19 Jan 11

    Prof Roy Greenslade on the latest developments in the News of the World phone hacking story, Culture Minister Jeremy

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 12 Jan 13MB

    The Media Show: Age discrimination, EastEnders, Greg Dyke. 12 Jan 11

    Lorraine Heggessey and Maggie Brown discuss Miriam O'Reilly's successful case against the BBC for age discrimination,

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 05 Jan 13MB

    The Media Show: Facebook valuation; contempt; flu and the media. 05 Jan 11

    As Facebook is valued at $50bn, Matthew Horsman and Benjamin Cohen ask if it's really worth that much, ITV News's Editor

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 29 Dec 13MB

    The Media Show: How the big media stories of 2010 could develop in 2011

    From coverage of politics under the coalition government to the drive to make journalism pay its way and the impact of

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 22 Dec 14MB

    The Media Show: Vince Cable, Murdoch's Times deal, costume drama wars. 22 Dec 10.

    Steve Hewlett looks at the revelations about Vince Cable's thoughts on News Corp's Bid for BSkyB, it's thirty years

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 15 Dec 14MB

    The Media Show: Sir Michael Lyons, Richard Shott on local TV. 15 Dec 10

    The BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons discusses the BBC's strategy review; Nicholas Shott on his report into the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 08 Dec 14MB

    The Media Show: Andrew Jennings, Sports journalism, Coronation Street. 8 Dec 10

    Investigative journalist Andrew Jennings on his claim that British sports reporters are "the worst in the world";

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 01 Dec 14MB

    The Media Show: Michael Grade, WikiLeaks, Neil Berkett. 1 Dec 10

    Michael Grade, former chairman of the BBC and ITV, on the changes he would bring about in the TV industry; Virgin Media

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 24 Nov 13MB

    Media: Sir Martin Sorrell, ipad newspaper, Clare Sambrook. 24 Nov 10

    Sir Martin Sorrell on advertising's chances of recovering from the economic downturn; Emily Bell and Tim Bradshaw

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Nov 13MB

    Media: Royal scoop; off peak to prime time; buying UK indies. 17 Nov 10

    ITN's political editor Tom Bradby talks about his interivew with Prince William and Kate Middleton; Lorraine Heggessy on

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 10 Nov 14MB

    Media: Richard Klein; Panorama FIFA investigation; Reality Show Rogues. 10 Nov 10

    BBC 4 controller Richard Klein on how the channel can make a bigger impact; former minister Richard Caborn and

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 Nov 13MB

    The Media Show: 03 Nov 10

    ITV’s Daybreak with Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley has lost enough of the mass audience to raise concerns about

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 27 Oct 13MB

    The Media Show: 27 Oct 10

    The former owner of the Telegraph, Conrad Black, on the role of the proprietor, Rupert Murdoch and why he might return

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 20 Oct 14MB

    The Media Show: 20 Oct 10

    BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons comments on cuts to the licence fee and Media commentator Dan Sabbagh looks at how

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 13 Oct 13MB

    Media: 13 Oct 10

    BSkyB, the BBC and media plurality; new rules on how the financial world talks to the press; the changing role of the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 06 Oct 14MB

    Media: 6 Oct 10

    X Factor: is reality TV changing the way audiences & TV producers interact?; Russell Brand's return to radio: his

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 29 Sep 13MB

    Media: 29 Sept 10

    Local TV - do the Culture Secretary's plans to invigorate the sector stand up? 3D TV - Sky is launching their version.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 22 Sep 13MB

    The Media Show 22 Sep 10

    Following Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyon's decision not to seek a further term of office and news that the BBC offered

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 15 Sep 14MB

    The Media Show: 15 Sep 10

    Rupert Murdoch's plans to buy out BSkyB have been questioned this week, with the leak of a report calling for Business

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 08 Sep 14MB

    Media: Guido Fawkes, phone-hacking, and religious reporting 08 Sep 10

    Paul Staines (Gudio Fawkes) is the blogger behind the story of William Hague and his special advisor. Critics describe

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 01 Sep 14MB

    Media: Sky vs. BBC 01 Sep 10

    Sky's David Wheeldon and the BBC's Alan Yentob respond to BBC Director General Mark Thompson's keynote speech at the

    Duration: 29 mins