History Hour

History Hour

From World War II to the Arab Spring, history as told by the people who were there. Presented by Max Pearson. The History Hour goes out weekly on Saturdays.

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  • 23 Aug 23MB

    history: The Betrayal of the Kurds

    Iraqi Kurds abandoned by Iran in 1975, the WW2 liberation of Paris, and the Partition of India.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 16 Aug 24MB

    history: Carlos the Jackal

    Capturing Carlos in 1994, the Wizard of Oz at 75, plus a Scottish anarchist's attempt to kill Franco and Mary Wilson on

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 09 Aug 24MB

    history: Internment in Northern Ireland

    Detention without trial in Northern Ireland, the Nixon resignation plus Mississippi Burning, 2000 year old bog man and

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 02 Aug 24MB

    history: The Outbreak of World War One

    Witnesses to the start of WW1, the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, plus Martha Stewart in jail, the world's first jet airliner

    Duration: 51 mins