Heart and Soul: Faith Perspectives

Heart and Soul: Faith Perspectives

Explore the role of faith, spirituality and religious practice in the lives of people around the world. Heart and Soul offers insights into personal life stories, current events and trends, and explores where these intersect with religious practice and values. Covering all major religions, it offers valuable insights into how different faith communities think and live, as well as discussion of ethical matters. Regular presenters include Christopher Landau; Richard Coles; and Michael Ford. Broadcast weekly on Saturdays.

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Recent episodes (3)

  • To Die With Dignity?

    Sat, 30 Aug 14

    27 mins

    28 days remaining

    The Belgian parliament has voted to allow children to decide whether they wanted to end their own lives. Now even a four-year-old can make the choice that their illness is so serious or quality of life so diminished that they can opt for euthanasia. John Laurenson speaks to doctors, terminally ill patients and religious figures about the moral, ethical and spiritual questions this raises.

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  • Caliphate – Searching for the Islamic State

    Sat, 16 Aug 14

    54 mins

    14 days remaining

    In this edition of Heart and Soul, Catrin Nye looks at the history of the Islamic State and asks why for some Muslims it is what they are waiting for - whether they back Isis or not. She explores the desire for a state to restore a sense of dignity that many feel has been lost.

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  • Islam in the Dreamtime

    Sat, 9 Aug 14

    27 mins

    7 days remaining

    Sea cucumbers, feral camels and Malcolm X. They have all played their part in the centuries-old link between Australian Aboriginals and Islam. Janak Rogers explores this link for Heart and Soul and how Islam is still playing a role in the lives of many Aborigines from the rural outback to the bustling city of Sydney.

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