Great Lives

Great Lives

Biography series exploring the greatest people who ever lived. Matthew Parris interviews an eminent guest and an expert to reveal the truth behind their history heroes.

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  • 10 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Stella Rimington on Dorothy L Sayers

    Dame Stella Rimington talks to Matthew Parris about her fascination with the life and writing of Dorothy L Sayers. With

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 09 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives:09 Sept 14 Labi Siffre on Arthur Ransome

    Singer-songwriter and poet Labi Siffre chooses the life of children's author Arthur Ransome whose work he says has

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 02 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Gramsci

    Dr Tom Shakespeare tells Matthew Parris why Antonio Gramsci's is a Great Life.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Rommel

    Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel, for a time Hitler's favourite general is nominated by Ray Mears. Matthew Parris hears why

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 19 Aug 15MB

    Great Lives: Oona King on Ida B Wells

    Matthew Parris leads a discussion on Ida B. Wells an African American civil rights and women's rights activist who was a

    Duration: 31 mins

  • 12 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Jazzie B on James Brown

    Matthew Parris invites his guests to nominate the person whom they feel is a great life. Music producer and DJ Jazzie B

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 05 Aug 13MB

    Great Lives: Edward Burra

    Writer Jonathan Meades nominates the English artist Edward Burra, who died in 1976, arguing that he deserves to be

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 27 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Michael Palin nominates Ernest Hemingway

    Michael Palin first came across his Great Life when he was studying for school exams, his love of Ernest Hemingway has

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 13 May 12MB

    GreatLives: John Craven on Brunel

    John Craven proposes engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Should this creator of great machines be considered a great man

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 06 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Isy Suttie on Jake Thackray

    Isy Suttie chooses Jake Thackray, Yorkshire's answer to Noel Coward. With Matthew Parris and Fake Thackray

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 06 May 12MB

    GreatLives: Emma Kirkby on Henry Purcell

    Soprano Emma Kirkby discusses the life of English composer Henry Purcell with Matthew Parris. Despite dying at the age

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 29 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Arnold Bennett

    Writer Deborah Moggach nominates the author Arnold Bennett whose work she thinks has been wrongly overlooked. Matthew

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 22 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Borges

    Mathematician Marcus de Sautoy chooses the blind Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges for Great Lives. He is fascinated

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 15 Apr 13MB

    Great Lives: Hans Sloane

    Sir Mark Walport, the government's Chief Scientific Advisor champions the life of Sir Hans Sloane, founder of the

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 08 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Dante

    "Whenever I have too much to drink, I bang on about Dante ." Sarah Vine makes a choice from the heart - the great

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 01 Apr 13MB

    Great Lives: Jacqueline Du Pre

    Evelyn Glennie, solo percussionist talks about her admiration for the cellist Jacqueline Du Pre with presenter Matthew

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 28 Jan 13MB

    Great Lives: Lisa 'Lefteye' Lopes chosen by Sara Cox

    Sara Cox nominates Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, a hip hop artist and rapper, the first on Great Lives. The presenter is

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 23 Jan 13MB

    Great Lives: Kahlil Gibran chosen by Mark Constantine

    Businessman Mark Constantine champions the life of Kahlil Gibran, telling Matthew Parris how the poet has inspired him

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 23 Jan 13MB

    Great Lives: Meg Rosoff on Isabella Bird

    The novelist Meg Rosoff explains how the pioneering Victorian travel writer Isabella Bird inspired her life, work and

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 14 Jan 13MB

    Great Lives: Dave Allen

    Comedian Dave Allen is chosen by Adil Ray, creator and star of Citizen Kahn. He explains to Matthew Parris how the

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 08 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: David Baddiel on John Updike

    The writer and comedian David Baddiel and the novelist Justin Cartwright explain their fascination with one of the great

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 31 Dec 13MB

    Great Lives:Sir David Chipperfield on Le Corbusier

    Pioneer of Modern architecture, Le Corbusier, chosen by award winning architect Sir David Chipperfield. Le Corbusier

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Dec 13MB

    Great Lives: Michael Horovitz on Allen Ginsberg

    Matthew Parris is joined by Michael Horovitz who nominates fellow poet and founder of the Beat generation Allen Ginsberg

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 10 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: Hank Williams 11 Dec 2013

    Deacon Blue singer Ricky Ross nominates the 'Hillbilly Shakespeare' Hank Williams. Matthew Parris presents.

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 02 Oct 13MB

    GreatLives: Nancy Mitford 22 Jan 13

    Grace Dent loves Nancy Mitford for her wit, and for the way in which she showed women that it was possible to live your

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 01 Oct 13MB

    GreatLives: Bernard Montgomery 01 Oct 13

    In defeat, unbeatable; in victory, unbearable" – so said Winston Churchill on this week's Great Live, Field Marshal

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 24 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: John Steinbeck 24 Sept 13

    Matthew Parris is joined by trade unionist Sir Brendan Barber who nominates American author John Steinbeck as his Great

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Ada Lovelace

    Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron's only legitimate daughter is championed by TV presenter Konnie Huq , who along with Suw

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 10 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: George Devine

    Matthew Parris is joined by actor Peter Bowles who nominates George Devine, groundbreaking artistic director of the

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 03 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Louise Michel 03 Sept 13

    TV journalist and writer Paul Mason talks to Matthew Parris about the 19th Century French anarchist, Louise Michel,

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 27 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Ava Gardner

    The writer Julie Burchill talks to Matthew Parris about the Hollywood star Ava Gardner. They're joined by Ava's

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 20 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Rabindranath Tagore

    Playwright Tanika Gupta chooses as her Great Life, a man who is a hero to Bengali speakers across the World,

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 13 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Fela Kuti

    Poet, playwright, and critic Gabriel Gbadamosi chooses as his Great Life the political maverick and inventor of

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 06 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Ivor Novello

    Astrologer and performer Russell Grant chooses one of the greatest screen legends of cinema's early years – Ivor

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 05 Jun 13MB

    GreatLives: Florence Nightingale 28 May 13

    Dr Lucy Worsley, historian and Chief Curator at the independent charity, Historic Royal Palaces, chooses 'The Lady with

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 21 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Primo Levi 21 May 13

    Edmund de Waal chooses a writer he believes is one of the greatest of the modern age - Primo Levi, author of the

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 14 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Salvador Dali 14 May 13

    John Cooper Clarke, poetry's Punk Laureate and the Bard of Salford, nominates Salvador Dali for great life status -

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 07 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Bill Shankly 7 May 13

    Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts champions the football manager Bill Shankly, who nurtured Liverpool to become one of the

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 30 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Arthur Conan Doyle 30 Apr 13

    Broadcaster Gyles Brandreth nominates Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as his "Great Life". Matthew Parris chairs, assisted by

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 23 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: David Livingstone 23 Apr 13

    Dr David Livingstone was the Victorian equivalent of an astronaut - a man who ventured into the interior of Africa to

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 16 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Kenny Everett 16 Apr 13

    Chris Tarrant nominates Kenny Everett, mad little geezer and genius deejay. Matthew Parris presents with help from

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 09 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Galileo 09 Apr 13

    Bobby Friction - DJ and broadcaster better known for his Bhangra music remixes - champions Galileo Galilei, the Italian

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 02 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: George Bell 02 Apr 13

    Peter Hitchens chooses George Bell, bishop of Chichester, who spoke out against the area bombing of Germany in 1944.

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 29 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: William Robinson 29 Jan 13

    Gardener Carol Klein's great life is a hero of the wild garden, William Robinson. Matthew Parris presents with expert

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 15 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Aubrey Beardsley

    Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on the Victorian artist Aubrey Beardsley, whose shocking originality he compares to that of

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 08 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: JS Mill

    Max Mosley chooses John Stuart Mill, British philosopher and author of On Liberty. Matthew Parris presents.

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 01 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Rasputin

    Was Rasputin really the lover of the Russian queen ? Richard Herring nominates his hero with help from Bob Service.

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 25 Dec 12MB

    GreatLives: Vaughan Williams 25 Dec 12

    Classical composer Ralph Vaughan Williams is the hero of 6Music presenter Stuart Maconie. Matthew Parris is intrigued,

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 11 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: Jean Cocteau

    Children's author Francesca Simon chooses for her great life the writer, poet, filmmaker and artist Jean Cocteau.

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 04 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: 04 Dec 12 Dick Francis

    Dick Francis, champion jockey and bestselling author, chosen by Martin Broughton. Matthew Parris presents.

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 28 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: George Orwell

    In conversation with Matthew Parris, former Home Secretary Alan Johnson explains why Orwell was crucial to his education

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 25 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Edith Wharton

    "If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time." Edith Wharton is as well known for her wit as

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 11 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Karel Reisz

    Film director Stephen Frears discusses the life of his mentor, Czech-born director, Karel Reisz, with the help of critic

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Stan Laurel

    Comedian and performer Ken Dodd tells Matthew Parris how Stan Laurel inspired him to go into comedy, with the help of

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 29 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Juvenal

    Matthew Parris invites writer and comic Natalie Haynes to explain why her nomination for a Great Life is a Roman poet

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 21 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Leonard Maguire

    Matthew Parris finds out why the actor Bill Paterson nominates the Scottish actor Leonard Maguire for Great Life status.

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 14 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Sir Walter Scott

    Tory MP, author and adventurer Rory Stewart champions the life of Sir Walter Scott. Matthew Parris is joined by

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 07 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Josephine Bonaparte

    Jospehine Bonaparte, wife of Napoleon and first empress of France, nominated by Janine di Giovanni. Matthew Parris

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 31 Jul 13MB

    GreatLives: Henry Cooper

    Des Lynam nominates Henry Cooper, who fought Muhammed Ali twice. Matthew Parris presents and expert advice comes from

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 22 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Sebastian Walker

    Lynn Barber talks to Matthew Parris about why Sebastian Walker remains such a memorable friend. They're joined by

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 15 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Goya

    Diana Athill joins Matthew Parris to explore the life of the Spanish painter, Francisco de Goya with the help of art

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 08 May 13MB

    GreatLives: John Ford

    John Ford, director of Stagecoach, The Searchers and The Grapes of Wrath, is chosen by Eric Pickles for Great Lives.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Edward Said

    In Great Lives, comedian and author Alexei Sayle explains to Matthew Parris why Edward Said inspired him.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 24 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: George Lyward

    Musician and broadcaster Tom Robinson tells Matthew Parris how educationalist George Lyward saved his life. Dr Norman

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 17 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Gertrude Stein

    Activist and best-selling novelist Erin Pizzey chooses the American poet and writer Gertrude Stein. Joining presenter

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 10 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Oscar Wilde

    Will Self chooses Oscar Wilde, author of The Importance of Being Earnest. Matthew Parris presents with expert

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Dylan Thomas

    Dylan Thomas proposed by another Welsh poet Owen Sheers in a specially recorded edition at Bristol's More Than Words

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 31 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Razia Sultana 31 Jan 12

    Co-chairman of the Conservative party Sayeeda Warsi tells Matthew Parris why she's fascinated by the much mythologized

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 24 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Vera Brittain 23 Jan 12

    The pacifist Vera Brittain - who bore witness to the toll of the First World War on her generation - is discussed by her

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 17 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Gracie Allen 1 Jan 12

    Matthew Parris is joined by the actress Emma Kennedy to explore the life of the American comedienne Gracie Allen.

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 10 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Joseph Rotblat 10 Jan 12

    Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees tells Matthew Parris why his hero, physicist Joseph Rotblat, lived a "great life".

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Lonnie Donegan 3 Jan 12

    Downton Abbey actor Jim Carter tells Matthew Parris why skiffle king Lonnie Donegan is his hero. Lonnie Donegan is

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 27 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: Ludwig II of Bavaria 27 Dec 11

    Brian Sewell on his long-standing love of "Mad" King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who built the ultimate fantasy castle at

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 20 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: Thomas Hobbes 20 Dec 11

    Thomas Hobbes: the writer and psychologist Steven Pinker joins Matthew Parris to discuss the life of the great English

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 13 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: Ludwig Wittgenstein 13 Dec 11

    Ludwig Wittgenstein, the fascinating and misunderstood genius who changed the course of philosophy, is chosen by writer

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 06 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: Philip K Dick 06 Dec 11

    Actor Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon; The Queen; Midnight in Paris) explores the life of Philip K Dick, and explains how

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 07 Oct 13MB

    GreatLives: Shakespeare 30 Aug 11

    The bard himself, William Shakespeare, is nominated for great life status by poetry curator, Daisy Goodwin. Dominic

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 27 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: 27.09.11: Gerald Durrell

    Great Lives. Former England footballer Graeme le Saux champions the life of conservationist Gerald Durrell. Also joining

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 20 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Hildegard von Bingen 20 Sept 11

    The singer and broadcaster Cerys Matthews tells Matthew Parris why she thinks the life of the 12th century nun,

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 13 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Lutyens 13 Sept 11

    Edwin Lutyens, architect of New Delhi and the Cenotaph, chosen for Great Lives by Simon Jenkins. Expert advice from

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 06 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Hans Fallada 06 Sept 11

    Fast Show comedian Simon Day tells Matthew Parris why he's fascinated by the life of German author Hans Fallada. Matthew

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 23 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Eduardo Paolozzi 23 Aug 11

    Restaurateur Antonio Carluccio nominates his friend the sculptor and forefather of Pop Art Eduardo Paolozzi as a Great

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 09 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Kirsty MacColl 09 Aug 11

    Broadcaster Janice Long tells Matthew Parris why her friend singer-songwriter Kirsty MacColl led a "great life" despite

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 02 Aug 13MB

    GreatLives: Graham Greene 02 Aug 11

    Graham Greene, author of Brighton Rock and The Third Man, proposed by Tim Butcher. Matthew Parris presents and David

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 24 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Harold Pinter 24 May 11

    Playwright Harold Pinter is chosen by Diane Abbott MP. With expert assistance from the critic and biographer Michael

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 17 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Jack Johnson 17 May 11

    Jack Johnson, the Galveston Giant, was the first African American heavyweight champion of the world. Chosen by Matthew

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 10 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Petra Kelly 10 May 11

    Matthew Parris presents the biographical series in which his guests choose someone who's inspired their lives. Green MP

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 03 May 13MB

    GreatLives: Lewis Carroll 03 May 11

    Matthew Parris and writer Lynne Truss discuss the life of author Lewis Carroll. Famous for the Alice books, Carroll was

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 26 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Kathleen Ferrier 27 Apr 11

    Broadcaster Sue MacGregor nominates singer Kathleen Ferrer, who died tragically young. Matthew Parris presents, with the

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 19 Apr 12MB

    GreatLives: Simone de Beauvoir

    Actress Diana Quick tells Matthew Parris why Simone de Beauvoir changed her life after reading "The Second Sex". Lisa

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 12 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Bernstein 12 Apr 10

    Leonard Bernstein, composer of West Side Story, was one of the greatest musical figures of the twentieth century. He's

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 05 Apr 13MB

    GreatLives: Thomas Edison 05 April 11

    Sir Clive Sinclair nominates fellow inventor Thomas Edison. Edison invented sound recording, the electric light bulb and

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 01 Feb 13MB

    GreatLives: Marcus Garvey 01 Feb 11

    Kwame Kwei-Armah chooses Marcus Garvey, the inspirational black leader of the early twentieth century. With biographer

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 25 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Mary Stott 25 Jan 2011

    Katharine Whitehorn nominates Mary Stott, the great campaigning journalist and the first editor of the Guardian women's

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 18 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Gertrude Bell 18 Jan 11

    Iraqi-born physicist Jim al-Khalili explores the life of Gertrude Bell, adventurer, archaeologist and arguably the

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 04 Jan 13MB

    GreatLives: Aneurin Bevan 04 Jan 11

    Matthew Parris explores the life of Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the NHS, chosen by the former leader of the Labour

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 28 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: Sammy Davis Jr 28 Dec 10

    Lionel Blair chooses his friend and dancing partner Sammy Davis Jr - Puerto Rican, Jewish, and possessing only one eye,

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 21 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: Beckett 21 Dec 10

    Sir Gerry Robinson chooses fellow Irishman Samuel Beckett. Matthew Parris presents and Jim Knowlson, a personal friend

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 14 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: DH Lawrence 14 Dec 10

    Matthew Parris is joined by John Hegley and Geoff Dyer to discuss the life of DH Lawrence, author, poet, painter, who

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 07 Dec 13MB

    GreatLives: Malcolm McLaren 07 Dec 10

    Was Malcolm McLaren a musical great, or the great rock n' roll swindler ? Mark Borkowski joins Matthew Parris and Chris

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 28 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Walt Disney 28 Sept 10

    Gerald Scarfe, creator of some of the most savage cartoon images of the last forty years, chooses Walt Disney for Great

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 21 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Montaigne 21 Sept 10

    Robert Winston chooses Michel de Montaigne, one of the most influential writers of the French Renaissance. Adding their

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 14 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Winston Churchill 14 Sept 10

    Winston Churchill's is the Great Life chosen by Lord Digby Jones, former Director General of the CBI. Expert

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 07 Sep 13MB

    GreatLives: Golda Meir 07 Sept 10

    Golda Meir was the Iron Lady of Israeli politics, a straight-talking, intransigent leader who once said, "There is a

    Duration: 28 mins