Gardeners' Question Time

Gardeners' Question Time

As well as fresh ideas and inspiration, the Gardeners' Question Time podcast offers solutions to most of your gardening problems. Packed full of practical advice from a panel of expert gardeners here's 45 minutes of top gardening tips, from vegetable growing to wildlife, new plants to dealing with garden pests.

Updated: weekly
Episodes available for: 30 days
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  • 23 Jan 20MB

    GQT: Arundel Castle: 23 Jan 15

    Eric Robson chairs the programme from Arundel Castle, West Sussex. Taking questions in the Barons' Hall are Matt Biggs,

    Duration: 42 mins

  • 16 Jan 20MB

    GQT: North Cumbria: 16 Jan 15

    Why do thick tree roots rise to the surface of lawns and how can they be dealt with is one topic this week. Eric Robson

    Duration: 42 mins

  • 09 Jan 20MB

    GQT: West Yorkshire: 9 Jan 15

    Suggestions for herbs or vegetables that can be grown in hanging baskets is one of this week's topics. Eric Robson

    Duration: 43 mins

  • 02 Jan 20MB

    GQT: The Garden Museum: 2 Jan 15

    Peter Gibbs chairs this week's edition from The Garden Museum, London. Chris Beardshaw, Pippa Greenwood and Bunny

    Duration: 43 mins

  • 28 Dec 20MB

    GQT: Belsay Hall, Northumberland: 28 Dec 14

    When to harvest Garlic and how to incorporate annuals into an area of wild flowers are two of the topics for this week.

    Duration: 42 mins