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              Forum - Sixty Second Idea to Improve the World

              An imaginative, quirky solution to a challenge of our age. Podcast weekly on Tuesdays.

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              • Say no to Grass 25 May 2015

                Mon, 25 May 15

                4 mins

                30 days remaining

                Entomologist May Berenbaum argues for fewer manicured lawns to help pollinators and reduce pollution.

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              • Purple plastic bottle tops please. 18 May 2015

                Mon, 18 May 15

                6 mins

                23 days remaining

                The green, red and blue dyes in plastic milk bottle tops used in many countries are a real problem, says material scientist Sujata Kundu. The colours are hard to separate from the main plastic polymer and, as green tops are the most popular in the UK, the recycled plastic tends to have an un-appetizing green tinge. So Sujata wants us either to switch to colourless bottle tops, or, better still, change to an exciting colour, such as purple, so that recycled plastics become widely accepted.

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              • Internet in exams 11 May 2015

                Mon, 11 May 15

                7 mins

                16 days remaining

                Professor Sugata Mitra argues for the use of the internet in exams.

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              • Getting back lost time 04 May 2015

                Mon, 4 May 15

                5 mins

                9 days remaining

                Writer Shumon Basar wants to create a personal ‘time-bank’. It would record exactly how much of your day has been lost when your computer freezes or there’s no phone signal. Then, just before sleep, you would strap your phone onto your head, turning it into a personal virtual reality environment. Ping! Suddenly you are on an idyllic island beach. In real terms, you’ll be there for exactly the time you lost during the day. In neural terms, time will stretch by ten times. One lost, frustrating minute from the day will feel like many rejuvenating minutes on a better side of the planet.

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              • Trade your best assets 27 April 2015

                Mon, 27 Apr 15

                7 mins

                2 days remaining

                Colombian political scientist Dr Oscar Guardiola-Rivera suggests trading between nations would be fairer if we learnt from the early Amerindian tribes where the rule was you always traded your best assets. This created a more balanced and equal society.

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