Forum - Sixty Second Idea to Improve the World

Forum - Sixty Second Idea to Improve the World

An imaginative, quirky solution to a challenge of our age. Podcast weekly on Saturdays.

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  • Reviving an Ancient Principle of Warfare 20 Sep 2014

    Sat, 20 Sep 14

    5 mins

    27 days remaining

    Any ruler declaring war should lead his troops into battle, says George Monbiot reviving a principle from Ancient Greece. He suggests that in a technological age many leaders can remain thousands of miles away from the conflict itself. How willing would they be to go to war if they were to find themselves on the frontline, preferably with no greater protection than the ordinary soldier receives, and had to stay there until the war is over?

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  • Messing about in boats. 06 Sept 2014

    Sat, 6 Sep 14

    6 mins

    13 days remaining

    Environmental scientist Mathew Wells suggests more people go boating on the river. Not only would this be fun but it would also help people learn to value rivers more. People forget how important rivers have been historically, and that the river used to be the main mode of travel.

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  • Forum60sec:A Prenatal Language Belt 30 August 2014

    Sat, 30 Aug 14

    5 mins

    6 days remaining

    Research shows that new-borns who hear more than one language in the womb come into the world with a greater sensitivity to these languages. Professor Antonella Sorace proposes that maternity hospitals give expectant mothers a ‘prenatal language belt’ – a version of existing prenatal music belts. But instead of playing music they would play songs, lullabies and short stories in a language that is different from their parents. This would give babies a head start at learning languages before they are even born.

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