Forum - Sixty Second Idea to Improve the World

Forum - Sixty Second Idea to Improve the World

A radical, inspiring, controversial idea from a global thinker from the world of philosophy, science, psychology and arts.

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  • Think before you 'Like' something. 19 April 2014

    Sat, 19 Apr 14

    6 mins

    26 days remaining

    Writer and educator Diana Senechal suggests that whenever anyone clicks on a 'Like" icon (on Facebook or elsewhere), a popup should appear that reads: "Popularity is not the same as quality. Proceed anyway?” The popup would cast doubt on an array of similar certainties and would help create a shyer, humbler, more inquisitive culture. Sooner or later, the number of “Likes” would go down but their meaning would rise. Over time, we would witness a renaissance of meaning on the internet and in our lives.

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  • Liberate hidden surface water! 12 April 2014

    Sat, 12 Apr 14

    5 mins

    19 days remaining

    MIT historian Rosalind Williams says we should daylight, ie allow to run free, streams, rivers, ponds, marshes, and other wet areas and flows that have been pumped dry, diverted to culverts, embanked, or otherwise removed from the visible landscape. Instead of commanding water where to go so it fits with our land-based charts, we can redraw our charts to take into account where the water is when left to its own devices.

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  • No more weeping on TV! 05 Apr 2014

    Sat, 5 Apr 14

    7 mins

    12 days remaining

    Are you annoyed by crying on television? Art expert Philip Hook asks for a fine to be paid, in the form of a hefty donation to Charity, by TV stations every time they show an unnecessary instance of weeping. He feels that tears are shed too cheaply on our screens. The screening of an episode of weeping would be defined as gratuitous or unnecessary if it contained any of the following: manipulation, exploitation, intrusion, voyeurism, self-indulgence, or self-promotion. And if, for instance, news channels had to pay £5,000 every time they intruded on a bereaved person's grief, or every time a celebrity wept on screen as some sort of fashion statement, then at least a worthy cause would benefit in the form of the appropriate charity of the month.

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  • Send drivers of loud vehicles to a wilderness. 29 March 2014

    Sat, 29 Mar 14

    5 mins

    5 days remaining

    Edward Slingerland, professor of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia, wants to tranquilise people who drive excessively loud motorcycles or cars, preferably when said vehicles are stationary in order to avoid traffic accidents. The riders or drivers would then be transported by authorities to the nearest local wilderness or national park, given basic provisions, and left to make their way back home as best they can. Positive effects: vast reduction in urban noise pollution and corresponding increase in general happiness levels and everyday civility. The offenders themselves would be forced to spend several days in silence, enhancing their appreciation for that neglected but essential element of our lives.

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