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  • 08 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: Late Payments 08 Jul 14

    The Government wants to help small business by ensuring their bills are paid on time. But can it succeed when even some

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 01 Jul 17MB

    FileOn4: A Deadly Dilemma 01 Jul 14

    Are international regulations designed to stop money and equipment reaching terrorist organisations curtailing vital aid

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 24 Jun 17MB

    FileOn4: Yarl's Wood 24 Jun 14

    Are the hundreds of women held at Yarl's Wood immigration removal centre safe? Simon Cox investigates calls for the

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 17 Jun 17MB

    FileOn4: Inside the Abattoir 17 Jun 14

    Does the recent Halal meat controversy mask a bigger concern about the way our meat is killed and processed? Allan Urry

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 10 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: Northern Ireland: A Bitter Legacy 10 Jun 14

    In the run-up to another marching season, how well is Nothern Ireland dealing with the legacy of 30 years of sectarian

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 03 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: Short-selling Students? 03 June 14

    With University fees costing as much as £9,000 per year, students are demanding more value for their money. But do they

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 27 May 18MB

    FileOn4: Practices Under Pressure 27 May 14

    With warnings that GP services are under threat as never before, Jenny Cuffe investigates what's described as a "perfect

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 20 May 17MB

    FileOn4: Miscarriage of Justice 20 May 14

    The Criminal Cases Review Commission is the body charged with examining potential miscarriages of justice in England and

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 13 May 17MB

    FileOn4: Street Slaves 13 May 14

    With the Government planning to introduce a Modern Slavery Bill this year, Jane Deith reveals how the homeless and other

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 11 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Election Fraud 11 Mar 14

    With local authority elections due in May, File on 4 investigates claims that organised ballot rigging in some

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 04 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: The Accountant Kings 04 Mar 14

    Big accountancy companies now help run many aspects of British life with contracts across the public sector. But does

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 25 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Deadly Hospitals? 25 Feb 14

    What do death rates really tell us about the quality of care in your hospital? Gerry Northam has been investigating

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 18 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Repeat Offenders 18 Feb 14

    As government plans to reform the probation service are delayed, Danny Shaw investigates concerns about how the changes

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 11 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Flooding: Best Laid Plans? 11 Feb 14

    Winter storms have caused serious disruption on the railways, roads and airports. How well prepared is Britain’s

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 04 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Cut-Price Care 04 Feb 14

    Councils are driving down the cost of home care but where does that leave the elderly and vulnerable who rely on it for

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 28 Jan 18MB

    FileOn4: Food Fraud 28 Jan 14

    Gerry Northam investigates the extent of food fraud across the UK and reports from Brussels on whether the EU has

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 21 Jan 18MB

    FileOn4: Default by Design? 21 Jan 14

    With a report due shortly on claims that The Royal Bank of Scotland profited by forcing some viable businesses into

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 14 Jan 18MB

    FileOn4: Liquid Assets 14 Jan 14

    Ofwat, the water regulator, will be giving water companies in England and Wales an indication of how much they can raise

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 07 Jan 18MB

    FileOn4: Chemical Weapons 07 Jan 14

    Syria's stockpiles of nerve gas are being destroyed, but are there enough international controls to stop other rogue

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 12 Nov 18MB

    FileOn4: A Healthy Market? 12 Nov 2013

    With the NHS inviting in private companies to deliver services, what do we know about the deals being struck? Does

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 05 Nov 18MB

    FileOn4: Up to the Job? 5 Nov 2013

    The Government's flagship Work Programme is supposed to offer a personalised service helping long term claimants off

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 29 Oct 18MB

    FileOn4: Deadly Drugs 29 Oct 2013

    Why has there been a rise in deaths among people who take the drug ecstasy? Health agencies are concerned about

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 22 Oct 17MB

    FileOn4: Homes at risk? Are Housing Associations trying to gamble their way out of a crisis? 22 Oct 2013

    The government wants 170,000 new affordable homes by 2015. But with social landlords under pressure from spending cuts

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 15 Oct 18MB

    FileOn4: Who are the British jihadists fighting in Syria and could they pose a threat to the UK? 15 Oct 2013

    Who are the British fighters in Syria - patriots helping defeat a tyrannical regime or jihadists with a more sinister

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 08 Oct 18MB

    FileOn4: Winners and losers from high-speed rail? 8 Oct 13

    As the government steps up its campaign for HS2, Gerry Northam asks who will benefit and who will suffer if the project

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 01 Oct 18MB

    FileOn4: Electricity Prices 1 Oct 13

    What will the Government's plan to produce more low-carbon energy do to our fuel bills?

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 24 Sep 18MB

    FileOn4: Secrecy and Surveillance 24 Sept 13

    With growing concern about the extent of state surveillance, Jenny Chryss examines the little known body that hears

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 17 Sep 18MB

    FileOn4: What Price Cheap Clothes? 17 September 13

    After the factory tragedy in which 1100 garment workers died, Jane Deith reports from Bangladesh on the response of the

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 30 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: A Place of Safety? 30 July 13

    Should suicides among psychiatric patients be subject to the same level of independent investigation as deaths in prison

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 23 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: Coal Comfort? 23 July 13

    With Britain burning more and more coal it ought to be boom time for the country's remaining mines. So why is the

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 16 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: Tobacco: The Lobbyists 16 July 13

    As the European Parliament prepares to vote on controversial new tobacco laws, Jane Deith asks whether industry lobbying

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 09 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: Faith, Hope and...Tax Avoidance. 09 July 13

    With increasing attention on who’s paying what to the taxman, Fran Abrams asks whether we need more controls on the

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 02 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: NHS: Pricing Patients 02 July 13

    The crisis in A&E has moved hospitals back up the political agenda. But does the real problem lie in the way they're

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 25 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: Petrol Prices 25 June 13

    Are petrol prices being kept artificially high? Gerry Northam investigates claims that the international oil markets are

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 18 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: 18 June 13: Council Asset Sales

    With councils facing unprecedented budget cuts many are trying to sell land and buildings to cut costs and raise

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 11 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: Grooming: A Life Sentence? 11 June 13

    In the wake of the Oxford grooming trial, Jane Deith asks whether there's enough support for victims. Who picks up the

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 04 Jun 17MB

    FileOn4: Elderly Care: Neglected Questions 04 June 13

    Operation Jasmine was the UK's biggest police investigation into care home abuse, with 103 alleged victims. But bereaved

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 28 May 18MB

    FileOn4: Iran's Nuclear Standoff 28 May 13

    Iran continues to defy the UN Security Council and the IAEA - the nuclear watchdog. On the eve of its latest report

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 21 May 18MB

    FileOn4: Superbugs 21 May 13

    England's Chief Medical Officer says Superbugs which can't be treated by antibiotics are as big a threat as terrorism.

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 26 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Rochdale Abuse: Failed Victims? 26 Mar 13

    New guidelines are promised for police and prosecutors investigating child grooming networks but are they too late for

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 19 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Dangerous Hospitals? 19 Mar 13

    With investigations into high death rates in 14 hospitals, is the regulator, the Care Quality Commission, over-stretched

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 12 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Mali: Europe's Terror Threat 12 Mar 13

    As French troops continue fighting in Mali, jihadist groups warn of terror attacks against France and its supporters.

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 26 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Britain in Flood 26 Feb 13

    Has the Government done enough to protect us from flooding? Allan Urry visits some of the worst hit parts of Britain to

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 19 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Britain's Plutonium Mountain 19 Feb 13

    It's decision time for the Government over what to do with a stockpile of Plutonium that some fear could be a target for

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 12 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: The Bill for Brussels 12 Feb 13

    Does the EU spend too much taxpayers' money on self-promotion and encouraging new countries to join?

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 05 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Russian Riches 5 Feb 13

    City experts claim London is one of the routes for those laundering the proceeds of Russian crime. So how much do we

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 29 Jan 17MB

    FileOn4: Taxing Questions 29 Jan 13

    As the Government talks tough on tax, Fran Abrams looks at the reality behind the rhetoric. Have ministers given in to

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 22 Jan 18MB

    FileOn4: Hospitals - Open All Hours? 22 Jan 13

    The government wants senior doctors to be more hands on at weekends and at night. Jane Deith investigates whether

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 15 Jan 18MB

    FileOn4: Illicit Arms Trade 15 Jan 13

    Allan Urry investigates the world of illegal arms brokers and asks if Britain's weapons regulations are as effective as

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 20 Nov 18MB

    FileOn4: Highways Agency 20 Nov 12

    Who should manage England's motorway and major road network? With ministers wanting more private sector involvement, we

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 13 Nov 18MB

    FileOn4: The Zombie Effect 13 Nov 12

    They are known as zombie companies - barely surviving and only able to pay off the interest on their debts. Hugh Pym

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 06 Nov 18MB

    FileOn4: Second Class Patients? 06 Nov 12

    Fran Abrams asks why, after years of scandals, reports and Government promises, patients with learning difficulties are

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 30 Oct 17MB

    FileOn4: Too Many Chiefs? 30 Oct 12

    Scotland is merging 8 constabularies into a single national police force. Why is England and Wales opting for 41 local

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 23 Oct 18MB

    FileOn4: Public, Private and Profitable 23 Oct 12

    As the Government's plans for West Coast rail collapse in chaos, Michael Robinson asks whether outsourcing complex

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 16 Oct 17MB

    FileOn4: Recoiling the Arab Spring 16 Oct 12

    A hardline branch of Islam, the Salafist movement has been associated with recent violent protests in Arab Spring

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 09 Oct 18MB

    FileOn4: Alcohol Fraud 9 Oct 12

    Alcohol fraud costs the exchequer more than a billion pounds a year. Allan Urry investigates how criminals have been

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 02 Oct 18MB

    FileOn4: Undercover Cops 2 Oct 12

    How far is too far in intelligence gathering? Jane Deith meets women suing the Metropolitan Police claiming they were

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 25 Sep 18MB

    FileOn4: Green on Blue 25 Sept 12

    With a spike in the number of British and US troops being killed by their Afghan allies, have coalition commanders been

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 07 Aug 18MB

    FileOn4: Diesel Pollution 7 Aug 12

    After years of suspicion, diesel emissions have now been officially linked with cancer. Julian O'Halloran asks why more

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 31 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: TB 31 July 12

    As tuberculosis continues to rise in Britain, should the NHS do more to target migrants from high-risk countries? Gerry

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 24 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: Violent Soldiers and Vets 24 July 12

    Research shows that one in eight British soldiers returning from combat is at risk of displaying violent behaviour. Some

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 17 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: European Funding 17 July 12

    Millions of pounds in European regeneration grant cash is earmarked for UK regions, so why are some areas struggling to

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 10 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: Abuse In Sport 10 July 12

    On the eve of the Olympics, Chris Bucker investigates the extent of sexual abuse of athletes across sport and asks if

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 03 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: Arab Billions 3 July 12

    Have British banks been too quick to accept dodgy deposits from Arab despots and too slow to return missing billions to

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 26 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: OFSTED 26 June 12

    As Ofsted's new regime leads to more schools failing their inspections, Fran Abrams examines the reasons why a growing

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 19 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: Secret Justice 19 June 12

    Reporter Gerry Northam examines the use of closed courts in the British legal system. The Government says it allows

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 12 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: NHS Queues 12 Jun 12

    Hospital waiting times are a key measure of success for the NHS. But do the official figures accurately reflect the

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 05 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: Police Racism 05 Jun 12

    Is institutional racism still alive in the police? Allan Urry investigates claims from black and Asian officers that

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 27 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Witness Protection 27 Mar 12

    After details of people under witness protection were leaked to a private investigator, Allan Urry asks whether police

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 20 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Public Sector Contracts 20 Mar 12

    The Government says its keen to help develop British business - so why do so many public sector contracts end up going

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 13 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Tax Avoidance 13 Mar 12

    Fran Abrams investigates tax avoidance schemes which cost taxpayers billions every year. Government employees, bankers,

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 07 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Family Annihilation 6 march 12

    In the last two months, four fathers have killed their partners, children and themselves. Jane Deith investigates why

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 28 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Credit Rating Agencies 28 Feb 12

    The credit rating agencies' word is gospel to markets. But can we trust them? Hugh Pym gets inside the world of Standard

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 21 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Diabetes Care 21 Feb 12

    Despite pledges to tackle diabetes, why do 24,000 people die needlessly each year?

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 14 Feb 17MB

    File on 4: Iranian Sanctions14 FEB 02

    As the European Union strengthens its sanctions against Iran, Reporter Allan Urry looks at the impact on UK companies

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 07 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Biosecurity

    How well protected is the UK against biological threats? Dutch and American scientists have succeeded in mutating a

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 31 Jan 18MB

    FileOn4: Deaths in Custody 31 Jan 12

    Inquests are hearing a new term to explain deaths in police custody: Excited Delirium. Could the diagnosis be used to

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 24 Jan 18MB

    FileOn4: Carers in Conflict 24 Jan 12

    Jenny Cuffe talks to the foster families left alienated by their unequal - and sometimes Kafkaesque - struggles with

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 15 Nov 17MB

    FileOn4: Coroners Under Scrutiny 15 Nov 2011

    As campaigners call for fundamental reforms of the coronial system, Ann Alexander examines concerns about the conduct of

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 08 Nov 18MB

    FileOn4: Costing the Games 08 Nov 2011

    With plans for future use of London's Olympic stadium in disarray, Allan Urry asks whether taxpayers' billions will

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 01 Nov 17MB

    FileOn4: An Inside Job? 01 Nov 11

    The government wants to make prisoners work hard, pay tax and help fund victims' support. It argues this will also make

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 25 Oct 17MB

    FileOn4: Cash From the Crisis 25 Oct 11

    While G20 leaders try to avert economic disaster, Michael Robinson reveals how the pain of the Eurozone crisis presents

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 18 Oct 18MB

    FileOn4: Unregulated Madrassa Schools 18 Oct 11

    With no regulation of part-time madrassa schools in Britain, Fran Abrams asks whether the thousands of children who go

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 11 Oct 17MB

    FileOn4: Changes to Planning System 11 Oct 11

    With the Government's controversial reforms under fire from countryside campaigners, Allan Urry investigates radical

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 04 Oct 17MB

    FileOn4: Energy Prices 04 Oct 11

    Are the Big Six gas and electricity companies turning into the 'new banks' - becoming too big to fail and hindering

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 27 Sep 18MB

    FileOn4: NHS Procurement 27 Sep 11

    With the NHS having to make 20 billion pounds worth of efficiency savings, why is the procurement system still failing

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 20 Sep 17MB

    FileOn4: Cyber Spies 20 Sep 11

    File on 4 investigates the use of computer hacking by the police and security agencies and asks - is it legal?

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 09 Aug 17MB

    FileOn4: Kick Starting Recovery? 09 Aug 11

    The government's strategy to boost local enterprise in England got off to a poor start. Vince Cable admitted it was

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 02 Aug 17MB

    FileOn4: Exiles in Fear 02 Aug 11

    As the UK continues to give millions of pounds in aid to Rwanda and Zimbabwe, Jenny Cuffe investigates claims those

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 26 Jul 17MB

    FileOn4: The Revolving Door 26 Jul 11

    Is there a conflict of interest when public servants take private sector jobs? Julian O'Halloran investigates the

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 19 Jul 17MB

    FileOn4: A&E 19 Jul 11

    With many NHS hospitals facing financial problems, A & E department are closing or being replaced by Urgent Care

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 12 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: Open Borders? 12 Jul 11

    The Border Agency says new technology will help it tackle illegal immigration, as it cuts one fifth of its staff. But

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 05 Jul 18MB

    FileOn4: Business As Usual? 05 Jul 11

    Are banks risking another crisis by using complex financial products?

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 28 Jun 17MB

    FileOn4: Elderly Care 28 Jun 11

    With Britain's biggest private care home provider in financial turmoil, and councils forced to make huge cuts, Fran

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 21 Jun 17MB

    FileOn4: A Living Death 21 Jun 2011

    As a medical review begins into the care of people in a vegetative state, Ann Alexander asks whether it should be made

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 15 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: PFI Profits 14 Jun 11

    Companies are making billions of pounds in profits from a secretive trade in Private Finance Initiative contracts. But

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 07 Jun 18MB

    FileOn4: The Iran Connection 07 Jun 11

    With parts of the Arab world in turmoil, and uncertainty after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, Allan Urry investigates

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 05 Apr 18MB

    FileOn4: Air Crashes 05 Apr 11

    The investigation following an air disaster is supposed to make air travel safer and stop further accidents. But do the

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 29 Mar 17MB

    FileOn4: Memory on Trial 29 Mar 11

    Do we understand enough about how memory works to properly assess evidence in sex abuse cases when allegations date back

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 22 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Organ Failure 22 Mar 11

    Three people die every day in the UK because of the shortage of organs for transplant. Is the NHS doing enough to ensure

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 15 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Egypt's Missing Millions

    As banks begin the task of tracing missing money stolen from the Egyptian people, Fran Abrams investigates the

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 08 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Danger at Work 08 Mar 11

    After the UK's first corporate manslaughter conviction is safety at work really improving? Morland Sanders hears claims

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 01 Mar 18MB

    FileOn4: Doctors in Charge 01 Mar 11

    The Government plans to hand control of the £80 billion NHS budget in England to family doctors. But are GPs good

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 22 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Airport Woes 22 Feb 11

    After the disruption caused by snow, Julian O'Halloran examines the record of airport operator BAA and asks whether

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 15 Feb 17MB

    FileOn4: Shaken Babies 15 Feb 11

    Andrew Hosken examines claims of a dirty tricks campaign over Shaken Baby Syndrome and hears calls from one of the

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 08 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Bent Cops 08 Feb 11

    Following a series of trials where police officers have been jailed, Allan Urry investigates how police are drawn into

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 01 Feb 18MB

    FileOn4: Tolerating the Intolerant 01 Feb 2011

    In the wake of growing religious extremism in Pakistan, are our authorities doing enough to curb the fanatics now

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 25 Jan 17MB

    FileOn4: Homes but no loans

    With banks chasing profits and affordable mortgages harder to find. Michael Robinson asks what impact the new housing

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 18 Jan 18MB

    FileOn4: Bitter Medicine 18 JAN 11

    Legal cases brought by patients who have been harmed by drugs are notoriously difficult to win. Is the government making

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 30 Nov 18MB

    FileOn4: Europe's Missing Millions

    As EU member states make harsh spending cuts, Angus Stickler tracks how European funds are really being spent. Can

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 23 Nov 17MB

    FileOn4: Care Homes 23 Nov 11

    As the number of care home inspectors is cut, Fran Abrams asks if enough is being done to protect the elderly from

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 17 Nov 17MB

    FileOn4: The Great Train Robbery 16 NOV 10

    As fares are set to rise again, much of the passenger criticism is aimed at the Train Operating Companies, but how much

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 09 Nov 17MB

    FileOn4: Charities - Giving and Taking

    As part of its Big Society project, the government wants charities to play a leading role in providing public services.

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 02 Nov 18MB

    FileOn4:The Somali Connection

    How are young, British-based Somalis lured into fighting for the al-Qaeda-linked Jihadist group, al-Shabaab? Jenny

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 26 Oct 17MB

    FileOn4: A Taxing Dilemma 26 Oct 10

    While the government axes spending to try to balance the books, Michael Robinson reveals how some firms are slashing

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 19 Oct 17MB

    FileOn4: Foundation Hospitals 19 Oct 10

    The NHS is meant to be shielded from the cuts that threaten huge areas of public spending. But even elite foundation

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 12 Oct 17MB

    FileOn4: Insolvency Practitioners 12 OCT 10

    Corporate undertakers. Allan Urry investigates whether insolvency practitioners measure up to the high standards

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 05 Oct 18MB

    FileOn4: Afghan security

    $27 billion has been spent on training the Afghan police and army, to allow British and other troops to eventually

    Duration: 38 mins