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5 live Science

5 live's science podcast, featuring Dr Karl, plus Dr Chris and Naked Scientists Chris Smith and Kat Arney with the hottest science news stories and analysis.

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  • 12 Jul 23MB

    5l Science: 12 Jul 14: Computer Shopping Revolution

    This week Dr Chris & The Naked Scientists look at the computer shopping revolution and how your dinner time could affect

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 10 Jul 22MB

    Science: Naked Scientists, 10 Jul 14

    Dr Chris fills in for Dr Karl this week and answers all your science related questions with Rhod Sharp.

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 05 Jul 24MB

    Naked Scientist: Talking Chimpanzees & Tour De France 05 JULY 14

    Dr Chris Mason takes a look at all the latest science and technology news. This week: interpreting the gestures that

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 03 Jul 22MB

    Naked Scientists 3 Jul 14

    Dr Chris joins Rhod as Dr Karl is away this week (although he still manages to make an appearance). Topics include body

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 21 Jun 23MB

    Science: The Naked Scientists 21 June 14

    This week Chris Smith and his team of Naked Scientists take a look at a new development which could speed up the

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 19 Jun 22MB

    DrKarl: World Cup Science 19 June 14

    Dr Karl and Dr Chris Mason host a special look at the science behind the World Cup and take your questions.

    Duration: 47 mins

  • 14 Jun 24MB

    Naked Scientists: The Naked Scientists, 14 Jun 14

    This week Chris Smith and his team of Naked Scientists ask whether it would be good for men not to keep their mobiles in

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 12 Jun 22MB

    DrKarl: Plus special guest Julian Crib 12 Jun 14

    Dr Karl and special guest Julian Crib, author Poisoned Planet, takes your science questions

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 07 Jun 23MB

    Naked Scientists: Super Shrink Me 7 June 14

    This week Chris Smith and his team of Naked Scientists zoom in on the subject of nano-particles to examine how tiny

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 05 Jun 23MB

    Dr Karl: Ozone layer, galaxies & absolute zero 5 June 14

    Dr Rhod and Dr Karl discuss the point of the ozone layer and whether fish get the bends, and Dr Karl gets stumped by a

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 31 May 23MB

    Naked Scientists: Water on the Moon 31 May 14

    5 Live Science with Chris Smith and his team of Naked Scientists discuss water on the Moon; the end of the dentist

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 29 May 22MB

    DrKarl: Magnetic waves and the Big Bang 29 May 14

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss the connection between water canals and the universe.

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 24 May 23MB

    DrKarl: 5 live Science, 24 May 14

    Green clean ups: how can nature's recyclers - bacteria and fungi - help us remedy man-made environmental problems, from

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 22 May 23MB

    DrKarl: 22 May 14

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss electric cars, the placebo effect, and the science of extinction.

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 17 May 23MB

    DrKarl: 5 live Science, 17 May 14

    Why pregnant women are 42% more likely to have a car crash, how astronomers can now see planets around distant stars,

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 15 May 23MB

    DrKarl: Gravity waves, sun spots and mosquito saliva 15 May 14

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss gravity waves, sun spots and mosquito saliva

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 13 May 22MB

    DrKarl: 8 May 14 Gravity, pyramids and meteors

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod answer your science questions. Send an email to upallnight@bbc.co.uk with Dr Karl in the subject

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 12 May 23MB

    Radio, Robins & Better Batteries, 10 May 14

    Bigger, better and longer lasting - this week we go in search of the battery technology that will power the future as

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 03 May 23MB

    Naked Scientists: Science news, 5 May 14

    Put on some safety goggles as Naked Scientists Chris Smith and Kat Arney ignite your bunsen burners with the hottest

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 01 May 22MB

    DrKarl: 1st May

    On the latest edition of Dr Karl, we find who discovered the expansion the universe? What is fracking? Plus, how does

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 24 Apr 22MB

    DrKarl: 24 Apr 14

    Dr Karl takes your calls on batteries and spiders

    Duration: 47 mins

  • 17 Apr 22MB

    DrKarl:17 Apr 14

    Dr Karl talks about soap alternatives, Why putting a living "Russian Brown Frog" into a bucket of fresh milk will keep

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 14 Apr 10MB

    NakedScience: April 14th 2014

    Dr Chris Smith discusses cures for jetlag, moons orbiting planets outside our solar system, a trip to the most remote

    Duration: 21 mins

  • 10 Apr 22MB

    DrKarl: 10 Apr 14

    Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod to talk about food intolerances, the endocrine system and the science behind fat cells.

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 06 Apr 11MB

    NakedScience: April 7th 2014

    Dr Chris Smith looks at how using eye contact on cereal packaging can influence sales, how water has been found inside

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 03 Apr 16MB

    DrKarl: 3rd April 14

    In a short episode because of breaking news, Dr Karl discusses why 1959 Cadillacs had the biggest fins ever, reflecting

    Duration: 33 mins

  • 31 Mar 11MB


    New insights into the structure of bones, the solar system gains a new dwarf planet, and the biological equivalent of

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 27 Mar 21MB

    DrKarl: 27 Mar 14

    The science of Laryingitis, God versus Luciferase and whether a venomous creature can die from its own bite

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 24 Mar 12MB

    NakedScience: 24 Mar 14: Big Bang and Smells

    Dr Chris and the Naked Scienctists talk about gravitational waves from the Big Bang, the UK announces a powerful new

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 20 Mar 21MB

    DrKarl: 20 Mar 14

    Quasars, lack of sleep killing brain cells and immature handwriting

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 17 Mar 14MB

    Naked Sci: 17 Mar 14 Fast food and contagious yawns

    Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists look at contagious yawning (you either do or you don't), the hidden fast food peril on

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 13 Mar 21MB

    DrKarl: 13 MAR 14

    Dr Karl talks to Dr Dotun about Great White sharks, black holes, and red hot showers.

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 10 Mar 10MB

    Naked Scientist: Gene therapy & Nuclear Fusion

    Dr. Chris Smith presents science news, including a new gene therapy technique to protect the immune systems of patients

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 06 Mar 23MB

    DrKarl: Homemade Nuclear Projects 06 Mar 14

    Homemade nuclear projects, noise-cancelling headphones and why do apples go funny when you cut them open?

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 03 Mar 10MB

    Naked Scientist: Google Glasses and Wind Turbines 3rd Mar 14

    Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists discuss Google glasses, wind turbines and why sunburn is even more dangerous than

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 27 Feb 24MB

    DrKarl: 27 Feb 14 The Eyes Have it

    Vision's the thing tonight. Dr Karl and Dr Rhod are talking eyes and sight in this edition.

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 24 Feb 11MB

    Naked Scientist: 24 Feb 14: a test for depression

    This week: a chemical test for depression, how brain-training can boost the vision of baseball players. Plus, a way to

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 20 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl: 20 Feb 14 The Curious Case of the Tick Bite

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss unintended consequences; vitamin C keeping you awake and what can happen if a tick's been

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 17 Feb 11MB

    Naked Scientist: climate change & sustainable power

    Dr Chris Smith aka The Naked Scientist investigates climate change and whether weather is getting more extreme,

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 13 Feb 22MB

    DrKarl: 13 FEB 14

    Static electricity and storms

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 12 Feb 12MB

    Naked Scientists: 100 yrs of radio & the Milky Way 10 Feb 14

    In this podcast, new research shows that the sensation of powerlessness makes us judge things to be much heavier than

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 06 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl: 06 Feb 14

    Dr Karl joins Rhod to discuss the "smart bolt" for a car, 10 new technical terms for 2014, the lack of women in science

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 03 Feb 11MB

    Naked Sci: 03 Feb 14 Peanuts, sponges and smog

    Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists look at peanut allergies, marine sponges and Beijing air.

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 30 Jan 23MB

    DrKarl: 30 Jan 14

    A new way to produce stem cells and the electrical conductivity of underwater welders

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 27 Jan 12MB

    DrKarl: Naked Scientist Jan 27th 2014

    Dr Chris Smith joins Dotun to discuss Rolls Royce, polio and sharks.

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 23 Jan 22MB

    DrKarl: Phones, radios and baldness 23 Jan 14

    Dr Chris joins Dr Rhod to talk radio waves, baldness and phonecall quality.

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 20 Jan 12MB

    Naked Scientists: 20 Jan 14: Spaceweather

    Dr Chris Smith joins Dotun to talk weather in space, the potential benefits of shooting rhinos and managing the anger of

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 16 Jan 21MB

    DrKarl: Heat, cold and blue lights 16 Jan 14

    Dr Chris stands in for Dr Karl once again to discuss the problems of heat, freezing carbon and why bright white lights

    Duration: 46 mins

  • 13 Jan 11MB

    NAKED SCIENTISTS: 13 Jan 14: Slug glue

    Dr Chris Smith joins Dotun to discuss how caffeine might help memory and how a glue inspired by slugs may help keyhole

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 09 Jan 23MB

    DrKarl: 09 JAN 14

    Dr Chris stands in for Dr Karl to discuss bird flu, and entropy, among other science related questions.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 06 Jan 12MB

    Naked Scientist: 6 Jan 14: Christmas over-indulgence

    This week, in the wake of near universal Christmas over-indulgence, researchers have announced the discovery of the

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 02 Jan 23MB

    DrKarl: Fruit and Veg 02 Jan 14

    Dr Chris Smith steps in for Dr Karl to discuss Newton's laws, plus why potatoes boil faster than they roast when an

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 23 Dec 13MB

    Naked Scientists: 23 Dec 13

    With a special, festively-themed Naked Scientists, Dr Chris and the crew explore some of the science of Christmas

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 19 Dec 23MB

    DrKarl: 19 Dec 13

    Dr Karl joins Dr John (who's in for Dr Rhod) and they discuss the efficacy of herbal supplements, the properties of

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 16 Dec 12MB

    Naked Sci 16 Dec 13: Mozart, brains and Xmas dinners

    Does Mozart make you brainier? The jury may be out. And what does Christmas lunch do to your intestinal microbes

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 12 Dec 23MB

    DrKarl: Dr Karl answers listeners' questions on science 12 Dec 13

    Dr Karl answers listeners' questions about the weird and wonderful world of science.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 05 Dec 21MB

    DrKarl: 05 Dec 13

    Sweat, the build-up of lactic acid while cycling and the tale of America's quest to find a pen that works in space.

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 28 Nov 22MB

    DrKarl: Light, magnets and Vogon poetry 28 Nov 13

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss Venus' magnetic poles, the necessity of sunlight, and Douglas Adams' poetry among other

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 25 Nov 10MB

    Naked Sci: Bacteria and Fred Sanger 25 Nov 13

    Dr Chris Smith and the team join Dotun to discuss how bacteria can pick up DNA in the environment, the legacy of double

    Duration: 21 mins

  • 21 Nov 21MB

    DrKarl 21 Nov 13: Selfies, space stations and enriching uranium

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss speeding space stations and enriching uranium amongst other things.

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 18 Nov 11MB

    NakedSci: 18 Nov 13

    Dr Chris Smith and the team join Dotun to talk about the science of Typhoons, a promising new antibiotic for combating

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 14 Nov 23MB

    DrKarl 14 Nov 13: Simon Singh joins the fun

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod are joined by Simon Singh whose new book 'The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets' has just been

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 11 Nov 9MB

    Naked Sci: 11 Nov 13

    Dr Chris Smith joins Dotun, to discuss mothers passing more than just calories to their babies in breast milk – there

    Duration: 19 mins

  • 07 Nov 23MB

    DrKarl: Tears, Dark Matter and Cold Rooms

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod talk about why we cry happy tears, throw light on dark matter, and discuss whether being in a cold

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 04 Nov 11MB

    Naked Sci 4 Nov 13: Windfarms, cancer & super computers.

    A look at the week's science news with Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists. This week: Why windfarms aren't laid out

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 31 Oct 14MB

    DrKarl: 31 Oct 13

    The final game of this year's baseball world series meant Dr Karl was truncated this week, but he still managed to talk

    Duration: 30 mins

  • 28 Oct 12MB

    Naked Sci 28 Oct 13: Cure for baldness & golden trees

    A look at the week's science news with Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists. Money might not grow on trees but gold does,

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 24 Oct 23MB

    DrKarl: 24 Oct 13: Squirrels, wildfires and wires

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss why birds can safely stand on power lines, strange sunrises around wildfires and do we

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 21 Oct 10MB

    Naked Sci 21 Oct 13: Superbugs, ancient mosquitos and the abominable snowman

    A look at the week's science news with Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists. There's also the battle with superbugs,

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 17 Oct 22MB

    DrKarl 17 Oct 13: Phone calls from Mars

    Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod to ponder condensation in bungalows, phonecalls from Mars and the case for sitting backwards on

    Duration: 47 mins

  • 14 Oct 11MB


    Dr Chris Smith joins Dotun to discuss the week's Nobel Prize winners, lonely planets adrift in space and the science

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 10 Oct 23MB

    DrKarl 10 Oct 13: The Glories of Hiccuping

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss, amongst other things, how to deal with hiccups.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 07 Oct 11MB

    The Naked Scientist: Mice that are immune to jetlag

    This week, a new breakthrough in how HIV spreads. Mice that are immune to jetlag. Also, two of Britain's leading

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 03 Oct 23MB

    DrKarl 03 Oct 13: Whale ear wax and 3D printing in space

    Dr Rhod and Dr Karl are joined by Jason Dunn, chief technology officer for Made In Space Inc, the company sending a 3D

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 30 Sep 11MB

    Naked Sci: 30 Sep 13

    This week, a possible new treatment for Parkinson's Disease, a new way to solve the problem of antibiotic resistance in

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 26 Sep 22MB

    DrKarl: 26 Sep 13: Sailing on Hydrofoils

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss how it is that the America's Cup boats can sail at double the speed of the prevailing wind,

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 23 Sep 11MB

    Naked Sci 23 Sep 13: The parasite that changes minds

    Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists explore the week's science news. This week there's a focus on the protozoan that may

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 19 Sep 23MB

    DrKarl: Sonic Booms & Onions

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss sonic booms, ageing, and why onions make you cry.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 16 Sep 11MB

    Naked Scientist:15 Sep 13: Accents and Eastenders

    On this week's edition, a breakthrough in stem cell research and how BBC television programmes such as Eastenders can

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 09 Sep 11MB

    9 Sep 13 Naked Scientists: TB or not TB

    The Naked Scientists discuss bovine tuberculosis in badgers, parabolic reflectors and dropping pennies from tall

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 05 Sep 23MB

    DrKarl 5 Sep 13: Dr Karl's Energy Day

    On 5 Live's Energy Day, Dr Karl & Dr Rhod take questions on energy - and lots more.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 02 Sep 11MB

    Naked Scientists: Shark Camouflage 02 Sep 13

    This week in the final show from Perth in Western Australia. Chris Smith and Victoria Gill find out how camouflage

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 29 Aug 2MB

    DrKarl 29 Aug 13: Shortest Dr Karl ever...

    With Andy Murray on court at Flushing Meadows there's time for just one question for Dr Karl. Normal service will be

    Duration: 3 mins

  • 26 Aug 12MB


    Dr Chris Smith aka the Naked Scientist investigates Australia's national science week from Perth, studying bottle nose

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 22 Aug 23MB

    DrKarl: 22 Aug 13 DR TIM MINCHIN

    In this edition comedian Dr Tim Minchin joins Dr Karl and Dr Rhod. They consider the science of musical composition,

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 19 Aug 11MB

    Naked Scientists: 19 Aug 13: Australia

    The team report back from down under for Australia's National Science Week

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 15 Aug 23MB

    DrKarl: 15 Aug 13: Molasses and Flu

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss the flow of molasses, flu remedies and how light from distant stars can take us back almost

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 08 Aug 23MB

    DrKarl: 08 Aug 13 Fusion energy and red light working

    We discuss how the nuclear fusion plant in France is doing, and talk with Professor Randy Nelson about his research on

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 05 Aug 10MB

    Naked Sci 05 Aug 13: Geysers on Enceladus and hidden gorillas

    Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists with the latest since news including nanoscale thermometers and the salt water plumes

    Duration: 21 mins

  • 01 Aug 22MB

    DrKarl: 01 Aug 13 Dark matter and seedless grapes

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod look at dark matter, some quantum physics and discuss whether seedless grapes are GM foods.

    Duration: 47 mins

  • 29 Jul 11MB

    Naked Scientist: 29 JUL 13: Dolphin Names

    The Naked Scientists discuss how dolphins call each other by their names, why some people get allergies, and how an

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 25 Jul 23MB

    DrKarl 25 Jul 13: Cricket balls, nitrogen and Apollo

    In this edition Dr Karl and Dr Rhod consider boiling nitrogen in a bottle, looking for the traces of Apollo on the Moon

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 22 Jul 12MB

    The Naked Scientist 22 Jul 13

    Dr Chris Smith and Dotun discuss the new surgical scalpel - dubbed the intelligent knife or iKnife, how to turn skin

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 18 Jul 23MB

    DrKarl: 18 July 13: The senses

    It's all about the inner workings of the mind with Dr Karl this week. His special guest Charles Spence discusses how the

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 15 Jul 11MB

    Naked Scientists: 15 JUL 13: solar powered car racing

    Dr Chris Smith joins Dotun to talk about solar powered cars that can go as fast as 80kph, what makes the Earth move (and

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 11 Jul 23MB

    DrKarl 11 Jul 13: Light speed, racing galaxies and dark matter

    Dr Andy is joined by Dr Karl and Physics Nobel Laureate, Professor Brian Schmidt to discuss the expanding, speeding

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 08 Jul 12MB

    The Naked Scientist 08 Jul 13

    Today's episode - how cancers become resistant to chemotherapies, the threat posed by a new strain of flu in China, and

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 04 Jul 23MB

    DrKarl: 04 July 13: Postcards From Space

    This week, how the Voyager space craft is still sending us Postcards from the Edge, after 36 years of space travel, is

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 01 Jul 13MB

    DrKarl: 1 Jul 13: Naked Scientist

    This week, news that plants can do molecular long division; scientists have discovered that plants calculate precisely

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 27 Jun 23MB

    DrKarl: 27 June 13: Space Travel and Red Moons

    Dr Karl discusses the speed of space travel, and why sometimes the moon is red.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 24 Jun 12MB

    Naked Sci 24 June 13: Keeping eyes clear and cancer fighting aspirin

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists with the latest news and a focus on how eyes keep blood vessels in their right

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 20 Jun 22MB

    DrKarl: 20 Jun 13

    What jabs would you have to have to travel back to the 17th century, does your body get bigger at night and do you get

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 17 Jun 12MB

    Naked Sci 17 Jun 13: Crumbling concrete, the Tunguska Fireball and teens and tobacco

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists look at what might have caused the "Tunguska Fireball" in 1908, the use of

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 13 Jun 23MB

    DrKarl: 13 Jun 13

    Tom Green and our listeners ask Dr Karl why the earth's getting lighter if tens of thousands of meteor dust is landing

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 10 Jun 12MB

    Naked Sci: 10 June 2013 Comfort Eating and Comets

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists discuss comfort eating, what happened when a comet collided with the Sun, and

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 06 Jun 23MB

    DrKarl 06 Jun 13: Peering thru pinholes, weighing planets and how does alcohol work?

    Dr Phil joins dr Karl to discuss how alcohol makes us drunk, why looking through a pinhole sharpens poor vision and

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 03 Jun 12MB

    Naked Sci: 03 Jun 13 Flu ancient plants & Mars radiation

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists discuss a new way to block flu infection, treating schizophrenia with an avatar,

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 30 May 23MB

    Dr Karl: Hungry shopping, itching, and acupuncture May 30

    Dr Karl joins Dominic to discuss why not to shop hungry, why we itch and whether acupuncture is no better than the

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 27 May 12MB

    Naked Sci: 27 May 13 Potatoes, Penguins and Itching

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists explore how specimens of potato leaves kept in museums for over 150 years have

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 20 May 12MB

    Naked Science: 20 May 13

    Using X rays to read the unreadable; solar-powered butterflies – and why selfishness gave farming a boost 10,000 years

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 16 May 23MB

    DrKarl: Solar Flares & Tinnitus 16 May 13

    Dr Karl joins Rhod to discuss solar flares, methods for dealing with tinnitus, and the extremes of pleasure that music

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 13 May 12MB

    Naked Sci 13 May 13: Electric allergies and no toys for boys

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists explore an electrical vaccine for allergies, "boys toys" and "girls toys" and

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 09 May 23MB

    DrKarl: 09 May 13 Meteors & Reactors

    Dr Karl joins Rhod to discuss a meteor seen blazing over the UK, 3D printing and why coffee makes you more likely to say

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 06 May 11MB

    Naked Sci 06 May 13: A new HELMET to fight antibiotic resistance

    Science news with Dr Chris Smith which includes a new weapon in the battle against antibiotic resistance and more on the

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 02 May 23MB

    DrKarl 02 May 13: Surviving a bushfire and the mechanics of bubbles

    Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod to discuss flaming tornadoes, the dao of bubbles and the what of watts.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 25 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: 25 Apr 13

    On the latest edition of Dr Karl: techniques to discover bi-polar disorder, the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 22 Apr 13MB

    Naked Science: Temporary Hearing Loss

    Dr Chris explores why you suffer temporary deafness after being at a loud concert

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 18 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: 18 APR 13

    Dr Karl on efficient cars and cracking knuckles.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 11 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: 11 Apr 13

    How do flies land on the ceiling and why is it that when you drink alcohol at the same time as artificial sweeteners,

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 08 Apr 12MB

    Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists 08/04/2013

    We find out what goes on inside your head when you're asleep and the science of losing weight, what makes a gastric

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 04 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: 04 April 2013

    Dr Karl and Rhod Sharp talk science, including the mechanics of Vegemite and getting a car into a lorry on a motorway.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 28 Mar 22MB


    Dr Karl and Rhod Sharp talk science, including medical uses for chillies.

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 25 Mar 13MB

    Chris Smith with the Naked Scientist 25 Mar 13

    We hear about a genetic study into the elusive giant squid, what the European Space Agencies plank probe can tell us

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 21 Mar 23MB

    DrKarl: 23 March 2013

    Has Voyager 1 finally made it out of our solar system and other questions.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 18 Mar 14MB

    Naked Scientist: 11 Mar 13 Does cling film aid weight loss?

    Dr Chris Smith joins Dotun to tell us about how heading a football could trigger your immune system to attack your own

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 14 Mar 21MB

    DrKarl 14 Mar 13: Special guest astrophysicist Dr Maarten Schmidt

    Dr Chris, standing in for Dr Karl, and Dr Rhod are joined by Dr Maarten Schmidt whose work on quasars helped change our

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 11 Mar 13MB

    NAKED SCIENTIST: 11 Mar 13

    Dr Chris Smith joins Dotun to tell us about how heading a football could trigger your immune system to attack your own

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 07 Mar 22MB

    DrKarl 07 Mar 13: Light, eyes and vitamin D

    Dr Rhod's joined by Dr Chris this time to discuss eye colour, the weight of light and synthesising vitamin D, amongst

    Duration: 46 mins

  • 04 Mar 12MB

    NAKED SCIENTIST: 04 Mar 13

    Hydrogen powered cars, stretchy batteries and is it true that if you wrap yourself up in cling film you lose weight?

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 25 Feb 13MB

    Naked Scientist: 25th Feb

    Dr Chris Smith discusses how it's been discovered that bees carry an electric charge. Plus news about a new drug to

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 21 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl 21 Feb 13: How much does a full iPod weigh?

    This and other questions (like "can you get energy from nothing?") tackled by Dr Karl and Dr Andy

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 19 Feb 11MB

    NAKED SCIENTIST 19 Feb 2013

    Dr Chris Smith and the team look at new SARS like Caronavirus, where cosmic rays come from and the causes of the

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 14 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl 14 Feb 13: Solstices, moons and planes on travelators

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod ponder the migration of the Winter Solstice, the changing face of the Moon and a plane on a

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 13 Feb 11MB

    Naked Sci 21 Jan 13: Norovirus and the helical roots of tunnels

    This week Dr Chris and colleagues investigate the potentcy of norovirus and new research into the genes for sociability

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 11 Feb 12MB

    11 Feb 13 Naked Science

    A new invention that could see street lamps transmitting data to our cars; a ew electronic migraine treatment and

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 07 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl: 07 Feb 13: Homework

    Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod in discovering that they need to do some homework

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 31 Jan 22MB

    DrKarl: 31 Jan 13 Greenland's Ice

    Dr Jason Box, founder of the Dark Snow project, joins Dr Rhod and Dr Karl to discuss whether smoke particles from

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 28 Jan 12MB

    Naked Sci 28 Jan 13: Soaking up oil slicks and DNA data storage

    Dr Chris Smith and colleagues with the week's science news including; DNA may actually be the best option for archiving

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 24 Jan 22MB

    DrKarl: 24 Jan 13

    Dr Karl discusses why boiling water turns to steam and ice so quickly in very cold temperatures. Rhod carries out an

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 14 Jan 11MB

    Naked Scientist: 14 Jan 13: Restore Hearing

    On this week's edition, a drug that can restore hearing to deaf ears, and the answer to the question why transplanted

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 10 Jan 23MB

    DrKarl 10 Jan 13: Global warning and nasal products (yuk)

    Dr Karl joins Rhod Sharp to discuss global warming and answer the really burning question posed by small children

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 03 Jan 23MB

    DrKarl: 03/JAN/2013

    Andy Crane is joined by Dr Karl for the first science phone in of 2013. He tackles issues from password protecting

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 27 Dec 18MB

    DrKarl: 27 Dec12: Top 10 Science Events of 2012

    This week we find out why cells in a honeycomb are hexagonal? What was before the big bang? As well as the top 10

    Duration: 38 mins

  • 24 Dec 12MB

    Naked Sci: 24 Dec 12 Does Christmas cure cancer?

    For Christmas, Dr Chris Smith and the team join Dotun for a look at the lighter side of recent scientific news,

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 20 Dec 14MB

    DrKarl: 20/12/12:Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory

    On the latest edition of Dr Karl, we find out if ice conducts electricity the same way as water. We also discover if

    Duration: 30 mins

  • 13 Dec 23MB

    DrKarl: 13 Dec 12

    A british team exploring ice two miles down in Antarctica that hasn't seen the light of day for 500,000 years, are there

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 10 Dec 14MB

    Naked Sci 10 Dec 12: Regenerating heart cells and the upside of having children

    Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists with a closer look at some of this week's science stories including; a trigger to

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 06 Dec 24MB

    DrKarl 06 Dec 12: Norovirus, blood types and wandering planets

    Dr Chris, the Naked Scientist stands in for Dr Rhod tonight and fields questions about norovirus, why humans have rhesus

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 04 Dec 23MB

    DrKarl 29 Nov 12: Bacteria, teeth, the Sun and moving trains

    Bacteria on the teeth, the age of the Sun and what's it called when you're on a train and another train moves and you

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 22 Nov 23MB

    DrKarl 22 Nov 12: The Golden Hour, 4G and missing acorns

    Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod to discuss different approaches to CPR and emergency medicine, how 4G does what it does and why so

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 19 Nov 12MB

    NakedSci: 19 Nov 12

    A molecular whodunit involving MRSA, gene therapy for epilepsy, and whether women synchronise their menstrual cycles are

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 15 Nov 20MB

    DrKarl:15 Nov 2012 The roaming planet

    As Chinese communist party prepares to unveil its new leaders Dr Karl discusses the discovery of the new roaming planet

    Duration: 42 mins

  • 12 Nov 12MB

    Naked Sci 12 Nov 12: Ash dieback and autophagia

    Dr Chris and colleagues with weeks science news, a close look at ash dieback disease and the truth about autophagia.

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 08 Nov 22MB

    DrKarl 08 Nov 12

    Dr Karl takes questions on bacterial infections, trauma medicine and HIV.

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 01 Nov 23MB

    DrKarl: 1 Nov 12: Brain Freeze explained - almost

    In this edition: in 2010, the USA used 98 quadrillion British Thermal Units (BTUs) of energy - about 20% of the world's

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 29 Oct 12MB

    Naked Sci 22 Oct 12: How the Moon was made

    The Naked Scientists join Dotun to explain the new theories on the formation of the Moon and we meet the stand up

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 29 Oct 12MB

    Naked Sci 29 Oct 12: Fighting bacterial fire with fire

    Dr Chris Smith and colleagues with science news. This week; fighting bacterial fire with fire and the plans to help the

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 28 Oct 13MB

    Naked Sci 17 Sep 12: Shiniest fruits and online voters

    Dr Chris and colleagues share the latest science news with Dotun Adebayo. This week; the shiniest fruit in nature and

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 25 Oct 23MB

    DrKarl 25 Oct 12: Soap and Salt

    Are the seas getting saltier and where does soap come from. Dr Karl explains.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 18 Oct 23MB

    DrKarl: 18th October 2012

    Dr Rhod and Dr Karl discuss the health effects on the body of ‘the man who fell to earth’ and the mystery of one

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 15 Oct 13MB

    Naked Sci 15 Oct 12: Clone Pioneer

    On this week's edition of the Naked Scientist: a Nobel prize for a Cambridge cloning pioneer, and an analysis of a

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 09 Oct 13MB

    Naked Scientist 08 Oct 12: Painkilling venom and a seismic shake-up

    A new genetic test for babies, does the black mamba's venom contain a better painkiller than morphine and a shake-up for

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 01 Oct 13MB

    Naked Science 01 Oct 12: Staying young with stem cells

    Can a dose of stem cells keep you youthful? And why do foetal cells trespass into the brains of pregnant women? Also;

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 27 Sep 23MB

    DrKarl and friends: 27 Sep 12

    Dr Karl is joined by human evolution and anthropology expert Elizabeth Hagen and astronomer Simon O'Toole. They answer

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 25 Sep 13MB

    Naked Sci 24 Sep 12: Bingeing rats, pony tails and thinking thin

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists with a weeks worth of science news including: rats bingeing on chocolate, the

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 20 Sep 23MB

    DrKarl: 20 Sep 12

    Dr Rhod and Dr Karl are joined by Professor Geraint Lewis, an expert on Astrophysics, Cosmology, Black Holes, Relativity

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 13 Sep 28MB

    DrKarl 13 Sep 12: Science of smells and gravity waves

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod are prefaced, in this edition, by two science stories; gas clouds at the centre of our galaxy and a

    Duration: 59 mins

  • 10 Sep 12MB

    Naked Science: 10 Sep 12

    Dr Chris and the team tell Dotun Adebayo a little about the science involved in the Paralympics and research to be done

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 23 Aug 22MB

    DrKarl: 23Aug12: Mosquito bites

    On the latest edition: Dr Karl looks at the advances in stem cell research. Why do some people get bitten by mosquitoes

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 16 Aug 23MB

    DrKarl: 16 Aug 12

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss string theory, why medicine can't yet replace cartilage and why kettles go quiet as they

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 13 Aug 13MB

    Naked Scientist 13 Aug 12: Healing hearts, helping epileptics and where's the water coming from?

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists find out about pacemakers for the brain, new ways to help after heart attack and

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 09 Aug 22MB

    DrKarl: 9 Aug12 Mars Curiosity

    On the latest edition of the Naked Scientist: More on the Mars Curiosity expedition. Why we eat less food as we get

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 06 Aug 12MB

    DrKarl: 6Aug12: Nasa's Mission to Mars

    On the latest edition of the Naked Scientist: NASA's mission to the red planet. Do elephants purr? And how do

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 02 Aug 23MB

    DrKarl: 02 Jul 12

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss how much you should chew food, why some substances conduct electricity while others don't,

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 30 Jul 12MB

    Naked Scientist:30Jul12: Sir Steve Redgrave on the 2012 Games

    In this edition - It's the first week of the 2012 Olympics, and the Naked Scientists have been looking at what science

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 26 Jul 23MB

    DrKarl 26 Jul 12: Mine! Mine! Mine! Just what are those seagulls saying?

    Dr Rhod and Dr Karl discuss blood pressure (What affects it?), long bridges (How strong do they need to be?) and

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 23 Jul 11MB

    Naked Scientists: 23 Jul 12

    Dr Chris Smith tells Dotun about the rage of rats and new developments in our knowledge of DNA and RNA

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 20 Jul 23MB

    DrKarl 19 Jul 12: Energy efficiency for fun and profit

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod are on hand to answer science questions posed by our texters, emailers and callers.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 16 Jul 13MB

    Naked Scientists: 16 Jul 12

    Dr Chris Smith and company talk trout snouts, galaxies with no stars and discuss a very surprising new use for silk.

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 12 Jul 23MB

    DrKarl: 13 Jul 12 : The God Particle

    Rhod Sharp and Dr Karl are joined by Steven Goldfarb from CERN to answer questions about the search for the Higgs Boson.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 09 Jul 14MB

    Naked Scientist 09 Jul 12: Life after Higgs and explosive secrets

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists with the week's science news. Do we have the Higgs Boson and why were Cambridge

    Duration: 30 mins

  • 05 Jul 23MB

    DrKarl: 05 Jul 12: The Higgs Boson and all that

    The discovery of the Higgs Boson is the focus of the debate. Dr Karl tells us it could take anytime between 10 and 100

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 28 Jun 20MB

    DrKarl: 28 Jun 12: Rifling and salty water

    Andy Crane sits in for Rhod Sharp, and he and Dr Karl discuss why rifle bullets fly more truly when they rotate, and

    Duration: 42 mins

  • 25 Jun 13MB

    Naked Scientist: 25 Jun 12

    The Naked Scientist describes how to win friends and influence people, how to halt Huntington's disease, and finds out

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 21 Jun 22MB

    DrKarl: 22 Jun 12 the Multiverse

    On the latest edition of Dr Karl -why we need the Multiverse, why the earth's core is so hot and new discoveries about

    Duration: 47 mins

  • 18 Jun 12MB

    DrKarl: 18 JUN 12 Plants that punish animals

    On the Naked Scientists this weekwhy ministers say A levels aren’t up to scratch and what one exam board are doing

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 14 Jun 21MB

    DrKarl 14 Jun 12: Lengthy hairs, monatomic gold and breathing in particles

    Dr Karl and Dr Giles explore questions about hair length, the existence of monatomic gold and whether you should breathe

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 11 Jun 11MB

    Naked Scientist: 11 Jun 12

    A look at ways to predict where Malaria may strike, and a way to help dyslexics read more easily.

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 07 Jun 23MB

    DrKarl 07 June 12: Tastebuds, Water and Tracking Venus

    Dr Karl discusses the transit of Venus. We discuss the quirky characteristics of water, find out why the taste of food

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 04 Jun 12MB

    Naked Scientist: 04 Jun 12

    This week Dr Chris Smith has spent time finding out about the science being done in Norway including some intriguing

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 31 May 23MB

    DrKarl: 31 MAY Botany Bay

    This week find out how Botany Bay increased our understanding of the world and whether hoping is better than jumping?

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 28 May 13MB

    Naked Scientist 28 May 12: Tasty tomatoes and giant diamonds

    This week Dr Chris Smith and his Naked Scientist colleagues report on the chemical recipe for making tomatoes taste

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 24 May 22MB

    DrKarl: 24 May 12: what mircowaves can do to wifi

    On the latest edition of Dr Karl, how your microwave oven can interfere with your home Wi-Fi. How to control the Flow of

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 17 May 23MB

    DrKarl: 17 May 12: Walking with coffee

    How can you walk without splilling coffee, and can actor Anne Hathaway affect the world economy?

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 14 May 12MB

    Naked Scientist 14 May 12: Windy Dinosaurs and the Missile Chimp

    Science news with Dr Chris Smith and colleagues. This edition; burning up body fat, the reason why dinosaurs with wind

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 10 May 23MB

    DrKarl 10 May 12: Where do seeds come from?

    Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod to answer your science questions. This week; where do all the seeds come from and an eyewitness to

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 08 May 23MB

    DrKarl 03 May 12: Food special as Prof Charles comes on board

    Dr Rhod and Dr Karl are joined by food specialist Professor Charles Spence to deal with such tricky questions as; where

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 30 Apr 12MB

    DrKarl: Hairy women and homing pigeons 30 APR 12

    Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists explore..: why women have evolved out of having beards and hairy chests, and

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 26 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl 26 Apr 12: Helium balloons, marsupials and coffee cup physics

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss the scarcity of helium, the peculiarities of marsupials and the physics of coffee cups.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 23 Apr 12MB

    DrKarl: Underground water 24 APR 12

    Why there's so much water underground, a new way to work paralysed body parts by reading brain activity, and a way to

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 19 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: Diesel engines and Dr K's new planet 19 APR 12

    Why aren't humans more hairy? How does a diesel engine work and what exactly is Dr Karl's new planet. That's all on the

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 16 Apr 13MB

    DrKarl: Sinking of the Titanic 16 APR 12

    On the weekend of the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, we're taking a look at a NATO technology

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 12 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: Bird and dinosaur eggs 12 Mar 12

    Dr Karl answers listeners' questions about the weird and wonderful world of science, including; the similarity between

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 05 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: 05 Apr 12

    Why it would take 42 minutes to fall down a hole through the centre of the Earth..can we be harmed by fish excrement

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 02 Apr 13MB

    Naked Scientist: Earth's Early Atmosphere

    This week we learn how some 2.7 billion year old fossilised raindrops have revealed what Earth's early atmosphere was

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 29 Mar 23MB

    DrKarl 29 Mar 12: Aspirin, the cold and taste

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss aspirin for daily use, why some people don't seem to feel the cold and why do some people

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 26 Mar 13MB

    Naked Scientist: 26 Mar 12: Heart Attack Predictor

    This week on the Naked Scientist - a way to predict heart attacks that are about to happen, a way to block baldness,

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 22 Mar 23MB

    DrKarl 22 Mar 12: Frozen eyeballs and Einstein's off the hook

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod try to answer your science questions. This week we ponder why animal eyeballs don't freeze in the

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 15 Mar 23MB

    DrKarl 15 Mar 12: Making rain and miraculous LEDs

    Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod to answer your science questions. Counting calories, making rain and LEDs making more light than

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 12 Mar 14MB

    Naked Scientist 12-Mar-12: Antimatter

    On the latest editon of the Naked Scientist - Antimatter, the rules of physics say there should be at least as much

    Duration: 30 mins

  • 08 Mar 23MB

    DrKarl: Solar flares 08 MAR 12

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod join forces to examine solar flares as one heads towards the earth. Microwaves and electromagnetic

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 05 Mar 13MB

    Naked Science: Gentlemen, hippos and silence. 5 Mar 12

    Why the working classes are more gentlemanly than the upper classes, how hippos can select the sex of their offspring,

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 01 Mar 23MB

    Dr Karl 01 Mar 12

    Is the moon moving away from us and what could that meanhow much salt is too muchand why are water molecules like

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 27 Feb 11MB

    Naked Scientist 27 Feb 12: Frozen flowers, feeding foetuses

    Dr Chris Smith and colleagues talk us through the week's science news including the recreation of 30 thousand year old

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 23 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl: Spherical planets 23 FEB 12

    Why juicing greens might not be the best idea, exactly what sound is and why planets are spherical are all under the

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 20 Feb 12MB

    Naked Scientist 20 Feb 12: Computers; from the biggest to one of the smallest and self medicating fruit flies.

    Dr Chris Smith and colleagues explore one of the biggest computers that's getting bigger and one of the smallest

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 16 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl: Migraines 16 Feb 12

    Dr Dotun joins Dr Karl this week. They discuss exactly what causes a migraine, how plants work and give a definitive

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 13 Feb 12MB

    Naked Scientist 13 Feb 12

    Dr Chris discusses vaccines for cancer thanks to a gene from the gut bug Salmonella, and Sir Steve Redgrave pops in to

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 12 Feb 21MB

    DrKarl: google earth and fishing? 09 FEB 12

    Dr Chris Smith from the Naked Scientists joins Rhod to find out what google and fishing have in common and what makes

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 02 Feb 23MB

    DrChris 02 Feb 12: The Cold; Norovirus and Aeroplanes

    Dr Chris joins Rhod for the science phone-in this week. The cold weather is on our minds so; how do aeroplanes behave in

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 30 Jan 13MB

    Naked Science: 30 Jan 12

    Dr Chris & The Naked Scientists with the latest science news

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 26 Jan 20MB

    DrChris: 26 Jan 12

    Dr Chris sits in for Dr Karl and discusses the Northern Lights, global warming and microwaves among other things

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 19 Jan 22MB

    DrKarl: 19 Jan12: Nature's Best Painkillers

    Dr Karl answers listeners' questions about the weird and wonderful world of science, including; why there are groupings

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 16 Jan 11MB

    Naked Scientist 16 Jan 12: Undersea vents, saying no to nicotine patches and bird flu

    Dr Chris Smith and colleagues with the latest science stories. This week; the deepest undersea vents ever discovered,

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 12 Jan 21MB

    DrKarl: Does electrcity flow? 12 JAN 2011

    Does electricity flow and why do we get referred pain? Dr Chris Smith from the Naked Scientists sits in for Dr Karl who

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 09 Jan 13MB

    Naked Science: 09 Jan 12: Silk Worms & Deafness

    In this weeks Naked Scientists Dr Chris Smith looks at silk worms that spin spider silk, and a gene linked to human

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 05 Jan 23MB

    DrChris 05 Jan 12: Looking at Moon, the longevity of birds and the truth about vitamins.

    Dr Chris of the Naked Scientists joins Rhod to answer our callers science questions. Will NASA's new mission to the Moon

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 29 Dec 23MB

    DrChris 29 Dec 11: Cataracts, wheels spinning backwards and how many colds can you have at once?

    Dr Chris from the Naked Scientists is in the chair this week answering our caller's science questions. Chief amoung

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 22 Dec 23MB

    DrKarl: Pain, pleasure, viruses & the North star, 22 Dec 11

    Dr Chris stands in for Dr Karl talking to Dotun about self-destructive viruses, the North star, pain & pleasure

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 19 Dec 12MB

    Naked Scientist 19 Dec 11: Brussels sprouts, a mystery explained

    Dr Chris and colleagues explore what happens when stars collide, the tricks mosquitos use and the reasons why serving

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 15 Dec 23MB

    DrKarl: Is it Dr Karl? No, it's Dr Chris! 15 DEC 11

    Of course we have some Higgs Boson questions and a host of other queries including are bubbles good for the washing up?

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 12 Dec 12MB

    NakedScientist 12 Dec 11: Bed bugs return and taxi drivers brains

    Dr Chris and colleagues explain why bed bugs are making a come back; and how taxi-driving boosts the size of certain

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 08 Dec 22MB

    DrChris: 08 Dec 11: How do pies burn?

    Dr Chris stands in for Dr Karl, and among the questions he fields is. why do pies in the oven burn from the outside

    Duration: 47 mins

  • 05 Dec 13MB

    Naked Scientist: Headers and doctored pics. 5 Dec 12

    The naked scientists ask if taking headers can cause brain damage, how to spot digitally doctored pictures, and they

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 01 Dec 23MB

    DrKarl: 01 Dec 12 : Jim Lovell's Calculations

    A look at Jim Lovell's life-saving calculations on board Apollo 13 a few hours after they got auctioned off.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 24 Nov 17MB

    DrKarl 24 Nov 11: On the road with Dr Karl

    This week Dr Karl is in the back of a car speeding north to a book signing. Undaunted, and slightly truncated, the good

    Duration: 36 mins

  • 21 Nov 12MB

    Nakedscientist: The brain and the diet 21 NOV 11

    Scientists have discovered a network of nerve cells that signal what's in what we've eaten and news of neutrinos that

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 14 Nov 12MB

    Naked Scientist:14 Nov 11 : Flu Jabs and primordial gas

    Details of a UK study called the Flu Survey aiming to work out how effective the flu jab is. Dr Chris and the team also

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 10 Nov 23MB

    DrKarl 10 Nov 11: Dance, parasites and flues

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss the power of interpretative dance, parasites that could make you take risks and why gas

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 09 Nov 25MB

    DrKarl 03 Nov 11: Umami, napping and perfect vacuums

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss the fifth flavour, the ideal nap duration and the impossibility of perfect vacuums.

    Duration: 54 mins

  • 27 Oct 22MB

    DrKarl: What's the good of multi-vitamins? 27 OCT 11

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod are joined by Alastair Reynolds, a sci fi author and former European Space Agency

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 25 Oct 12MB

    The Naked Scientist 24 Oct 11: Carving and Microgravity

    The new Christmas must have gadget – a kitchen that teaches you to cook and carve correctly and in French. And a

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 20 Oct 23MB

    DrKarl: 20 Oct 11: Upside down rainbows

    Dr Karl answers listeners' weird and wonderful questions about the world of science, which include - why woodsmoke can

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 13 Oct 23MB

    DrKarl: 13 Oct 11 Medium wave radio signals and more

    Dr Karl and 'Dr' Rhod once again answer all your science questions

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 10 Oct 12MB

    Naked Scientist: 10.10.11 The Oscars of the Sciences

    This week's edition of the Naked Scientist - how Earth came by its water - scientists think they've found the place in

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 06 Oct 23MB

    DrKarl:Science phone in 06 OCT 11

    Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod to answer all your science related questions.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 03 Oct 14MB

    The Naked Scientists: Plastic fantastic 03 OCT 11

    Find out more about the amazing powers of plastics, china's increasing space programme and how bacteria could be used

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 29 Sep 23MB

    DrKarl: 29 Sept 11 Particles and the speed of light

    Dr Karl joins Rhod to answer all this weeks science questions.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 26 Sep 11MB

    The Naked Scientist 26 Sep 11

    The slipperiest substance ever made, and the workings of DEET – the world’s best insect repellent

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 22 Sep 20MB

    DrKarl: 22Sept11: Why birds are modern day dinosaurs?

    Can viruses be used as medical cures? Why birds are modern day dinosaurs?And how good is a fish's memory? just some of

    Duration: 43 mins

  • 19 Sep 12MB

    The Naked Scientist: X-ray vision 19 SEP 11

    This week, scientists with superhero x-ray vision well almost, the CT scanning system capable of handling some very

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 15 Sep 24MB

    DrKarl: And the case of the gravitational diet 15 SEP 11

    Are copper bands copper bottomed? Do you weigh less in the day than you do at night? Plus our old favourite String

    Duration: 52 mins

  • 12 Sep 13MB

    DrKarl 12 Sep 11: MIssing Links

    In this special edition Dr Chris visits Lee Berger, at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to see the

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 09 Sep 12MB

    The Naked Scientists: Pro or anti biotic? 05-SEP-11

    Dr Chris and his team discuss the virtues of yoghurt on the brain. Flat lenses and ice cold bacteria are also on the

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 08 Sep 23MB

    DrKarl: Supernovas and an atom bomb detonates 08 SEPT 11

    The benefits of biting your nails, supernovas and what happens when an atom bomb detonantes are all put under the

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 01 Sep 18MB

    DrKarl: Why rocket thrusters work on the moon 01 SEPT 11

    Dr Karl and Dr Rhod tackle why rocket thrusters work on the moon, what makes night fall, why rain doesn't hurt us and

    Duration: 39 mins

  • 29 Aug 13MB

    DrKarl: The sun always shines in Scotland 29 AUG 11

    This week Dr Chrs and the naked scientists go to the University of Aberdeen to meet a scientist who's exploring the

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 25 Aug 23MB

    DrKarl: Stars and Supernovas 25 AUG 11

    Dr Karl joins Rhod and as always tackles all your science questions.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 22 Aug 12MB

    The Naked Scientist: 22 Aug 11 Muscular Dystrophy

    Chris takes a look at work being done in Italy that may create a new treatment for muscular dystrophy

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 18 Aug 23MB

    DrKarl: Peppermints, Chillies & Receptors

    Dr Karl answers all your science related questions.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 15 Aug 11MB

    DrKarl: how many bubbles in your bath? 15 AUG 11

    which is warmer, a bath with bubbles in it or one without? Just one of the stranger science stories tackled this week

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 11 Aug 23MB

    DrKarl: 11 Aug 11

    The effects of adrenalin, the length of time tannins stay in the body and how long does the air last if someone's stuck

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 11 Aug 11MB

    TheNakedScientist: 8 AUG 11 Vampire bats

    How vampire bats home in on the jugular, why some depressions look like expressions and the world's scientific healdines

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 04 Aug 20MB

    DrKarl: 04 Aug 11 Rainbows and Spiders' Webs

    Dr Karl explains "Mackerel Skies", discusses a UFO sighting by a 5 live sportreader and discusses how spiders can link

    Duration: 43 mins

  • 28 Jul 19MB

    DrKarl: How do you tow an iceberg?

    The fate of matter that gets sucked into a black hole, the genetic implications of organ transplants, and the use of

    Duration: 40 mins

  • 21 Jul 22MB

    DrKarl 21 Jul 11: Moonshine and waves

    Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod to explain why the moon glows, how waves wave and how sound is heard in the ear.

    Duration: 47 mins

  • 14 Jul 24MB

    DrKarl: noise quenching curtains, 14 Jul 11

    Dr Karl joins Rhod to answer your science questions. This week includes a look into curtains that 'quench' noise and an

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 11 Jul 10MB

    The Naked Scientist: 11 JUL 11 Dr Chris discovers the identity of Stem Cells!

    In this week's fascinating look at all things science, Dr. Chris explains why some scientists subjected volunteers to

    Duration: 20 mins

  • 07 Jul 23MB

    DrKarl: 8 Jul 11 The Strange Sound of the MRI Scanner

    Dr Karl joins Rhod to answer all your science questions

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 30 Jun 19MB

    DrKarl: 30 Jun 10: hard water and a cuppa

    This week Dr Chris Smith stands in for Dr Karl to answer listeners'weird and wonderful questions about the world of

    Duration: 41 mins

  • 27 Jun 12MB

    DrKarl: Why do birds suddenly appear? 27 JUNE 11

    Birds of a feather flock together, but why? Hear how GPS and a pigeon have found the answer. Dr Chris Smith and the

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 23 Jun 24MB

    DrKarl: Australia's 10th most trusted man 23 JUN 11

    Dr Karl who has been voted Australia's 10th most trusted man joins Rhod to answer your science questions, which this

    Duration: 51 mins

  • 20 Jun 11MB

    The Naked Scientist:20June11: Dinasour Inspired Planes

    Dr Chris with all the latest science news.

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 16 Jun 23MB

    DrKarl: The multiverse and beyond 16 JUN 11

    This week Dr Karl takes you into the mysterious world of the multiverse and beyond! Plus how old before bald? The genius

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 13 Jun 11MB

    The Naked Scientist: 13 June 11 The Next Generation Of Hearing Aids

    Dr Chris with this weeks science news.

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 09 Jun 23MB

    DrKarl: 9June2011. Keeping those cards safe

    Dr Karl joins 'Dr'Rhod to answer all your science related questions

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 06 Jun 12MB

    DrKarl: 6 Jun 11: hard of hearing fish

    This week's edition of the Naked Scientist looks at how rising carbon dioxide levels are deafening fish to the sounds of

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 02 Jun 23MB

    DrKarl: Fracking 02 JUN 11

    Looking into a transparent world, the truth about fracking and the REAL difference between cats and dogs. Those are the

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 30 May 12MB

    DrKarl: The shape of things to come 30 MAY 11

    On the Naked Scientists this week find out how to measure the shape of something very very very very small, and we go

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 23 May 11MB

    The Naked Scientist: 23 May 11: Organ Transplants

    A look at a possible breakthrough in organ transplantation plus what is the optimum amount of petrol to have in your

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 19 May 23MB

    DrKarl: Climate Change Special 19 MAY 11

    Climate change is on the agenda this week. Dr Karl and Rhod are joined by speical guest Professor Naomi Oreskes. Also

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 16 May 6MB

    The Naked Scientist 16 May 11: A Highland postcard

    Dr Chris has been taking the Highland air and speaking at the University of Aberdeen's Word festival this week. But that

    Duration: 13 mins

  • 12 May 23MB

    DrKarl: Former smokers and the smell of cigarettes: 12 May 11

    Why do former smokers still want to smoke but hate the smell of cigarettes? Are black sheep more likely to be struck by

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 09 May 12MB

    The Naked Scientist 09 May 11: One puff gets you hooked.

    Dr Chris and colleagues with the latest science news, question of the week and the results of work done at the

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 05 May 23MB

    DrKarl: Electrocution can be good for you. 05 May 2011

    Dr Karl explains how passing electricity through your brain can make you more creative, examines prehistoric giant ants

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 02 May 12MB

    The Naked Scientist 02 May 11: American Special

    Dr Chris with snapshots from his recent trip to America. He's been speaking to the amputee who controls his prosthetic

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 28 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: Why does the moon always face us? 28 APR 11

    Dr Karl joins Rhod to answer all your science related questions

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 21 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: Walking through bands of warm air how? 21 APR 11

    Dr Karl and Rhod answer all your science related questions

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 18 Apr 11MB

    The Naked Scientist: The power of conversation: 18 APR 11

    How conversation carried early man out of Africa, what keeps a bike balanced and how to study schizophrenia in a petri

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 14 Apr 23MB

    DrKarl: Compression socks good idea? 14 APR 11

    Dr Karl joins Rhod to answer an array of science questions.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 11 Apr 11MB

    DrKarl: The eyes have it! 11 APR 11

    We head to Japan this week to find out how retinas are being grown in dishes which could hold the key to restoring some

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 07 Apr 17MB

    DrKarl: under the sea and beyond the stars 07 APR 11

    How deep under the sea can you dive, and what shape should your submarine be? When you boil water for a second time,

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 04 Apr 11MB

    The Naked Scientist: 04 Apr 11: Slowing space probes

    Are the “worm” graphs displayed during live televised political debates biasing voters? Is there a chemical cure

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 31 Mar 22MB

    DrKarl: A special look at radiation 31 Mar 11

    How serious to health are the leaks from the Fukishima nuclear plant? Dotun and Dr Karl are joined by Professor Dr Dale

    Duration: 46 mins

  • 28 Mar 11MB

    The Naked Scientist 28 MAR 11

    This week we hear about a breakthrough in the skin cancer melanoma, how scientists have managed for the first time to

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 24 Mar 23MB

    DrKarl: Have you heard about the bird? 24 MAR 11

    How do birds hear if they have a hole through their heads? Where does matter come from? Just some of the questions put

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 21 Mar 9MB

    DrKarl: A turn for sperm, 21 Mar 11

    Dr Karl discusses a breakthrough in how sperm get turned on: scientists have discovered how the female hormone

    Duration: 20 mins

  • 17 Mar 23MB

    DrKarl: 17 MAR 11 Nuclear questions, nuclear answers.

    Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility seems to be on everyone's mind tonight. Dr Karl endeavours to answer those

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 14 Mar 12MB

    DrKarl: 14 Mar 11 Japan earthquake and tsunami

    The Naked Scientist this week analyses how big the earthquake and tsunami in Japan have been, asks how diamonds can help

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 10 Mar 23MB

    DrKarl: Stale Cake Hard, Stale Biscuits Soft, Why?

    Dr Karl joins Rhod to answer all the latest science questions.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 07 Mar 12MB

    The Naked Scientist: Key to the next generation of computer chip, 07 Mar 11

    On the latest edition of The Naked Scientist - a new technique that could hold the key to the next generation of

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 03 Mar 18MB

    DrKarl: Jamie Oliver's Yorkshire puds, 03 Mar 11

    Jamie Oliver asks our very own Naked Scientist, Dr Chris why his yorkshire puddings are better than those made by his

    Duration: 39 mins

  • 28 Feb 9MB

    DrKarl: The back bone's connected to the....28 FEB 11

    How ancient bones are about to help us to treat modern bad backs and breakthroughs in heart disease and melanoma

    Duration: 19 mins

  • 24 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl: Exoplanets and the universe 24 FEB 11

    Dr Chris sits in for Dr Karl and the universe is the main topic of conversation. The origins of the first exoplanets,

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 21 Feb 11MB

    DrKarl: Science news in Washington with Dr Chris

    Dr Chris Smith with news from the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Washington.

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 17 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl: Solar flares and upside down rivers 17 FEB 11

    How could solar flares disrupt global communications? Have you ever heard of upside down rivers? Dr Karl and for a

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 14 Feb 12MB

    DrKarl: The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith

    Evidence that eating oily fish can reduce the risk of developing some common forms of blindness and a clever new way to

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 10 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl: The number of stars in the sky, 10 Feb 11

    Dr Dotun sits in with Dr Karl as they discuss the shadows of the sun, why snow keeps you warm and the different uses for

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 07 Feb 12MB

    DrKarl: This weeks science news with Dr Chris Smith

    Dr Chris Smith and the team are here with all the latest science news.

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 03 Feb 23MB

    DrKarl: Science phone in 03-02-2011

    Once again Dr Karl attempts to answer all your science related questions.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 31 Jan 12MB

    DrKarl: 310110

    On this week's edition of Dr Chris Smith looks at Leprosy Day, which is intended to raise awareness of the 250,000 new

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 27 Jan 21MB

    DrKarl: The Great Dividing Ridge, 27 Jan 11

    Dr Karl journeys across the spine of the Great Dividing Ridge in Australia plus other adventures in science.

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 24 Jan 10MB

    DrKarl: The mouse and the immune system. 24 JAN 10

    The Naked Scientists take a look at how a mouse with a human immune system is helping treat HIV sufferers. Cancer that

    Duration: 21 mins

  • 20 Jan 23MB

    DrKarl: Science phone in

    Dr Chris, The Naked Scientist joins Rhod to answer all your science questions.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 17 Jan 11MB

    THE NAKED SCIENTIST The science of drumming - 17 JAN 11

    A new technique that makes the production of computer chips a piece of cake, the science of drumming and all of the

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 13 Jan 23MB

    DrKarl: The affect of music 13 JAN 11

    Dr Chris keeps Dr Karl's chair warm and looks at why music affects us so much, why when you dunk biscuits in your tea

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 10 Jan 13MB

    DrKarl: The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith

    Amongst this weeks topics why going topless can harm your hearing and more about a new IVF study

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 06 Jan 22MB

    Dr Chris and 1,000 dead birds falling from the sky

    Dr Chris explains the flu vaccine, tackles the phenomenon of dead birds falling from the Arkansas sky and gives us the

    Duration: 46 mins

  • 03 Jan 12MB

    Naked Scientist; In Oz, part 2. 3 Jan 11

    Tracking sharks, gladiatorial bees and giant radio telescopes in a second special Australian edition of the Naked

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 30 Dec 22MB

    DrKarl: How much a whale can eat. 30 December 10

    How much a whale eats, the real reason behind England's Ashes victory, how the human body reacts to the extreme cold and

    Duration: 47 mins

  • 23 Dec 23MB

    DrKarl: 23/12/10

    In this edition Dr Karl answers your weird and wonderful questions from listeners about the world of science.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 16 Dec 19MB

    DrKarl: Science phone in 16 Dec

    Dr Chris sitting in for Dr Karl with Giles answers all your science related questions.

    Duration: 42 mins

  • 13 Dec 12MB

    The Naked Scientist - 13 Dec 2010

    This week we're taking a look at a breakthrough in understanding Alzheimer's Disease. We also find out why someone sent

    Duration: 26 mins

  • 09 Dec 21MB

    DrKarl: Science phone in

    Dr Karl answers all your science questions.

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 06 Dec 11MB

    The Naked Scientist: 6th Dec 2010

    Under the microscope this week we've got the bacteria that made headlines by using arsenic instead of phosphorus; so is

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 02 Dec 23MB

    DrKarl: The mole rats are coming!!!. 02 DEC 10

    Run for your lives the mole rats are coming! Well maybe not, but they don't drink water and do eat their own faeces.

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 29 Nov 11MB

    Naked Scientist: Aids, Forgetful Flyers and Saturnian Moons

    This week Doctor Chris and colleagues look at the latest Aids research ahead of the 30th anniversary of the

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 25 Nov 20MB

    DrKarl: The formula for gripe water

    Why the earth is pear-shaped, Newton's first law and the formula for gripe water occupy Dr Karl and Dr Rhod this week.

    Duration: 42 mins