How computers and digital technology affect our lives around the world. Presented by Gareth Mitchell. Available for download weekly on Tuesdays.

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  • 25 Nov 14: Amnesty: Detekt; Thinkable; Slush; Tony Sale Computer Conservation Award

    Tue, 25 Nov 14

    33 mins

    29 days remaining

    Software to protect targeted human rights activists from online surveillance; Ben McNeil describes the new model for science research via crowdfunding; Mark Bosworth reports on Helsinki’s biggest ever tech event; A report on the winners of the latest Tony Sale computer conservation award

    Download 16MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • 18 Nov 14: Phones Mapping Ebola; Philippines Disaster Map; Ideas for Smart Cities Foundation; Hooked

    Tue, 18 Nov 14

    35 mins

    22 days remaining

    Using of cell phone positioning data to map the spread of Ebola; Vishva Samani reports on crowdsourcing disaster maps in the Philippines; How to make smart cities smarter and playable; Nir Eyal describes how to get hooked by and unhooked from tech

    Download 16MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • 11 Nov 14: Missing Maps; Hungarian Internet Tax; HacKIDemia & Meaning Conference; Vulture 2

    Tue, 11 Nov 14

    35 mins

    15 days remaining

    MSF harness the knowledge of volunteers to help map crisis areas; Hungarian protests are credited with postponing the Internet tax; Stefania Druga discusses harnessing the creative power of children; A reports on plans to launch a 3D printed rocket, Vulture 2

    Download 17MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • Open Data Revolution

    Tue, 4 Nov 14

    32 mins

    8 days remaining

    Can open data enable all of us to become artists? Click debates the evolution of open data

    Download 15MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • 28 Oct 14: The Information Age

    Tue, 28 Oct 14

    40 mins

    1 day remaining

    The highs and lows of the Information Age explored at London’s Science Museum.

    Download 19MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

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