How computers and digital technology affect our lives around the world. Presented by Gareth Mitchell. Available for download weekly on Tuesdays.

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              • Right to be forgotten; MSF innovation; The Slave’s Lament; Hits in the genes

                Tue, 19 May 15

                41 mins

                27 days remaining

                Goggle defends its stance on the right to be forgotten; MSF drones to the rescue; Digital spin on the Slave's Lament; The science of deconstructing music hits

                Download 19MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

              • Peace and Paranoia: digital art at the Venice Biennale

                Tue, 12 May 15

                32 mins

                20 days remaining

                The highlights from the Venice Biennale which this year puts the USA secret services under scrutiny

                Download 15MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

              • Facebook's U-turn on; Rebuilding Vanuatu with smartphones; Kenyan app to combat terrorism; eRadiators; Gauge

                Tue, 5 May 15

                35 mins

                13 days remaining

                Facebook's opens to all developers; Rebuilding Vanuatu with the help of smartphones; Kenyan app that aims to combat terrorism; Using Cloud Server power to heat homes; Gauge: composing with water

                Download 16MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

              • Nepal Mapping Disaster; GyroSet; Do Not Track; CODE

                Tue, 28 Apr 15

                38 mins

                6 days remaining

                The mapping volunteers helping to pinpoint areas of need after the earthquake in Nepal; New technology that offers to help people with paralysis and others who are wheelchair bound; A multi-part web series based around privacy, surveillance and the economy of the web; A film by Robin Hauser Reynolds about the under-representation of women in technology and what can be done about it

                Download 18MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

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