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The first of its kind for the production community, the CoP Show from the BBC College of Production provides practical advice on all aspects of TV, radio and online production. In conversation with industry experts, TV and radio creatives and technologists. We also publish on this feed CoP Talks, special editions recorded in front of a studio audience.

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  • CoP Show: Richard Herring on podcasting 21 Nov 2014

    Fri, 21 Nov 14

    19 mins

    In this specially recorded session from the Radio Academy's Radio Festival 2014, Richard Herring, comedian, writer, online trailblazer and creator of the semi-legendary Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, chats to Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd about how he has become a podcasting sensation. He talks about how he shapes his brand, about mixing in free content and about engaging with his audience by building an active Herring community.

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  • CoP Show: Iain Lee - how to do radio 21 Nov 2014

    Fri, 21 Nov 14

    20 mins

    Go behind the scenes with Iain and Katherine as they lift the lid on their Radio Academy Award winning breakfast show for BBC Three Counties Radio. They talk about how they decide which stories to run, how to get the best out of callers and why awkward moments on air aren'™t necessarily a bad thing.

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  • CoP Show: Welcome Back: 20 Nov 2014

    Thu, 20 Nov 14

    16 mins

    Encouraging and equipping BAME professionals to re-enter the TV industry with renewed confidence and up to date knowledge - a special podcast from the BBC Academy Welcome Back event.

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  • CoP Show: Desert Island Discs

    Thu, 13 Nov 14

    28 mins

    From 1942 to the present day – Desert Island Discs is one of BBC Radio’s longest-running programmes. In this special recording from the Radio Academy Radio Festival, journalist, broadcaster and presenter Kirsty Young answers questions about life on the mythical island. In this Q&A session led by Radio 4 broadcaster Jane Garvey, Kirsty describes how she approaches each interview, shares some of her favourite moments and takes you behind the scenes of one of the nation’s favourite programmes.

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  • CoP Show: Peaky Blinders executive producer Jamie Glazebrook 06 Nov 2014

    Thu, 6 Nov 14

    31 mins

    This week we hear from executive producer of BBC Two’s Peaky Blinders, Jamie Glazebrook. The session was recorded in Birmingham at the BBC Academy and Creative Skillset training day,‘Get your next job in drama.’ Jamie tells host Marverine Cole about the key ingredients that have made both series such critical successes and gives his insights into how the crew, from production designer Grant Montgomery to directors Otto Bathurst and Colm McCarthy, shaped the look, feel and sound of the series. He also highlights and discusses the vital relationship of trust between writer Steven Knight and production company Tiger Aspect who respected his vision.

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  • CoP Show: Get your next job in drama 30 Oct 2014

    Thu, 30 Oct 14

    33 mins

    From Doctors to Line of Duty, drama production in Birmingham is firmly on the map again, meaning great opportunities for TV freelancers. But how do you spot and create opportunities for your next big role? A panel of drama and media experts give us their insights.

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  • CoP Show: Peaky Blinders director Colm McCarthy 23 Oct 2014

    Thu, 23 Oct 14

    31 mins

    Colm McCarthy, director of hit series including Sherlock and Doctor Who, has an impressive record of imposing a clear visual style and tone on his work, and talks to us about the latest production of Peaky Blinders. He tells us how the distinct style of series one informed the new series, and talks about the practical challenges of working with writer, production designers and cast to give colour to the scenes. He shares his views on the key relationships that determine the success of a production – between the director and assistant director; director and director of photography; director and editors; and of course the director and cast like Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. Colm talks about the process of shooting and editing on a series like Peaky Blinders, and shares what he thinks have been the most enjoyable and successful elements of the production. He finishes by giving his advice for directors taking their first steps towards a career in directing drama.

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  • CoP Show: Fresh Voices - Investing In New Talent 16 Oct 2014

    Thu, 16 Oct 14

    17 mins

    This is a special edition of the CoP Show podcast recorded at the Radio Academy's Radio Festival 2014. 2014 has been a big year so far for entry-level radio trainees, with more developments in the offing. In this session, Bauer, Global, the indies and the BBC come together to explain how they’re finding and nurturing the radio talent of tomorrow. Peter Curran introduces Courtnay McLeod from the Bauer Media Academy, Darren Henley from Classic FM, David Prest from Whistledown and Simon Broad from the BBC Academy. The session produced by Matthew Barraclough.

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  • CoP Show: Podcasting - 10 years on

    Wed, 15 Oct 14

    18 mins

    This a special edition of the CoP show podcast, recorded at the Radio Academy’s Radio Festival 2014. This recording was taken from one of the sessions at the Radio Festival 2014. Host Peter Curran discusses how to develop a podcast, how to get funding and asks, does it pay? On the panel, successful practitioners of the art of podcasting Helen Zaltzman, Roo Reynolds and Leila Johnston.

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  • CoP Show: Breaking new artists on radio Oct 14 2014

    Tue, 14 Oct 14

    22 mins

    This is a special edition of the CoP Show podcast, taken from the session, “Breaking Bad? Can Radio Alone Still Break New Artists?”. It was recorded at the Radio Academy's Radio Festival 2014. In this podcast Kerrang FM’s Kate Lawler talks to Korda Marshall, director of the music label Infectious Music UK and Capital presenter JLS’s Marvin Humes about whether radio has managed to retain its place in breaking new acts, or whether sites like Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud have forced it to take a back seat.

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