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              The first of its kind for the production community, the CoP Show from the BBC College of Production provides practical advice on all aspects of TV, radio and online production. In conversation with industry experts, TV and radio creatives and technologists. We also publish on this feed CoP Talks, special editions recorded in front of a studio audience.

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              • CoP Show: radio producer/presenter relationship - getting it right 21 May 2015

                Thu, 21 May 15

                11 mins

                In this podcast we speak to presenters and producers alike including Capital Xtra’s Marvin Humes, Radio 1Xtra’s Yasmin Evans, Radio 1’s Greg James and award-winning BBC Three Counties presenter Iain Lee on what radio producers do and how having a great the producer/presenter relationship is beneficial to both roles. The producer/presenter relationship is such a vital aspect to radio that Greg James says he wouldn’t be the presenter he is today without his producers. Both parties have to trust, support and give each other the confidence to grow. But how do you go about building the relationship to get to that stage? We find out in this podcast.

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              • CoP Show: Shark - meet producer Simon Blakeney 07 May 15

                Thu, 7 May 15

                20 mins

                Bloodthirsty hunters or social and complex creatures? Natural History Unit producer Simon Blakeney talks to us about the making of the landmark series Shark, a new three part trilogy by the BBC's Natural History Unit.

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              • CoP Show: Social media and the law 23 Apr 2015

                Thu, 23 Apr 15

                40 mins

                What place do traditional broadcasters have in this ever-evolving online world? Is there really one law for broadcasters like the BBC and another for nameless individuals? Gathered around the table to discuss social media, broadcasting and the law are Anna Doble, online editor from BBC Newsbeat, Mark Frankel, assistant editor from BBC Social News, and producer Tim Johns from BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show.

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              • CoP Show: Fresh views on Radio 4 12 March 2015

                Thu, 12 Mar 15

                30 mins

                In this podcast, we meet some of the latest intake from the BBC'€™s Radio Journalism Apprenticeship scheme - Ben Mitchell, Daniel Parker, Kathryn Twelvetree and Thomas Harding Assinder. They take a fresh look at one of the new ways to get on the media career ladder.

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              • CoP Show: Expert Voices: finding BAME talent March 5 2015

                Thu, 5 Mar 15

                15 mins

                Expert Voices is a nationwide BBC initiative which aims to get more Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) experts from a wide range of fields on air and on screen. The all-day training events give delegates the chance to meet senior industry figures, share their own knowledge and expertise with other like-minded people and to learn skills that could help them work on air as contributors or presenters. We joined the event in Birmingham to talk to delegates about their experiences as they learnt to take part in television interviews, radio panel discussions and also recording pieces to camera. Most importantly they received feedback from media experts including keynote speaker BBC Asian Network DJ Noreen Khan, former Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere and journalist and broadcaster Marvarine Cole.

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              • CoP Show: RTS Futures Career Fair 26 Feb 2015

                Thu, 26 Feb 15

                18 mins

                We went to the RTS Futures Careers Event – the first of its kind – to speak to broadcasters such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as organisations such as the Mama Youth Project and Creative Access, to find out exactly what schemes they had on offer. You'll also hear from apprentices past and present as they talk about their experiences of applying, what they did during the scheme and what they've done afterwards. So whether you want to get into development, become a journalist or want to do the artwork for productions like Channel 4’s Indian Summers, there’s a scheme for you!

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              • CoP Show: production designer Pat Campbell 19 Feb 2015

                Thu, 19 Feb 15

                15 mins

                In this podcast we hear from Pat Campbell, production designer on the hugely successful BBC drama Wolf Hall starring Mark Rylance and Damien Lewis. Pat outlines the role of the production designer on set and tells us about the starting process for any project - scouting for locations. She also talks about the scale of the art department with its many different roles, discusses the relationship of production designer with other members of the production team and also reveals how she got into this field.

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              • CoP Show: costume designer Joanna Eatwell 12 Feb 2015

                Thu, 12 Feb 15

                22 mins

                In this podcast we hear from costume designer Joanna Eatwell, lead designer on the landmark BBC adaptation Wolf Hall starring Mark Rylance and Damien Lewis. She tells us how she "œfell into" costume design initially training in theatre and moving on to work in music videos - but now with nearly thirty years™ experience under her belt, she describes it as "the best job in the world." She talks to us about the research process for each project, outlines the range of roles within the costume team, and offers her advice for anyone interested in getting into the industry. Joanna's wide body of work ranges from films like Hawking starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and Sex,Drugs & Rock & Roll, the biography of Ian Dury. She was nominated for a BAFTA and a Royal Television Society Award for her work on the film Eric & Ernie, and she has also worked on TV series like Channel 4's The Mill and BBC One's The Paradise.

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              • CoP Show: First steps - in the edit 05 Feb 2015

                Thu, 5 Feb 15

                25 mins

                From ingesting to cutting to colour correcting, editing can be one of the most time consuming and costly processes of programme making. In this podcast, we go back to basics with editor Garry Paton, and discuss what editing is, who’s involved, why it matters to your production and how to overcome the challenges to make the editing process a little smoother.

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              • CoP Show: Sarah Solemani - writing comedy and drama

                Thu, 29 Jan 15

                9 mins

                How easy is it to go from acting to writing drama or comedy? Sarah Solemani, star of Bad Education and Him and Her, talks about her writing for BBC One's The Secrets and beyond.

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