Commonwealth Connections

Commonwealth Connections

Commonwealth Connections world music from all the Commonwealth countries for Radio 3’s World on 3 broadcast on Fridays 11pm-1am. Musicians, sportspeople and cultural figures introduce the music from their countries recorded on location.

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  • 02 Aug 6MB

    Heritage Track: Belize

    The Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia is a politician, lawyer and broadcaster. The only woman of the 31 members of Belize's

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 27 Jul 18MB

    Trinidad and Tobago

    Within these small Islands, steelpan orchestras are an integral part of daily life. The Pamberi pan yard on the

    Duration: 19 mins

  • 26 Jul 8MB

    Heritage Track: Nauru

    Measuring eight square miles with a total coastline of eighteen and a half miles and a population of just over nine

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 26 Jul 19MB


    Kala Ramnath is one of the leading Hindustani musicians of her generation. Born into a dynasty of violin players who

    Duration: 20 mins

  • 19 Jul 5MB

    Heritage Track: Cameroon

    Saxophonist Manu Dibango brought the sound of Cameroon to the world but also brought a bit of the world back into

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 19 Jul 16MB


    Seven kilometres from the world heritage site of Victoria Falls, in the Southern Province lies the rural Mukuni village,

    Duration: 17 mins

  • 12 Jul 4MB

    Heritage Track: Kiribati

    Kiribati is an archipelago of 33 islands in the central Pacific, with a population of just one hundred thousand people

    Duration: 4 mins

  • 12 Jul 16MB


    On a rooftop beside Gulshan lake, above the bells of tuk tuks and sounds of the call to prayer, a group of musicians

    Duration: 18 mins

  • 05 Jul 4MB

    Heritage Track: St Vincent and the Grenadines

    Writer and poet Philip Nanton chooses Credentials by Shake Keane, the well-known Vincentian jazz musician and poet, and

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 05 Jul 16MB


    In the midst of the Seychelles Carnival, Latroupe Nasyonal Sesel, a ceilidh-style band of seven players and several

    Duration: 17 mins

  • 28 Jun 4MB

    Heritage Track: Tuvalu

    Formerly known as the Ellice Islands, Tuvalu is a Pacific island nation situated between Hawaii and Australia. Its

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 28 Jun 16MB


    Singapore is home to a very senior group of 'waijiang' musicians originating from Chaozhou in southern China. Their

    Duration: 17 mins

  • 21 Jun 18MB


    In the capital of Malaysia's southernmost state of Johor, traditional Malay Ghazal and Zapin dance music is popular

    Duration: 20 mins

  • 21 Jun 4MB

    Heritage Track: Mozambique

    Mozambique is something of an anomaly in terms of Commonwealth membership. It only became a member in 1995 and was never

    Duration: 4 mins

  • 14 Jun 6MB

    Heritgae Track: St. Kitts & Nevis

    Athlete Jason Rogers (100m), living and training in Canada, chooses an example of the soca music so popular back home in

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 14 Jun 18MB


    Across the source of the Nile at Jinja and eastwards towards the Kenyan border lies the remote and rural Bigwala

    Duration: 19 mins

  • 07 Jun 16MB

    Sri Lanka

    In Sri Lanka's capital Colombo, Vesak celebrations are underway for the birth and enlightenment of Lord Buddha. The

    Duration: 17 mins

  • 07 Jun 5MB

    Heritage Track: Papua New Guinea

    Jeffry Feeger, Papua New Guinea's leading visual artist, chooses the song West Papua by George Telek to express the

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 02 Jun 16MB

    New Zealand

    Whiri Tu Aka are a 5-piece all-female Maori a capella group founded by producer/vocalist Mina Ripa. Best known for her

    Duration: 17 mins

  • 02 Jun 4MB

    Heritage track: Guyana

    Writer and academic David Dabydeen is currently Guyana's ambassador to China. His Heritage Track is 'Not a Blade of

    Duration: 4 mins

  • 24 May 7MB

    Heritage Track: Nigeria

    Nigeria has long been a powerhouse in terms of world music, with artists like Fela Kuti reaching audiences around the

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 24 May 19MB


    Recorded at the African Heritage House outside Nairobi. Two generations of the Luo tribe perform the music of their

    Duration: 20 mins

  • 17 May 6MB

    Heritage Track: Vanuatu

    Vanuatu - which literally means freestanding - has only existed as an independent country since 1980. It has a

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 17 May 14MB


    Music is a family affair in La Petite Souffriere, a tiny and remote village high in the hills of Dominica. Isma Alie

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 10 May 7MB

    Heritage Track: Gambia

    Gambian athlete, Suwaibou Sanneh, carries his country's music with him as he prepares for the 100 metres sprint in the

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 10 May 16MB


    Extinct for over 200 years, the Maltese Lira can be heard along with a clutch or other rare instruments all played by

    Duration: 18 mins

  • 03 May 6MB

    Heritage Track: Samoa

    Sia Figiel is a novelist, painter and poet who won the 1997 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Fiction (SE Asia/Pacific

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 03 May 13MB

    Solomon Islands

    Bamboo grows all over the Solomon Islands and provides a perfect natural material for making musical instruments. The 13

    Duration: 13 mins

  • 26 Apr 6MB

    Heritage Track: Grenada

    Writer Jacob Ross was short-listed for the 2009 Commonwealth Writers' Prize and in 2011 was awarded Grenada's highest

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 26 Apr 20MB


    In a music centre at the heart of Malawi's capital Lilongwe, 3 groups converge to demonstrate some of this country's

    Duration: 21 mins

  • 19 Apr 4MB

    Heritage Track: Ghana

    Ghana has made quite an impact on the world music scene over the years, not least with Highlife music, perhaps the best

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 19 Apr 17MB


    The story of Cyprus's tumultuous past is told through its archaeological treasures, its dusty streets, its food and

    Duration: 18 mins

  • 12 Apr 5MB

    Maldives: Mueena Mohamed

    Mueena Mohamed is the Number One table tennis player in Maldives. She chooses a song very familiar to her from her

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 12 Apr 17MB


    A rare performance of music by the Lomipeau Collection, recorded in a church hall in the village of Lapaha, Tonga.

    Duration: 18 mins

  • 05 Apr 5MB

    Pakistan: Kiran Khan

    Kiran Khan is one of Pakistan's first international female swimmers. She talks about the responsibilities and pressures

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 05 Apr 22MB


    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, triggered by the assassination of the Rwandan President in

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 29 Mar 5MB

    Brunei: Maziah Mahusin

    Sprinter Maziah Mahusin was the only female athlete representing her country at the London Olympics 2012; carrying the

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 29 Mar 13MB

    St Lucia

    St Lucia's leading traditional folk band Man May La Kay keep alive the traditional Kwadril music. Drawn originally from

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 22 Mar 5MB

    Sierra Leone: Hafsatu Kamara

    Hafsatu Kamara is an up-and-coming sprinter who represented Sierra Leone at the 2013 African Senior Championships, and

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 22 Mar 15MB


    In Botswana, each tribe has their own identifiable style of music. The Balete Ditlhaka traditional group, based in

    Duration: 16 mins

  • 15 Mar 6MB

    Antigua and Barbuda: Kasheem Colbourne

    Up and coming 200m and 400m sprinter Kasheem Colbourne expresses through his music choice his deep pride in the beauty

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 15 Mar 18MB


    Mark Atkins is regarded as one of Australia's finest virtuoso didgeridoo players and is recognized internationally for

    Duration: 19 mins

  • 01 Mar 6MB

    Tanzania: Suleman Nyambui Mujaya

    Suleman Nyambui Mujaya struck silver for Tanzania in the 3000 metres steeplechase at the Moscow Olympics in 1980. He

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 01 Mar 15MB


    In the Namibian bush, close to the Botswana border, two San families share their musical traditions. As one of southern

    Duration: 17 mins

  • 22 Feb 4MB

    Mauritius- Christianne Legentil

    Christianne Legentil did Mauritius proud by reaching the quarter finals of the 52kg women's Judo category at the London

    Duration: 4 mins

  • 22 Feb 16MB


    The music of Barbados is a curious hybrid of British culture and African rhythms dating back to plantation days, and

    Duration: 17 mins

  • 15 Feb 8MB

    comwealth: The Bahamas- Chris Brown

    Bahamian 400m sprinter and triple Olympic medallist, Chris Brown, talks about junkanoo, the music of the annual street

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 15 Feb 20MB

    comwealth: South Africa

    Every Sunday morning, townships across South Africa vibrate to the sound and colour of traditional gospel services. The

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 08 Feb 5MB

    comwealth: Lesotho- Mosito Lehata

    Mosito Lehata, 100 and 200 metre sprinter, is the fastest man in Lesotho and is the current holder of the country's

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 08 Feb 17MB

    comwealth: Canada: Postcard from Newfoundland

    Generations of musicians have found inspiration from their landscape, their fishing traditions and island life in

    Duration: 18 mins

  • 01 Feb 14MB

    cc: Jamaica: The Route to Reggae

    In Port Antonio on the north side of the island, the Jolly Boys, a mento band formed in 1945 to entertain at Errol

    Duration: 16 mins

  • 01 Feb 6MB

    cc: Swaziland- Gideon Mthembu

    Gideon Mthembu made his name as a marathon runner for Swaziland, representing his country at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.He

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 31 Jan 1MB

    comwealth: Welcome


    Duration: 1 min