Completely Burns

Completely Burns

In celebration of the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns - over 300 poems have been recorded by actors from all generations. Visit for more from Robert Burns.

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  • 11 Dec 1MB

    Burns: Beware o Bonie Ann

    Richard Wilson reads this song written 'out of compliment to Miss Ann Masterton, the daughter of my friend Allan

    Duration: 1 min

  • 04 Dec 1MB

    Burns: O wert thou in the Cauld Blast

    Read by Juliet Cadzow and written in honour of Jessie Lewars, a friend of the family, who nursed Burns during his final

    Duration: 1 min

  • 29 Nov 2MB

    Burns: The Fete Champetre

    When William Cunninghame of Enterkine, Tarbolton came of age, he held a supper and ball, or Fete Champetre, on the banks

    Duration: 3 mins

  • 24 Nov 1MB

    Burns: Ay Waukin O

    Lorraine McIntosh reads this hauntingly beautiful song in which a lover laments being parted from their beloved and

    Duration: 2 mins

  • 20 Nov 1MB

    Burns: Theniel Menzies Bonie Mary

    Burns stopped at Stonehaven, near the River Dye, on 10 September 1787 to meet some relatives. The model for this song

    Duration: 2 mins

  • 13 Nov 1MB

    Burns: Pegasus at Wanlockhead

    Liz Lochhead reads this poem which Burns penned after being unable to persuade a local Farrier to attend to both his and

    Duration: 1 min

  • 08 Nov 1MB

    Burns: To the Weavers gin ye go

    To The Weaver’s Gin Ye Go tells a cautionary tale - mothers, take the wool to the weaver's yourself! Read by Shirley

    Duration: 2 mins