Between The Ears: Adventures in  Radio

Between The Ears: Adventures in Radio

Innovative and thought-provoking features, that make adventurous use of sound, explore a wide variety of subjects and are made by leading radio producers. Between the Ears is broadcast on Radio 3 on Saturday evenings and lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

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  • Wilfred Owen - The Soldiers' Poet 27 Jun 14

    Sat, 28 Jun 14

    32 mins

    Wilfred Owen wrote that he was a 'poets' poet'. He also wrote, in the preface to 'War Poems', 'Above all I am not concerned with Poetry. My subject is War, and the pity of War'. Owen is, then, a soldiers' poet, and the people who figure in his poems are all soldiers. In this Between the Ears, soldiers, all serving when they were recorded, choose a Wilfred Owen poem, explain why, read it and speak about the impact it has on them.

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  • Between the Ears: Dear Mr Eliot - When Groucho Met Tom

    Mon, 16 Jun 14

    29 mins

    Lenny Henry stars in a musical fantasy by Jakko M Jakszyk, woven round the real-life 1964 dinner encounter between the greatest poet in the English language of the twentieth century, T S Eliot, and the legendary star of A Night at the Opera, Duck Soup and Horse Feathers, Groucho Marx.

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  • How was your day Joe? 07 Jun 14

    Sat, 7 Jun 14

    29 mins

    Through sound and interview, Joe and his mum Emma explore where he and others on the autistic spectrum go to in their minds as they struggle to process what is being asked of them.

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  • Play and Record

    Sat, 18 Jan 14

    29 mins

    As part of the twentieth birthday party for Between The Ears a new commission from the poet and writer Paul Farley. In Play and Record he describes the sonic impoverishment of his bird-obsessed childhood in Liverpool and how he made up for it as a would be time-travelling sound man.

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  • Re: Union

    Mon, 13 Jan 14

    29 mins

    Realised for the radio by Steven Rajam, the poem is woven around the sounds and sensations of a real international matchday: the violence of the training pitch, the crowds thronging to the centre of Cardiff, the intensity of the stadium - and much more. Voiced by Scott Arthur, and featuring contributions from Peter Stead, Ceri Wyn Jones and Martin Johnes.

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  • at 20 Shadowplay (4of4 Final Movement:Art Values)

    Sat, 26 Oct 13

    29 mins

    Sue Tilley was the subject of a nude portrait by Lucian Freud which became the most expensive painting by a living artist. She shares more of her life and work with a cast of voices from the art world, including Tracey Emin, Ai Wei Wei, Jeff Koons, Robert Hughes, Roy Lichtenstein and Gilbert and George. Produced by Alan Hall.

    Download 14MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • at 20-Shadowplay (3of4) Third Movement Romantic Scherzo

    Sat, 19 Oct 13

    19 mins

    A playful exploration of romantic love. From a young girl's imagination to a mature woman's experiences. Produced by Eleanor McDowall.

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  • bte:at 20 Sonic Art Boom -The Art of Noise

    Fri, 18 Oct 13

    46 mins

    How can art be invisible? When it's made of sound. Dan Jones commemorates the centenary of 'The Art of Noise Manifesto', by Luigi Russolo, with an exploration of that mysterious, invisible and vigorous form - Sound Art. Produced by Sara Jane Hall.

    Download 22MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • Shadowplay (2of4) Slow Movement: Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel

    Sat, 12 Oct 13

    19 mins

    In the middle of NYC, a man sits down to meditate and realises he's beside Harvey Keitel. Produced by Pejk Malinovski. A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 3.

    Download 9MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • bte:at 20 Consequences (5of5...And the Consequence Was) 11 OCT 13

    Fri, 11 Oct 13

    14 mins

    And the Consequence Was...three stories are interwoven about the marks left on the body by love, accident and design, inspired by the words which appeared at the end of the first ever edition of Between the Ears in 1993. Produced by one of the UK's leading creative feature-makers Steve Urquhart.A Falling Tree Production for BBC Radio 3.

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