BBC Introducing in Oxford

BBC Introducing in Oxford

Listen to highlights of Dave Gilyeat and his team of new music aficionados as they deliver all the best Oxfordshire bands you've never heard before.

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  • 19 Apr 14

    Sat, 19 Apr 14

    61 mins

    30 days remaining

    Featuring tracks by Wild Swim, Crayon, Ags Connolly, Falling Stacks, D'Railed, Alex Lanyon, Chew Lay, Samuel Edwards, Montmartre, and Empty White Circles.

    Download 56MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • Balloon Ascents / Vienna Ditto 12 Apr 14

    Sat, 12 Apr 14

    60 mins

    23 days remaining

    Featuring an interview with Vienna Ditto and a session with Balloon Ascents. Plus tracks by Listing Ships, Esme Neale, Doheny, The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, North Bay, Vera Grace, and Cavalry.

    Download 55MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • Chris Ryder session 5 Apr 14

    Sat, 5 Apr 14

    60 mins

    16 days remaining

    Featuring Foals, The Knights of Mentis, Left of Manila, Half Decent, The Cadbury Sisters, Guerrilla Mouse Trap, Black Hats, and Jackie D Williams.

    Download 55MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • 29 Mar 14

    Sat, 29 Mar 14

    60 mins

    9 days remaining

    Featuring Ruth Stavric, The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, Poledo, My Grey Horse, Be Good, Maths Time Joy, Robot Swans, Spring Offensive, and The Relationships. Plus an interview with Steady Hands and a gig report with Limbo Kids, ArtClassSink, and Charlie Cunningham.

    Download 55MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • Eloise Rees interview/session 22 Mar 14

    Sat, 22 Mar 14

    62 mins

    2 days remaining

    Featuring tracks by Candy Says, Charlie Cunningham, Reuben's Rockets, Jordan O'Shea, The Trophy Cabinet, Dizzla, and Zander Sharp and the Monobrows.

    Download 57MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

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