The Listening Project

The Listening Project

Capturing the nation in conversation to build a unique picture of our lives today and preserve it for future generations.

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  • 29 Mar 7MB

    BBCLP: 29 MAR 15

    Illegitimacy, successful marriage, and what to eat at funerals, conversations from London, Scotland and Devon,

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 15 Mar 7MB

    BBCLP: 15 MAR 15: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations from a monastery in Devon, twin sisters in Northern Ireland, and between a prospective grandmother with

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 08 Mar 7MB

    BBCLP: 08 MAR 15: Sunday Omnibus

    The importance of posture, teenage romance becoming adult love, and which box to tick when you are gender-queer are

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 26 Feb 7MB

    BBCLP: 22 FEB 15 Sunday Omnibus

    The death of a 15 year old, marriage and divorce, and how similar children with Down's Syndrome are to all children,

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 08 Feb 7MB

    BBCLP: 08 FEB 15: Sunday Omnibus Shared Passions

    Conversations between two guitar-makers, two people associated with the Little Angel Puppet Theatre, and two meditative

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 01 Feb 7MB

    BBCLP: 01 FEB 15: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations between mothers and daughters about losing your voice, losing your sight, and inspiring art, all

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 25 Jan 7MB

    BBCLP: 25 JAN 15: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations between couples who have dealt with serious head injury and with wrongful accusation at work, plus the

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 18 Jan 7MB

    BBCLP: 18 JAN 15: Sunday Omnibus

    Teenagers campaigning on the issue of anorexia, and fathers and daughters dealing with the loss of a family member and

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 11 Jan 7MB

    BBCLP: 11 JAN 15@ Sunday Omnibus - Alison and Shirley

    Sisters reflect on their childhood in Sedbergh and the difficulties they've both overcome in their lives since,

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 04 Jan 7MB

    BBCLP: 04 JAN 15 Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations about magic, community and fatherhood, from Devon, Wales and Leeds, introduced by Fi Glover

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 28 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 28 DEC 14: Sunday Omnibus - Children's Special

    Gems of youthful wisdom from Suffolk, Devon, Leeds and Leicester as Fi Glover revisits some of the children's

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 21 Dec 6MB

    BBCLP: 21 DEC 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations about being stared at because you look different, being persecuted because you behave differently, and

    Duration: 13 mins

  • 14 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 14 DEC 14: Sunday Omnibus

    A moving, one-sided conversation between a mother and her stillborn son, introduced by Fi Glover, together with a couple

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 07 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 07 DEC 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations between men who have had help to get off the streets, a couple planning a collaborative writing project,

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 30 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: Sunday Omnibus

    Moving up to secondary school, walking on and caving beneath limestone, and volunteering on the Talyllyn railway all

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 23 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 23 NOV 14: Sunday Omnibus - Karen and Nicole

    Three excerpts from one of the last conversations a mother dying from cancer will have with her adult daughter,

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 16 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 16 NOV 14: Sunday Omnibus

    The death of a parent, growing up in care, and the skilled use of wheelchairs all feature in conversations between

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 09 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 09 NOV 15: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations between people who have been helped by charities funded by Children in Need, about autism, fear and

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 02 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 02 NOV 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations between women, revealing friendships forged through travel or work, or living through the death of a 6

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 26 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 26 OCT 14: Sunday Omnibus

    A mother and son from Carlisle talk about whose right it was to reveal he was gay, and the depression which both he and

    Duration: 13 mins

  • 19 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 19 OCT 14

    Conversations about adoption by civil partners, getting around the Underground with a disability, and children dealing

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 12 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 12 OCT 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Three snippets from a conversation between friends who became close when Rachel's daughter died but who still find joy

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 05 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 05 OCT 14: Sunday Omnibus

    The challenges of adoptiion, remembering grandad through his recipes, and facing terminal cancer, all feature in

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 28 Sep 7MB

    BBCLP: 28 SEP 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Three conversations between work colleagues, old friends, and female members of a Jewish family introduced by Fi Glover

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 21 Sep 7MB

    BBCLP: 21 SEP 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Living with blindness, with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and with Parkinson's all feature in conversations from Glasgow,

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 14 Sep 7MB

    BBCLP: 14 SEP 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Life as an immigrant, adoptiing a child, and surviving sexual abuse,all feature in conversations from Wales and

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 07 Sep 7MB

    BBCLP: 07 SEP 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations between UKIP councillors, members of the Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild, and a man whose life was

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 31 Aug 7MB

    BBCLP: 31 AUG 14: Sunday Omnibus

    The impact of the National Front in the 1980s, coming to terms with infertility, and the history beneath your feet all

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 24 Aug 7MB

    BBCLP: 24 AUG 14: Sunday Omnibus

    A conversation from Cumbria between a mother and daughter about coping with the death of the strong man who was their

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 17 Aug 7MB

    BBCLP: 17 AUG 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Mothers who have lost sons, a mother-in-law and her son's civil partner, and a couple of pensioners who regularly ride

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 10 Aug 7MB

    BBCLP: 10 AUG 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations about choices to be made around health, education and career, between two mothers and their sons and

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 03 Aug 7MB

    BBCLP: 03 AUG 14: Sunday Omnibus

    For 40 years Iby kept it secret that she’d been held in Auschwitz – she didn’t even tell her husband. Finally, 30

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 27 Jul 7MB

    BBCLP: 27 JUL 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations between couples who together find the strength to make a fresh start, eliminate starvation in a small

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 20 Jul 7MB

    BBCLP: 20 JUL 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Losing your sight but holding on to your appearance, the power of scouting to break down cultural barriers, and whether

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 13 Jul 7MB

    BBCLP: 13 JUL 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Life after anorexia, proposals over satellite phone and posing nude from Edinburgh, Leicester and Cumbria all feature in

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 06 Jul 7MB

    BBCLP: 06 JUL 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Marriage and disability, children and disability and the importance of grandmothers all feature in conversations from

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 29 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: 29 JUN 14: Sunday Omnibus

    A gay vicar and his partner, two footballers, and a father and son who work together are in conversation from London,

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 22 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: 22 JUN 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Age differences in marriage, the learning curve in adoption, and collaboration in writing and illustrating all feature

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 15 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: 15 JUN 2014: Sunday Omnibus

    Divorce, surviving road traffic accidents and comas, and multi-tasking as a gifted child all feature in conversations

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 08 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: 08 JUN 14

    Coming out as gay after marriage and children, life as a dwarf and life with a politician in the family all feature in

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 01 Jun 6MB

    BBCLP: 01 JUN 14: Sunday Omnibus

    A fitness instructor with MS, two men who haven't been held back by their learning disabilities, and two more with a

    Duration: 13 mins

  • 25 May 7MB

    BBCLP: 25 MAY 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Clean breaks from drugs, making friends with the person who talked you out of suicide, and whether one child is enough

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 18 May 7MB

    BBCLP: 18 MAY 14: Sunday Omnibus

    The silence around childhood sexual abuse, love and marriage late in life, and childhood friends rediscovered, all

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 11 May 7MB

    BBCLP: 11 MAY 14: Sunday Omnibus

    A widow's loneliness, a long-lasting theatrical romance, and how not to be an absent father all feature in conversations

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 04 May 7MB

    BBCLP: 04 MAY 14: Sunday Omnibus

    May Queens, letter writing, and deleting Facebook on your phone all feature in conversations from Devon, Wales and

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 27 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: 27 APR 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Conversations about life with unstable epilepsy, work with search and rescue dogs, and a family predisposed to adventure

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 20 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: 20 APR 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Muslim attitudes to the arts, the experience of wartime evacuation, and life with Type 1 diabetes all feature in

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 13 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: 13 APR 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Living with wolves, having gastric surgery, and finding inspiration in David Hockney's art, all feature in conversations

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 06 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: 06 APR 14: Sunday Omnibus

    Second chances, final choices and life-changing events all feature in conversations introduced by Fi Glover

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 29 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 29 DEC 13: Sunday Edition - Listeners' Choice

    Transgender life, pantomime camels, parents who were in holy orders, and running away to the circus all feature in the

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 22 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 22 DEC 13: Sunday Edition Children's Voices

    Siblings, ambition, stolen chocolate and imaginary gaffer tape all feature in these conversations involving children

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 15 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 15 DEC 13: Sunday Edition Women Dealing With Life

    Terminal cancer, acne, friendship and dreadlocks all feature in the four conversations introduced by Fi Glover.

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 08 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 08 DEC 13: Sunday Edition - Being Parents

    Conversations about letting wolves care for your child or bringing him up as a vegetarian are introduced by Fi Glover,

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 01 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 01 DEC 13: Sunday Edition The Connection

    Conversations between people who work at The Connection and those who have found friendship and purpose there, whether

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 24 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 24 NOV 13: The Listening Project Sunday Edition

    Young carers and a couple dealing with alcoholism and the path to recovery feature in these conversations introduced by

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 17 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 17 NOV 13: Sunday Edition Man Talk

    Conversations ranging from managing a NHS Trust to being a football hooligan, via fishing in the Irish Sea and enjoying

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 10 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP:10 NOV 13: Sunday Edition Couples Talking

    Couples talk about pregnancy, weight loss, the anxieties of being an army wife, and how two different worlds can collide

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 03 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 03 NOV 13: Sunday Edition Mothers and Daughters

    Conversations between mothers and daughters, whose shared experiences range from tragic death in the family to simply

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 27 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 27 Oct 13: Sunday Edition Kath and Kate

    A 90 year old and her eldest daughter talk about children, marriage, holidays and death, and explain what recording

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 20 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 20 OCT 13: Sunday Edition Family Support

    Conversations between grandparents, a grandchild, and a mother and daughter;the strength of their relationships and

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 13 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: TLP 13 Oct 13: Sunday Edition

    Books, hugs, flowers and loss all feature in four conversations introduced by Fi Glover in the Sunday Edition of the

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 06 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 06 Oct 13

    At the British Library, Fi Glover discovers how Listening Project conversations are archived as the Library launches its

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 01 Sep 7MB

    BBCLP: 01 SEP 13: TLP Sunday Edition Edinburgh Special

    Conversations recorded at the Edinburgh Festival between people inspired by the Listening Project make up this special

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 27 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: 30 JUN 13: The Listening Project Sunday Edition

    Death and remembrance, soul midwives to ease the final journey, and contact with the other side are all dealt with in

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 23 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: Sunday Edition - Two Plus Two

    Life as a transgender woman and beating leukaemia - Fi Glover surprises listeners with the unexpected turn each

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 10 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: 09 JUN 13: The Listening Project Sunday Edition

    Love, marriage and education feature in conversations uploaded by listeners themselves and introduced by Fi Glover

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 02 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: 2 JUN 13: Sunday Edition

    The miners' strike,the Suffolk flood of 1953, how mums are never satisfied, and the impact a teacher can have on a

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 26 May 7MB

    BBCLP: 26 MAY 13: Sunday Edition StoryCorps

    Conversations from StoryCorps, the American inspiration for The Listening Project, in this Sunday Edition presented by

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 19 May 7MB

    BBCLP: 19 MAY 2013: Sunday Edition - Parenting

    Life with locked-in syndrome, with terminal cancer, without your grandchild, and with a dominatrix called FiFi all

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 12 May 7MB

    BBCLP: 12 MAY 13: Sunday Edition

    From the appeal of the Morris Minor to an admission of self-harm, and whether to take the test for a cancer gene - all

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 05 May 7MB

    BBCLP: 05 May 13: Sunday Edition Schools Project

    Eleven and twelve year olds recorded conversations about their lives and those of their parents and friends for The

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 28 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: 28 APR 13: Sunday Edition

    The perils facing fishermen, Catholicism, ensuring disabled children are cared for after you've gone, and career choices

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 21 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: 21 Apr 13: Sunday Edition

    Community,changesin Northern Ireland, and memories of the glamorous 1950s are all featured by Fi Glover in this Sunday

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 14 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: 14 Apr 13: Listening Project Sunday Edition

    Swansea City, coming out, delivering your own grandchildren, and second time around marriages are all covered in the

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 07 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: 07 APR 13: Sunday Edition

    Teenage sexuality, stepmothers and organ donation are all covered in the conversations Fi Glover introduces between

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 30 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 30 DEC 12: Sunday Edition

    Listeners' requests presented by Fi Glover in the Sunday Edition of Radio 4's series that proves it's surprising what

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 23 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 23 DEC 12: Sunday Edition

    Babies, Christmas and loved ones remembered: all in the conversations presented by Fi Glover for the Sunday Edition of

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 16 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 16 DEC 12: Sunday Edition

    Marriage, spiders, frogs, birds, leaving home for university and coming back again: conversations about all of these in

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 09 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 09 DEC 12: Sunday Edition - Lyn and Mary

    After Lyn's prison sentence for drink-driving she and her civil partner Mary re-consider their relationship Fi Glover

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 02 Dec 7MB

    BBCLP: 02 Dec 12: Sunday Edition

    Homelessness on the streets of London: one of the conversations introduced by Fi Glover on the day Radio 4 launches its

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 25 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 25 NOV 12:Sunday Edition

    Fi Glover hears what Professor Dorothy Sheridan of the Mass Observation Archive thinks of the value of The Listening

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 18 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 18 Nov 12: Sunday Edition

    Conversations between people helped by Children in Need-funded charities, ranging from theatre groups to those offering

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 11 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 11 Nov 12: Sunday Edition

    Fi Glover with conversations about Nepal, love, death - and spaghetti bolognese for breakfast. All uploaded by listeners

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 04 Nov 7MB

    BBCLP: 04 Nov 12: Sunday Edition

    Conversations between those who have suffered from psychosis and depression, and those who have stood by them.

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 28 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 28 Oct 12: Sunday Edition

    Fi Glover features men's conversations exclusively in this Edition and proves that, when you listen, it's surprising how

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 21 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 21 Oct 12: Sunday Edition

    Surprising conversations about dead pets, plastic surgery, retirement, and the impact of disability on family

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 14 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP: 14 Oct 12: Sunday Edition

    Two is stronger than one when it comes to meeting life's challenges.Couples talk about how they've survived family

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 07 Oct 7MB

    BBCLP 07 Oct 12: Sunday Edition

    A marriage proposal and conversations about sex, Romany mourning traditions and the weather prove that it's surprising

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 26 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: 17 Jun 12: Sunday Edition

    Encounters from Scotland, Cheshire and a British Library view of the Project. we meet former Olympic athlete Mark, who

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 24 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP 24 Jun 12: Sunday Edition

    Fi Glover presents the Sunday edition of Radio 4's series capturing the nation in conversation. Today's programme

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 10 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP 10 Jun 12: Sunday Edition

    Fi Glover presents the Sunday edition of Radio 4's series capturing the nation in conversation:we meet Sarah Jane and

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 03 Jun 7MB

    BBCLP: 03 Jun 12: Sunday Edition

    Fi Glover presents the Sunday edition of Radio 4's series capturing the nation in conversation: today's programme covers

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 27 May 7MB

    BBCLP: 27 May 12: Sunday Edition

    Fi Glover presents the Sunday edition of Radio 4's series capturing the nation in conversation: today we meet Jasmit and

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 20 May 7MB

    BBCLP: The Sunday Edition, 20 May 12

    Fi Glover introduces Joan and Ray from Merseyside, who only recently discovered they shared a father, farming brothers

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 13 May 7MB

    BBCLP: Sunday Edition 13 May 12

    Fi Glover presents the Sunday edition of Radio 4's series capturing the nation in conversation: today encounters from

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 06 May 7MB

    BBCLP: Sunday Edition 06 May 12

    Fi Glover presents the Sunday edition of Radio 4's series capturing the nation in conversation: in today's programme we

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 29 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: Sunday Omnibus, 29 Apr 12

    In today's programme, we meet Ciaron and Brendan, Irish brothers whose fraternal bond was tested to the limit when

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 22 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: Between friends, 22 Apr 12

    Barbara talks to her best friend Becky about her compulsive disorder and how it's affected her life; Humberside

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 15 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: A Family Matter, 15 Apr 12

    Mike talks to his adoptive son about how he rescued him as a baby from South Vietnam; Jayne talks to her mother Sally in

    Duration: 15 mins

  • 08 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: Generations in conversation, 08 Apr 12

    Beryl is a twice married grandmother who talks with her grandson about love, loss and how she lost her heart late in

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 01 Apr 7MB

    BBCLP: The nation in conversation, 01 Apr 12

    Chick is a former miner from Pontefract in Yorkshire. He discusses his life in a conversation with his granddaughter

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 20 Mar 3MB

    BBCLP: Preview

    Capturing the nation in conversation. A BBC Radio and British Library Partnership. The Listening Project is inviting

    Duration: 5 mins