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  • Dying Dad writes a letter to his 5 year old daughter.

    Fri, 4 Apr 14

    37 mins

    Tom Attwater is 30 and has terminal cancer. He's devoting the time he has left to raising funds for the treatment of his 5 year old stepdaughter Kelli, who is battling the rare childhood cancer neuroblastoma. He has also written Kelli a heartfelt letter she can read after he has passed away. Tom told Stephen Nolan his story....

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  • Teenage Cancer Trust Gig at The Albert Hall

    Tue, 25 Mar 14

    50 mins

    Richard Bacon speaks to doctors, campaigners and teenage cancer survivors at the Royal Albert Hall - as it hosts a week of special concerts for the Teenage Cancer Trust. He also speaks to Kris and Maren Hallenga, stars of a TV documentary about living with terminal breast cancer - and to comedian John Bishop.

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  • Torture survivors share their stories

    Fri, 21 Mar 14

    30 mins

    With rare access to the Freedom from Torture centre in London, Dominic Laurie and Shelagh Fogarty speak to survivors of torture and find out how hard it is to rebuild the lives of people who have suffered at the hands of brutal regimes.

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  • Stephen Nolan speaks to Tony Benn, 14 Mar 14

    Fri, 14 Mar 14

    19 mins

    Another chance to hear Stephen speaking to Tony Benn just before Christmas 2013, not long after he released the eighth and final volume of his diaries, A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine. He started by talking about his feelings on approaching the end of his life.

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  • Stephen Nolan - Diary of an anorexic

    Sat, 15 Feb 14

    32 mins

    Stephen Nolan hears the very honest perspective of a father who lost his 17 year old daughter to anorexia.

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  • William Hague on Britain "taking the lead" at wildlife crime talks

    Wed, 12 Feb 14

    15 mins

    The Foreign Secretary William Hague told 5 live Breakfast that Britain is taking the global lead on tackling wildlife crime, because it's uniquely well placed to do so.

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  • From Kabul to Kent 09 Feb 14

    Sun, 9 Feb 14

    50 mins

    As the UK prepares to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, this documentary tells the story of a young Afghan whose life has been saved because he made it to Britain. For the first time, this young man tells BBC Radio 5 live how he nearly died smuggling himself on board a Channel Tunnel train in France, evaded Kent police at the border and fought to become a legal British citizen now living and working in the UK legally.

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  • NHS changes to personal information 28 Jan 14

    Tue, 28 Jan 14

    30 mins

    Over the next few weeks, 26 million homes in England are being leafleted about the biggest change ever to the way the NHS holds our personal information. The leaflet explains how every single one of us has to make a decision - because we can choose what we want our doctor to do with our data. 5 Live's Shelagh Fogarty let patients and GPs worried about the changes put their questions to NHS England directly.

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  • "Attack left me with 80% burns" 25 Jan 14

    Sat, 25 Jan 14

    19 mins

    Carmen Blandin Tarleton was left with 80% burns after her ex-husband attacked her with industrial detergent. Stephen finds out how she has come to terms with her disfigurement.

    Download 9MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • Sochi-allegations of corruption : 24th Jan 2014

    Fri, 24 Jan 14

    29 mins

    Dominic Laurie hears about allegations of corruption in the run up to the Sochi Winter Olympics. With just a fortnight to go before the start of the games, he speaks to a former Russian Deputy Prime Minister, who accuses Vladimir Putin of lying about widespread corruption, and calls for the creation of an international 'court of corruption'. Dominic also hears from a woman who says her home in the city was bulldozed without good reason so that the land it stood on could be sold, and from a businessman who says he had to flee Russia, fearing for his life, after he alerted the authorities to allegations of bribery.

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