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5 live Investigates

Adrian Goldberg presents an entertaining mix of dirt-digging, debunking, and intriguing interviews revealing unreported issues. Investigative news report from Adrian Goldberg’s BBC Radio 5 live programme, broadcast Sundays at 9pm.

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  • Disability Hate Crime 21 Sept 14

    Sun, 21 Sep 14

    51 mins

    The former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord Ken Macdonald says we're still failing victims of disability hate crime - 18 months after a damning review of the criminal justice system recommended an overhaul of how we handle cases. He says that our approach to crimes against the disabled in 2014 is in the same place that race hate crime was before the murder of Stephen Lawrence 21 years ago. He adds the Crown Prosecution Service is still failing to keep accurate records of the crimes and prosecutors aren't pushing hard enough for sentence 'uplifts' in cases where disability is a motivating factor. The CPS says it is about to address the recommendations in the Joint Criminal Justice Review which was published in March 2013.

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  • Crisis in Social Care 14 Sept 14

    Sun, 14 Sep 14

    47 mins

    As 5 live Investigates returns for a new series - Adrian Goldberg reports on a crisis in social care. With budgets slashed and demand soaring, charities say hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people are being cast adrift.

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  • Gulf War Illness & Assaults on Prison Staff 4 May 14

    Sun, 4 May 14

    50 mins

    A former soldier wins Legal Aid in his fight to identify what caused his Gulf War illness. He's hoping to go to court to force the Ministry of Defence to reveal what it knew of the risks the vaccines given to soldiers being deployed to the first Gulf War might have posed. And Government figures reveal a sharp rise in the number of prison staff assaulted over the past year. What's causing the increase in attacks?

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  • Parental Child Abduction & Broadband

    Sun, 27 Apr 14

    50 mins

    The legal loophole making it difficult to prevent parental child abduction. Cross-cultural relationships are on the increase - but when those partnerships break down, is enough being done to protect the interests of any children involved? And the small businesses identifying poor internet connections as a barrier to growth.

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  • Disabled Public Travel 06 Apr 14

    Sun, 6 Apr 14

    25 mins

    One in five disabled passengers don’t get the help they need to get off trains according to a survey by the Transport watchdog Passenger Focus. 5live Investigates hears stories from rail customers abandoned on empty trains and whisked away to places they don’t want to go to when the Passenger Assist scheme fails. The programme also hears concerns that targets to equip all passengers trains with facilities for the disabled by 2020 might not be met. Transport Minister Baroness Susan Kramer says the government is dealing with the fact that ‘for decades the needs of people with disabilities simply wasn’t recognised.’

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  • 5lI: Car Insurance Fraud & Flight Recorders 30 Mar 14

    Sun, 30 Mar 14

    46 mins

    5live Investigates joins the fraud squad in one of its biggest crackdowns on insurance fraud – the crimes that drive up everyone’s motor cover. Plus the son of a man killed in the Clutha Vaults helicopter tragedy in Glasgow says he can’t start grieving until he knows what caused the crash. He wants black box flight recorders to become standard in all helicopters.

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  • Charity Calls & Care Homes 23 Mar 14

    Sun, 23 Mar 14

    49 mins

    Some charities could face sanctions if they use ‘aggressive’ telephone fundraising techniques says life peer Lord Hodgson. It follows a report suggesting more people feel harassed on the telephone and on the doorstep. MP Charlie Elphicke says some charities risk alienating their supporters and a former call centre worker reveals he quit his job when his conscience got the better of him. And 5live Investigates reveals how some local authorities are removing their clients from care homes because of neglect but are then failing to pass on this vital information to other residents.

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  • Eye Surgery & Rogue Landlords 16 Mar 14

    Sun, 16 Mar 14

    48 mins

    An MP calls for tougher regulations around laser and lens replacement eye surgery and patients tell 5live Investigates about their experiences at the hands of high street providers. Steve Schallhorn, the global medical director for the market leaders Optical Express, tells the programme the company has millions of happy customers. Adrian Goldberg also asks whether local councils and the government be doing more to protect tenants from rogue landlords and tours a house investigated by the homeless and housing charity Shelter in Wolverhampton.

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  • Domestic Violence & Nuisance 9 Mar 14

    Sun, 9 Mar 14

    44 mins

    An investigation into the impact on children who witness domestic violence. New research shows more than half suffer physical abuse, emotional abuse or neglect. A quarter of the kids show abusive behaviour themselves towards others - as if copying the behaviour they've grown up with. The programme reveals specialist services which provide advice and support to these children are being closed because of funding cuts. The programme also looks at how a change in the law means thousands of homeowners can no longer afford to take legal action against companies they say are blighting their lives through unwanted smells and noise

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  • Mental Health and Steroid Use. 02 Mar 14

    Sun, 2 Mar 14

    49 mins

    Mental health services need to get the same investment, planning and attention that is given to physical health says NHS England. The admission comes after a 5live investigation reveals thousands of mental health beds have been lost and psychiatrists have not been paid for carrying out assessments. Young men are increasingly using dangerous steroids to help them get the 'ripped' look. A 5live investigation reveals thousands are injecting steroids - and putting their health at risk. Some are as young as 15.

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