What is podcasting?

              Podcasting lets you automatically receive the latest episode of your chosen programme as soon as it's available. With our current range of audio podcasts, you can take your favourite radio programmes with you on the move and listen wherever and whenever you like.

              You can "subscribe" to receive a podcast, rather like you might subscribe to a magazine and get it delivered each week. All of the BBC's podcasts are free, and you can stop receiving the files at any time. Find out more here.

              A guide to downloading BBC Podcasts

              Chris Moyles and Kirsty Young voice this handy guide to downloading BBC podcasts

              You need Javascript enabled and Flash version 10 installed access this video. Please view our BBC Webwise guide.

              Need more help with podcasting?

              The BBC Radio site provides extensive podcast help, and has recently relaunched with an updated, and fully searchable list of FAQs. You can find out more here. Alternatively, we've listed some quick links below to get you started.

              How do I subscribe to a podcast?

              Subscribe using iTunes, Zune or My Yahoo

              iTunes Zune

              iTunes, Zune and My Yahoo are all popular applications used to subscribe and listen to podcasts. They can be easily downloaded and installed from the internet.

              Once you have installed your chosen software simply click on the relevant button and the software will do the rest.

              Subscribe using My Yahoo

              My Yahoo

              My Yahoo is a popular online feed reader used to subscribe and listen to podcasts. All you need to use them is an email address.

              Simply click on the relevant button and the software will do the rest.

              Subscribe using a feed reader

              RSS Feed

              Clicking on this link will take you to the actual podcast feed page where you can subscribe to the podcast in various ways.

              Some browsers may display instructions at the top of the page in which case simply follow them.

              Or, you can copy and paste the feed URL from the browser address bar into a new feed in your podcast software or feed reader - just look for buttons or links marked "Add feed" or "Subscribe".