Tom Sweetman

Tom Sweetman, head and shoulders

South West

Urban Music

While not being a booking agent or tour-manager for artists such as Jurassic 5's Akil the MC, Tom is a hip-hop producer and has supported the likes of Grand Master Flash, Skinnyman, and Roots Manuva.

Tom was awarded £10,000 via the Urban Music scheme in September 2009 to help him set up his booking agency and tour management company over one year. He used the funds to record music videos, develop his website, promote his company with the design of logos, artwork and business cards and the purchase of essential equipment.

Two years on and his hip hop production company 'krate crusaders' have released a new album with the artists Genesis Elijah, his booking agency is providing a platform for artists to tour the world and reach their fans, and Tom is also writing a book to give an insight on live music and touring.

Tom says, "This grant is life changing and I can't thank the BBC Performing Arts Fund team enough. Being a winner gave me a platform to network with likeminded fellow winners who were all really pushing themselves in their area of music... [it] became a platform for sharing inspiration."

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Other Winners

Pierre Andrew Neil, aka Swiss

Swiss was awarded £10,000 in 2006 to support his work around London as a songwriter, music artist and producer for other musicians.


Daniel Richards, aka 2Dark

Daniel is a producer from Birmingham working with local artists in the Midlands. He won £10,000 via the Urban Music Scheme to build his career and develop his business. Since receiving the grant, he has finished his debut album Two Sides of the City.


Fabien Facey aka 'Solja'

Full time MC Solja has created a very successful pilot project with Mothers against Violence, using urban music workshops in schools to address gun and knife crime issues. He has done business training and would like to become a full time events manager and hopes to take school projects on tour outside Manchester.

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