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Founded by Leanne Pero when she was just 15, Bruk Out is a successful community dance programme based in South London. Run within local housing estates they offer accredited street and hip hop dance provision to young people aged 8 – 25. In 2011, they were awarded a grant of £4,000 as part of our Community Dance scheme

The grant allowed the group to run a 12-week, cross-borough street dance course which culminated in a showcase event and award night. In addition, the funding helped to support a teacher’s volunteer programme that trained 16 – 25 year olds in how to become community dance teachers through workshops in business skills, child protection, IT and finance, as well the opportunity to develop their skills running their own dance classes. Participants were also treated to a master class from choreographer Everton Bell-Chambers and from Abyss (Britain’s Got Talent finalists 2011).

Before this grant, money had dried up and we were beginning to think we may of had to close the project

“The funding has helped breathe a new lease of life to Bruk Out and has helped us make, and continue to make, a lot of positive changes for the future,” says Leanne.

“Before this grant, money had dried up and we were beginning to think we may of had to close the project, but this grant has enabled us to bring a lot of our strengths to life and made people look at us and want to help!  We are truly grateful to the BBC Performing Arts Fund for helping us to do this! It has made a huge difference.”

Since finishing the project, Bruk Out have continued to go from strength to strength as they make new links in their community, gain new members and secure further financial support from other funders in order to continue the programme.

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Other Winners

Company Fierce Academy

This Manchester based dance group used their £4,500 Community Dance grant to create 'Classically Urban'. This new piece was performed for the first time at The Dancehouse, Oxford Road in January 2012.

Salmon Youth Dance

Salmon Youth Dance - a hip hop dance group made up of 13-19 year olds from South London - worked with established choreographer Fleur Darkin to create a new performance piece.

Step Up

Working within some of the poorest parts of Hackney, East London, Step Up used their grant to create an acrobatics and dance show to be performed across various London boroughs in connection with the Cultural Olympiad.

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