Dance Fellowships

Dance Fellowships

The Dance Fellowships will support talented individuals through the early stages of their dance careers, helping to establish themselves in the professional world through bespoke Fellowship placements within dance organisations.

Fellowships will fall into one of three categories: Performer, Choreographer and Producer, and will offer an opportunity for motivated individuals to work under the guidance of experienced mentors to develop their skills, showcase their work and experience the reality of working in the UK’s professional, diverse and creative dance environment.

Rather than awarding grants directly to individuals themselves, we are looking for applications from dance companies, organisations, venues and festivals from across the UK to host a Fellow.

This grant is now closed.

Latest Updates

How we found our Fellow

Still getting get your head around how to find a possible PAF Fellow? We asked Ric Watts, Producer with Unlimited Theatre, to talk us through their selection process for last year's Theatre Fellowship.

The 2014 BBC Performing Arts Fellowship Scheme

This year we are excited to announce a new version of the Fellowship scheme.

Step Up Mimbre

The Step Up group were recipients of a Community Dance grant in 2011. They put their grant towards developing a new piece of work 'Origin: London' which explored ideas about identity and heritage. The Step Up group's young members developed their performance from taking photos for the stimulus of the choreography right the way through to the costume design. Mimbre, the organisers of the project, tell us a bit more about the group's achievements:

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