The second Connected Studio event was Weather and Travel: both the Creative and Build studios were held off-BBC-site in central London. A Creative Studio took place in Google Campus on 12 June 2012. Then a two-day Build Studio was hosted by MozSpace, central London, on 26-27 June: 2 proof-of-concepts went forward for Pilot Build.

Creative Studio

  • Download the Brief
  • Date - 12.06.12
  • Location - Google Campus, London
  • BBC participants - 50
  • External participants - 37
  • Total pitches - 25
  • Total taken forward to Build Studio - 6

Build Studio

  • Date - 26/27.06.12
  • Location - Mozspace, London
  • Attendees - 27
  • Proof of Concepts - 6
  • Total taken through to pilot build - 2


Project Name: Weatherbot
Company Names: Nixon McInnes & BBC
User Proposition: Users can request a personal forecast for a particular time and place by sending a Twitter Tweet to @bbcweatherbot. The user receives the forecast via a Twitter Tweet
Project Completion: 04.01.13

Project Name: Weather App
Company Names: Milky Tea & CTI (Indies)
User Proposition: A crowd sourced weather application showing a simple weather forecast, and real time geo-located weather reports from real users, so that you can find weather right now at any UK location or venue.
Project Completion: TBC

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