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27 November 2014

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See it for free: be a reviewer
Being a BBC Oxford reviewer is a great way to enjoy nights out in Oxfordshire.

This is your site - and we want you to get involved.

If you want to join our team of reviewers, here are some tips on writing a great review.


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The internet is a very different publishing medium from standard print. Less time is spent reading on the web and people have no patience to pause and re-read your work. This means that you must make reviews short, simple and clear.

Web design gurus reckon you should write 50% less for the web and we think that means a normal review should be about 300 words.

Some key points

  • Use simple sentences (One subject and one verb).
  • Make it concise.
  • Try to make each paragraph one short chunk of information.
  • Avoid drop intros and complex writing structures (keep it linear).
  • Use strong verbs like "decide" as apposed to "make a decision".
  • Don't use clever words that might make people pause.

Also think about the layout. Can you break up the text with bullets, quote boxes or subheadings?

Use active sentences

Passive: Thirty three pigs were tested for foot and mouth by vets from the ministry of agriculture. (This is passive because the subject comes first)

Active: Ministry of Agriculture vets tested 33 pigs for food and mouth.

The trick to good writing on the web is to be clever in the text without being clever with the style.

How it works

If you think you'd be interested in writing for us email and we'll send you extra information.

We generally arrange free tickets for you plus 1 guest which you pick up at the box office of the relevant venue.

The sooner you get the review back to us the better. The following day really but we realise this isn't always possible.

It can be a great experience. You'll get your name in print and enjoy some interesting shows.

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