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24 September 2014

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September, 2003
Review: A Night at The Musicals
A Night at The Musicals
A Night at the Musicals wasn't as impressive as Cherry Jordan had hoped it would be.

A Night At The Musicals promised classic songs from well-known West-End musicals.

Unfortunately the 'buzz' wasn't there in the show for our reviewer, Cherry Jordan.



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If I were to tell you that it was possible to see 25 different musicals in one night you wouldn't believe me would you?

Well I have to say that I was a little dubious myself when I heard that 'A Night At The Musicals' was scheduled at The New Theatre.

The night, hosted by Duncan Breeze and his four follies, promises classic songs from a huge variety of hit West-End musicals.

Breeze has for four years been touring the length and breadth of the country, not only bringing a little bit of the West-End to towns such as Skegness and Newark but also a taste of what's fresh off the boards from theatres in Broadway.

When I arrived at The New Theatre I wasn't really expecting it to be packed, it was a Wednesday night after all. But I was sad to see that the auditorium wasn't even half full.

Breeze and the rest of the crew have all had experience working on some of the top shows, ranging from 'The Phantom of The Opera' to 'Miss Saigon'.

This introduction left the audience with high expectations, which, I'm afraid to say weren't necessarily lived up to.

I've mentioned before my love of musicals; the excitement of the buzzing audience, the anticipation of a thrilling night.

Unfortunately, on this occasion the 'buzz' wasn't there. The show itself is a kind of cabaret act, but because the songs have been plucked from their original story-lines (and there is little acting involved) it's difficult to feel absorbed in the performance, as you would do if you had seen the real show.

Ideally I feel the show would have been better suited to a smaller stage.

As the performance went on, it soon became clear who the audience were really there to see.

Every performance the company enlists the help of a local stage or dance school to perform a 'musical medley'.

On this occasion, 'A Night At The Musicals' was joined by pupils, aged six to 14 from the Vera Legge School of Dance.

They truly were the stars of the show, causing the loudest rounds of applause for the whole night.

It was a pleasure to see bright young talent enjoying themselves on such a large stage.

The night didn't turn out exactly as I thought but it wasn't all bad. The voices of the performers were strong and in tune, and Breeze was a humble host.

But if it's a true peep at what its like to go to a West-End show, I'd say your better off paying that little bit extra and going to see the real thing.

By Cherry Jordan

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