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27 November 2014

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January, 2003
Gridlock UK - congestion in Oxfordshire
Gridlock in Oxfordshire
Are you gridlocked on your journey to work or home?

Is your drive to work driving you to despair?

Are you driven mad by the school run or rat runs?


UK Commission for Integrated Transport

Department of Transport Guidance on the Assessment of Travel Plans

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get in contact

We're looking for people who have personal stories of travel misery.

We're looking at the state of road network system and how it effects people's travel through Oxfordshire.

We'd like to hear what you have to say.

get in contact

Contact us about;

  • The lengths you go to avoid traffic jams and nominate the road you think is the worst in the county.

  • Any frustrating journey you take on a daily basis.

  • Lorries on the M40 and major roads around Oxfordshire.

  • The person you know for whom a five minute walk to the newsagent is just too much for them.

We'll be investigating these and other travel topics in a range of coverage on TV, radio and BBCi Oxford.

We will be also asking who is to blame for the current situation and what the solutions might be.

quote I want to nominate the A40 between Witney and Oxford as the worst road in the country.

It is mentioned every day on Radio Oxford. You could use a pre-recorded announcement to say that the A40 Eastbound is gridlocked.

It is a major trunk road connecting the west of the country with London.

At rush hour that cross country traffic is joined by thousands of local commuters and parents taking their children into Oxford.

The A40 trunk road is so bad that many cross country travellers leave it to go over the Eynsham toll bridge. It is typical to have a 30 minute queue to pay 5p to go over this ancient thoroughfare. It could only happen in England!

When I started using the A40 10 years ago I was against road widening and I supported other measures such as co-ordinated buses for Oxford schools or a light railway. As there has been no progress whatever on alternatives and traffic volume has increased to gridlock there is now no alternative but road improvement. I would encourage you to study the A40 and the Eynsham toll bridge for your gridlock feature.quote

Steve Bold, Ducklington

quote What IS it about the Brits that they want to wallow in gloom all the time?!

Politicians of all stripes ignore public transport for half a century then suddenly decide cars are bad. And the mediafolk fall for it.

Actually for most people most of the time their car does the job best. And for the ones who do find themselves in regular jams, what about entertaining a change of job/home/lifestyle? quote

David Jeffires, Brill Bucks

quoteIn my view congestion started when Dr. Beaching decimated the railway system and gave up to the car.

Oxford is a good example - just about every market town around Oxford was connected to the City by rail. Witney, Abingdon, Woodstock, Thame to name a few.

All railway stations have now gone with the exception of Bicester, which was re-introduced with a passenger connection to Oxford.

Thame Wheatley,Horsepath, Cowley, Littlemore, Kennington. It is these railway links that should be re introduced and a park and ride system operate at each station or Holt on the way.

Most people could still walk or cycle to the station anyway.

The old rail network, if re-intoduced could also be utilised for local deliveries taking many vans and lorries of the road. More roads no matter how wide means more jams. Just look at the M25. quote

Alan Mutton, Kennington



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