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13 November 2014

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The Devil's Advocate

Listen to the series where we test the faith of Oxfordshire's leading theologians. Can we persuade them that there is no God?

Charlie and Anita Cleverly

Charlie and Anita Cleverly

In 2006 the legendary presenter and journalist John Humphreys went on a journey to find God. He set up a series of interviews with the country's leading religious figures in the hope that one of them could finally persuade the doubting Humphreys that God existed. They failed, and he remains dubious.

But despite his inability to find solace in a divine creator John wasn’t able to fully embrace atheism either. His book “In God We Doubt”, written after the radio series, sees him take a hazily defined agnostic position and whilst he never actually states where he would lie on Dawkins’ belief scale, most of the chapters read like he would be a firm 5.9.

Christian author Professor John Lennox

Christian author Professor John Lennox

Though it ultimately failed to help John come to a conclusion the series was a brilliant insight into the foundations of the beliefs of his interviewees. The justifications for their personal belief in God were laid bare, so we thought it might be interesting to repeat the experiment with some of Oxfordshire’s most influential theologians.

In this series our reporter Tim Bearder took a slightly different approach in order to tease out the answers to the big questions. Instead of hoping to be persuaded that there was a God he actively tried to persuade his interviewees that there was no God.

Leader of the Baptist Union of Great Britain Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards - Baptist Union

Whichever way you come down on the issues at the heart of the debate, each discussion was an interesting insight into the faith that defines the lives of our participants each of which you can hear in full below.

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You are in: Oxford > Faith > The Devil's Advocate

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