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27 November 2014

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Oxford Inspires

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Alice in Wonderland image

Alice's origins can be found here...

Alice's Day

The magic of Alice in Wonderland was celebrated in the very first Alice's Day' on Saturday 7th July. With Oxford being the home of Lewis Carroll and the birth place of Alice's adventures - could there have been a better setting?

Did you know that it was right here in Oxfordshire that the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland originated?

The journey began one afternoon in July 1862 at Folly Bridge, Oxford. From there the Reverend Charles Dodgson, an Oxford don, took a girl called Alice Liddell and her two sisters on a rowing picnic up the River Thames to the village of Godtsow.

Alice's Day

Discover Alice in Oxford...

To while away the time he told them the tale of a girl called Alice who goes looking for an adventure. The story was loved so much by 10 year-old Alice that she asked him to write it down.

The result saw the creation of the epic tales of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. They was first published in 1865 under the pen name Lewis Carroll and have gone on to be a favourite with generations throughout the globe.

The Oxford of Alice in Wonderland...

With Alice's origins right here on our doorstep, BBC Oxford's Clare Beamond has been on a trail unearthing the tangible links between Oxford and Alice's Adventures. Click on the links below to hear her very own adventures...

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts

Video Nation

Watch the video that Gilly McMullin has filmed which takes a brief look into the life of Alice Liddell, the real life inspiration of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, both penned by one of Oxford's best known writers, Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).

Check out her video to see some of the places and people still tied to this great local legacy.

Alice's Day

The magic of Alice's adventures was celebrated in the form of the very first Alice's Day right here in Oxford. People could create their own adventures by following a special trail across the city stopping off along the way to try 'Eat me tarts', watch street theatre, meet the Queen of Hearts and discover hidden treasures from Lewis Carroll's life in Oxford.

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Have Your Say

Are you a big fan of Alice in Wonderland? What is it about Alice's tales that encapture you? Who is your favourite character in the book?

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It's nice to see a day commemorating a well loved author. However, there are other writers such as Tolkien and CS Lewis who have associations with Oxford. I believe we should have a writers day commemorating authors past and new and the event be inclusive too all people of all ages and backgrounds.

Louise Dunn
I'm just like the White Rabbit and always running late.

I have always loved the imagination behind Alice. Just like all children. Just like my very own Alice who is now 8. We lived near Oxford and it wasnt until our daughter was born that I realised the books were written and inspired so near to us. Although our Alice is dark, like a lot of children she has a massive imagination and really is our own Alice in Wonderland.Unfortunately we now live in Australia and cannot experience Alices day. My favourite character has to be Alice although there are so many. I have to say the caterpillar brings a smile to my face!

Nasrin Azadeh
İ grew up with the wonders of Alice's stories in a far away place, and am still wondering how İ was drawn to Oxford where the story was originated.

R. Steven Terry Jr.
I wish that I could attend this event! As a Carroll Scholar for many years, I still love the trip I made to Oxford in 1993. Made me think of Lewis Carroll as more of the Genious he was. As for my favorite charictor, I would have to say the Cheshire Cat.

You are in: Oxford > Oxford Inspires > Alice's Day


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