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24 September 2014

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Finest Athlete

Oxfordshire's Finest Athlete

To mark Oxfordshire 2007 BBC Oxford have been on a mission to find Oxfordshire's finest Athlete. The votes have been flying in and now it’s time to announce who has won the title…

Oxfordshire's Finest Athlete

Oxfordshire is home to many sporting heroes but there could only be one winner.

Drum roll please...

With 23 per cent of the vote the winner is:


Sir Roger Bannister
Sir Roger Bannister

You can hear and read more about Sir Roger Bannister's achievements by clicking on the link below...

Bannister’s success in running the first sub-four minute mile in recorded history in 1954 was an outstanding sporting achievement and has been an inspiration to runners throughout the world. 

And in second place...

2nd place goes to John Aldridge with 15 per cent.

3rd place goes to Kevin Tunstall with 14 per cent.

4th place goes to Philip Adams with 13 per cent.

5th place goes to Joey Beauchamp with 10 per cent.

6th place goes to James Figg with 8 per cent.

You can read and hear more about the our shortlist of athletes by clicking on the links below.

Have your say...

You voted in your droves but if any of you disagreed with our selection, we are giving you the opportunity to add your comments below. Also we'd love to hear your comment on Sir Roger Bannister being crowned as Oxfordshire's Finest Athlete.

last updated: 18/05/07
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R Hanna
not to take anything away from his achievments but i believe Sir Roger Bannister has had plenty of honours bestowed upon him. a street, a coin, a knighthood and now a stadium.besides his record only lasted for 46 days!!!i would have preferred the acolade to go to someone like Joey Beauchamp who gave 13 years loyal service to oxford united football club.also i think the poll should have been entitled 'oxford's finest sportsperson' as the original title almost guides the voter straight to Bannister.

James Chambers
Phil Adams all the way! On top of his game for generations and modest with it.

Adrian Brown
John Aldridge - best football player in the world!

Darran Gough
Please do not forget Sid and Mary Rand. sid was an olympic oarsman and in one world meeting in France the 4 he was in won more medals and any country's score. His wife mary was a top olympic long jumper

Iris Billing
I would like to vote for Roger Bannister fo his outstanding achievement -being the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes. He was in my class at Vaughan Road School, West Harrow over 70 years ago! A friend who lives near was also in our class.

Janet Theis
I recentlty received an email from one of my Cousins who now lives in France. He has informed me that James Figg is in fact one of our ancestors.My Fathers name is Derrick Charles Theis and my Grandmother's maiden name was Ethel Figg. I find this so very interesting + would obviousley love to see James Figg voted Oxford's Finest Athelete. Thank you for nominating him.

Gary Glass
John Aldridge? You really are scraping a barrel there. An OK player on an average team - at the very best.

William Bemister
There is a fatal flaw in your poll. While I agree completely with your selection, many of your viewers / listeners who were born before the age of the 'baby boom' will not have heard of Sir Roger Bannister. Tim Henman is better know among today's generation, but does this mean he is the better candidate? I don't this so. Perhaps you should have balanced your poll by some demographic data such as length of residence in Oxfordshire, age, and whether the person participating in the poll considers themselves an active, passive or non sportsperson?

gravel travel
what about billy whitehurst

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Oxfordshire's Finest Athlete

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