Join the BBC Outreach charity tickets ballot

Thank you for your interest in the BBC Outreach charity tickets ballot. To enter the ballot, please fill in the details for your charity below. Please note that only employees of a charity are eligible to enter on behalf of a charity and we may contact the charity to confirm they're happy for you to represent them.

Unfortunately we are unable to reply to individual queries regarding the form, please visit our frequently asked questions section for more help. Once you have submitted your form, you will receive an email that will require you to verify your email address. Once this has been done successfully, we will confirm your submission. After that, we will only be in touch if you are drawn in the ballot.

Good luck!

Please note that most of our recordings take place in London, with a small number in Salford. The BBC is unable to provide transport so please bear this in mind when deciding which of your service users or volunteers to offer the trickets to.

Only one application per charity will be accepted – multiple applications for head offices and regional offices are not permitted. This will be monitored using the charity registration numbers. Charity representatives from local or regional offices should seek authorisation from the head office before registering.

Any places offered must not, under any circumstances, be sold or used for fundraising purposes.

By clicking "Submit", you confirm you've accepted our Terms and Conditions.

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