Face-to-face activity helps us
have a positive impact that goes
beyond the programmes
we broadcast.

Beyond the Broadcast

Find more examples in our most recent BBC Corporate Responsibility Performance Review.

Beyond the broadcast

As the UK's national public service broadcaster, we have six Public Purposes which were set our for us by the Government.  Everything we do at the BBC - every TV or radio show and every website or event - is designed to help us achieve one or more of these purposes.

This includes all of the work that we do beyond broadcasting, and every one of our face-to-face activities is helping us fulfil at least one of these purposes.

This face-to-face activity, which we call outreach, is designed to help us meet our audiences across the country, especially those usually considered difficult to reach through traditional broadcasting.

Click on the examples below to find out exactly how we use outreach activities to meet our Public Purposes.

Our six Public Purposes

Our six Public Purposes

Every thing we do at the BBC helps us achieve at least one of our six Public Purposes.  Find out more about what these Public Purposes mean:

  • Sustaining citizenship and civil society
  • Promoting education and learning
  • Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence
  • Representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities
  • Bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK
  • Delivering the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services

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