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by Ouch Team

Like many websites - and even more people - Ouch! is no longer found in just one place online. We're in the places you are, whether that's social networks, video-sharing or photo sites. Here's a brief run-down of where you can keep up with all of our activities in other ways. Don't forget to say hello ...
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Facebook - Friend us on Facebook and you'll get updates sent through to your feed of what's new on the site. We also post photos and videos from the monthly Ouch! Podcast.

Disability Bitch on Facebook - You too can join the massed ranks of people who desperately want to be friends with Ouch's most horridest columnist. She'll hate you for it, too.

YouTube - Exclusive clips from the Ouch! Podcast, as well as other videos featured in articles, can all be found in our channel on the hugely popular video-sharing site.

Flickr - Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture! Photos from the podcast and anywhere else that the Ouch! team happen to find themselves are uploaded to our stream on the photo-sharing site.

Twitter - If you hang out on the micro-blogging site, providing 140-character updates on what you're doing for your friends, follow us on there and we'll tell you instantly about new articles and content on Ouch!

Plus ...

If you prefer other ways of keeping up with Ouch! that don't involve social networking, then don't forget about the following:

Ouch! newsletter - Go through the simple sign-up process, and every Thursday you'll get our email newsletter in your inbox, updating you with all that's new and happening on your favourite disability website.

RSS feeds - If you know your RSS, you can get feeds of the Ouch! homepage, section index pages like Opinion and Interviews, plus our blog. You can even keep up with what's new from your favourite writers, whether that's Laurence Clark or Liz Carr. And RSS isn't just for articles and editorial either - using it via your chosen audio player on your computer means that you'll automatically get the latest episode of the Ouch! Podcast when it's made available online. If you want to find out more about what RSS is and how to use it, check out this BBC News guide.

And ...

The BBC Disability Website Ouch Appreciation Society - Yes, we've got fans too! Please note that this isn't an official Ouch! presence, but a group set up by folks on Facebook who just can't get enough of their favourite disability site.

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