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Disability Bitch

Disability Bitch and the big effort march

DB in a tank
by Disability Bitch

When disabled people get out and march in their thousands, it's ahuge and seldom seen occurrence. Plus what has Hawking been saying now? Read DB's 'hard hitting' analysis.


Disability Bitch hates insults

by Disability Bitch

DB guides you through a sliding scale of disability insults to help you avoid tabloid fury, like wot Ricky Gervais got.


Disability Bitch hates bank holidays

by Disability Bitch

DB is not caught up in the national mood of celebration and vents her spleen on outdoor bbq buffet events.

DB on the moon

Disability Bitch: beware of what you wish for

by Disability Bitch

DB explores what would happen if smokers were treated in the same way as disabled people.

Disability Bitch

Disability Bitch

Every Thursday, DB tackles topics with the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

Motley Zoo

A close-up view of an Andre Jordan doodle

Welcome to doodler Andre Jordan's wonderful world of disabled animals.

Top Ten

A colourful number 10

Not-so-serious disability-related countdowns. Send us yours too!

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