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    Posted by allie (U14629963) on Thursday, 30th September 2010

    Hi..i am new to this..i get middle rate care for my son who is 14(ADHD/ODD), am having at moment to renew claim..am wondering will i still get middle care...he is on meds during school time which is helping..but at home after meds end he is still very very full on , does self harms (not as much as before ) still can not leave alone lighters/fire..and what has got much worse is his sleeping..he does not go to bed until 12ish and 3/4 nights is awake for hourish....what does any one think....i am dreading these forms...any thought would be great


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    Posted by grassisgreener (U14569661) on Sunday, 3rd October 2010

    Hi Allie
    I had to fill forms in every year for 8 yrs then all of a sudden they told me i would not need to fill them in for 5yrs so i hope you get the same. Do you photo copy your form? i do mine as i find it helpful to have them for reference i am not saying you should copy them on your new forms you must tell them of any changes. I get middle rate care for my daughter and she can't do very much for herself she can feed herself and have a drink but washing dressing ect is down to me so i think its down to how they feel on the day as to what rate you get. Dont panic take your time write them on a piece of paper first then copy onto the form as you dont get a lot of room on form if you have an error.
    Sorry i haven't been much help to you, Good Luck.

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    Posted by foobabe (U10565341) on Sunday, 3rd October 2010

    Hi Allie

    I would suggest checking out the CEREBRA web site. They have a.step-by-step guide to help with claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children under 16 with brain related conditions. The link is:


    Also with regard the self harm go to your gp and ask for a referral to a specialist like CAMHS. Children on medication for ADD/ADHD ofter have trouble falling asleep.You could try Melatonin to help his sleep problems.

    If he is still "full on" even with meds, maybe they need to be reviewed? S is reviewed every 6 months.

    Hope this helps

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    Posted by allie (U14629963) on Tuesday, 5th October 2010

    Hi..Thank you for your thoughts ..i will def do a rough copy of what i will put down first....Very helpfull..i do not know why these forms send me in to a panic..

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    Posted by cheekipixi (U14707517) on Wednesday, 1st December 2010

    Hi Allie,
    My son is 10yrs, he has ADHD, ODD, learning difficulties, dyslexia and severe behavioural problems. He was awarded DLA a few yrs ago, high rate care and low rate mobility.
    I filled in the form (book) myself with the guidance from a step by step booklet from Cerebra (invaluble).
    I also photo copied the completed form and enclosed copies of perscriptions, letters from medical proffessionals, SEN, if your son receives counselling etc, include copies of these (appointments), ask your family to write letters to the DLA (include these with your form) of how they see your son and when explaining how your son is, use his worse time.
    It is very daunting but worth seeing it through, don't leave anything out.
    Good luck with your form and with your son, hard work dealing with a child with ADHD but worth it xxx

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