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Scoliosis testing in schools in UK

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    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Friday, 18th September 2009

    Hi everyone
    Cameron is continuing to recover well. His rash is almost gone and he has even had a couple of teenage strops - must be feeling better. He has one remaining wound to heal and another week of antibiotics. Saw Mr Molloy at Stanmore on Monday and we do not have to go back until October 19th.
    Going back to school on Monday part time which he is looking forward to. Has been catching up with missed work at home. Going to his first part post-op tomorrow!!
    I am very relieved he is now on the mend. It has been a very difficult summer, but he is delighted with his straight back and being taller. I will be returning to work in 10 days - can't believe I have been off nearly two months - it has gone so fast! Cameron's younger brother, Finlay, has had swine flu this week which has been rough. Fingers crossed Cameron avoids it.
    Take care and best wishes to you all.

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    Posted by christine (U10806837) on Monday, 21st September 2009

    Hi Tracy
    Hope Cameron has a good day back at school, glad to hear he is now improving (teenage strops are a sure sign things are looking up).
    Hope Finlay is feeling a lot better now and fingers crossed the rest of the family don't catch it.
    Take care and keep well
    Christine x

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    Posted by gentleladygreeny (U13938496) on Monday, 28th September 2009

    Hi Bernadette & Ria & everybody
    I have not posted any messages lately as our son Chris who is 17 had a serious accident. It was 3 weeks ago and he had a bleed on the brain. He is improving everyday and hopefully will make a full recovery.
    Sara is still having her op on the 21st of october at the norfolk and norfolk, as her back is so much worse and we cannot put it off. I will be glad when this year has finished and hope for a good 2010.
    I will post again soon
    Take care
    Bev & Sara x

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    Posted by christine (U10806837) on Tuesday, 29th September 2009

    Hi Bev and Sara
    So sorry to hear about Chris' accident. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.
    Please keep us updated on his progress.
    How is Sara coping as her operation gets nearer? Hope she is OK.
    Take care,
    Christine, Emma and Megan x

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Tuesday, 29th September 2009

    I am very sorry to hear about your son but l am pleased that he is improving.
    I can understand not wanting to put off Sara's operation , especially as her back has worsened-it will all be worth it though.

    Take care and best wishes to you all


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    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Tuesday, 29th September 2009

    So sorry to hear about your son and so glad he is improving. It is a terrible thing to have to go through. We hope Sara is coping well with her approaching operation. I agree with Sue - it will be so worth it. I am amazed at how quickly teenagers get back to normal - their speed at recovering is incredible.
    Best wishes to you all and keep in touch. We are all thinking of you.
    Tracy and Cam

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    Posted by sophieria (U12489232) on Thursday, 1st October 2009

    Hi Bev & Sara & everyone
    I am so sorry to hear about Chris, you are really having a time of it, but just keep going. I really do wish him well and back to good health as soon as possible. You must be equally so worried leading up to Sara's operation. Stay strong, we have to!
    We are waiting now for a second opinion date as our GP has requested this from Mr Ticker at Great Ormond St Hosp. How is Sara? Ria is suddenly now asking so many questions,she has just read the book 'Becca's Journey', I got it from SAUK, I thought it was very good.
    Take good care & post if you can and have the time.
    Bernadette & Ria x

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Friday, 2nd October 2009

    Hi Bernadette and Ria
    I'm so pleased that your GP has requested a second opinon. You say he has asked for Mr Ticker at GOSH- do you mean Mr Tucker by any chance, as a Mr Tucker is Lucy's surgeon and l know he does work at GOSH as well as Stanmore. It would be a coincidence if it is Mr Tucker!
    The book "Becca's Journey" is very good- l think it has a lot of useful info and prepares families really well and accurately to what happens once you know your child is having the operation.
    I hope you don't have to wait too long to hear

    Best wishes to you both and all the regulars on this site!

    Sue x

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    Posted by gentleladygreeny (U13938496) on Saturday, 3rd October 2009

    Hi Bernadette, Ria & everyone
    Chris is doing really well. Thank you to everyone for all your messages of support.
    I will post again closer to sara's op.
    Take care
    Bev & Sara x

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    Posted by sophieria (U12489232) on Thursday, 8th October 2009

    Hi Sue

    Yes, it is him, Mr Tucker (my typing!) we have not heard back yet, so fingers crossed we do not have to wait too long.

    Best wishes to everyone.


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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Thursday, 8th October 2009

    That's brilliant! I hope you haven't got to wait too long but he will give you the best advice, l am absolutely sure. He is an excellent surgeon and really nice man. I am pleased you are getting somewhere now.

    Keep us updated


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    Posted by kimber1970 (U14170496) on Monday, 12th October 2009

    Emma, power to you!

    By the way, my daughter has scoliosis too. The doctors said to "wait and see", but I couldn't wait so I went online and found tons of information, including info about the Schroth method. She started doing the exercises and after a few months, the curve improved! The doctors couldn't explain it.

    The clinics tend to be really expensive but you can get the book. It's called "The Schroth Scoliosis Three-Dimensional Treatment", although it is rather technical and hard to read. I also know that www.spineharmony.com... has an exercise program that's based on Schroth. They have some exercises on youtube: www.youtube.com/watc...

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    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Monday, 19th October 2009

    Hi everyone
    Had Cameron's first 'proper' post op check up today with Mr Molloy at Stanmore today. X-ray showed everything is fine. Wounds have fully healed now. Had a blip a few weeks ago when Cam was accidently pushed over . He was a bit shaken but otherwise OK. We were told Cameron's correction was far better than they had originally hoped - he only has to wear his brace until Christmas. It will be a great present even though he kind of likes wearing it.
    We don't have to go back until February now. He is doing really well. Back at school full time and getting out and about. Cam had a 16th birthday party at home last week which he really enjoyed!! I still don't know what happened to the last 16 years - how can I be the mother of a 16 year old????
    Sue - I hope you and Lucy are getting on well. I think of you often but life has been so manic these past few weeks.
    Bestr wishes to everyone.
    Tracy and Cam xx

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    Posted by christine (U10806837) on Monday, 19th October 2009

    Hi Tracy

    A belated happy 16th birthday to Cam, glad he had a good time. Good news about his correction and I am so pleased everything is heading in the right direction now.


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    Posted by christine (U10806837) on Monday, 19th October 2009

    Hi Bev

    Hope Chris is still improving and he is OK now.

    Is Sara's op still going ahead on 21st? We wish Sara a speedy recovery and we will be thinking of you both.

    Christine xxx

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    Posted by sophieria (U12489232) on Thursday, 22nd October 2009

    Hi Bev

    Thinking about you all, all the very best to Sara.

    Best Wishes

    Bernadette & Ria

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Monday, 26th October 2009

    Hi Tracy
    I haven't been on the site for a while-it's great news to hear all is going well for Cam, especially that he only has to wear his brace until Christmas! Brilliant news about the correction as well!

    Happy belated 16th birthday to Cam! The years are flying by now- something to do with age!? Robert has settled in well at uni and we visited him this weekend- still feels strange not to have him around- l suppose you get used to it eventually...

    Lucy sees Mr Tucker in the middle of November and l will post then. Touch wood all is going well for her too. I expect that you are back in the swing of work again after such a long time off!

    Take care and best wishes to you all
    Sue x

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Monday, 26th October 2009

    Hi Bernadette
    Please post an update when you get a date through for your second opinion. Will it be at Great Ormond Street? I hope you haven't got to wait too long and that Ria is ok

    Take care and best wishes
    Sue x

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Monday, 26th October 2009

    Hi Bev
    Just to say l hope Sara's operation went ahead as planned for the 21st? We hope she is recovering well and we are thinking of you all.

    Hi to Christine and Emma- hope you are all well!

    Sue x

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    Posted by gentleladygreeny (U13938496) on Tuesday, 27th October 2009

    Hi to everyone
    Sorry i hav'nt posted for a while but it has been such a stressful time. Sara had her op last wednesday has planned. It took 9 hours in total. She has had 3/4 of her back done and is now just under 2 inches taller. It all went well and she was discharged last night the 26th. She is obviously in discomfort but is walking around the house. She finds it difficult to sit down for a certain amount of time. She has 3 lots of painkillers. She dos'nt have to wear a brace and has a follow up appointment in 2 weeks. She does not regret having it done although it was very stressful at the time. It feels so good to have both Chris and Sara home with us and our eldest boy is coming home from uni for the weekend.
    Thank you so much for all your support through this difficult time.
    Bev & Sara xxx

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    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Wednesday, 28th October 2009

    Hi Bev
    So glad Sara's op went well. It is a horrible thing for you all to go though but so worth it.
    She isdoing so well by getting up and walking around. The not being able to sit for long is very normal but does get gradually better over the coming weeks. She will need to take her painkillers for a long while but even they stop eventually. She has been incredibly brave.
    it is 3 months since Cam's op. He is in a brace but is back at school full time, is enjoying going out with his friends, going to parties etc. He hardly needs pain meds now.
    When you look back on the op and the weeks after it will be a bit of a blur but the time will go quickly.
    All our best wishes to your family - and a big 'well done' to Sara.
    Tracy and Cam xx

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Friday, 30th October 2009

    Hi Bev and Sara
    It's brilliant news that Sara is home now. Lucy found sitting up uncomfortable in the first few weeks too but i think this is totally normal.
    Have a wonderful family weekend!

    Take care and best wishes


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    Posted by christine (U10806837) on Sunday, 1st November 2009

    Hi Bev
    Glad to hear everything went OK with Sara's op. She done very well to get out of hospital so quick. Emma also found it uncomfortable sitting up and felt as though it was hard to balance while sitting.
    Yes, it is a very stressful time.
    Hope you are having a good weekend with all your children around you. How is Chris doing?
    Keep us updated with Sara's progress and please pass on Emma's best wishes to Sara.

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    Posted by sophieria (U12489232) on Sunday, 1st November 2009

    Hi Sue

    We will be going to Great Ormond Street on 9th November and are seeing Mr Ember.

    This is good, because we have our next consultation with the consultant at St Georges exactly 2 weeks after that.

    Will keep you posted, Ria doing fine but we are all keen to move on with this now.

    Thanks Sue and best wishes to you all.


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    Posted by sophieria (U12489232) on Sunday, 1st November 2009

    Hi Bev & Sara

    So happy to hear that Sara is at home with you all and walking around the house.

    We are thinking about her and want to wish her all the very best during her recovery.

    You take good care of yourself too.

    Bernadette & Ria xx

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    Posted by gentleladygreeny (U13938496) on Wednesday, 4th November 2009

    Hi everyone,
    Just to update you all. Sara is doing ok. We go to doctors in the morning to take her stitch out. She is not looking forward to it. You would'nt think so after all she has been through.
    We have a follow up appointment at the hospital on 13th november. She has been quite tired lately but then she has a cough at the moment and is not sleeping too well through the night. She wants to go back to school which is not like sara. Its just that she feels lost without her friends although she is in contact with them. Her laptop charger broke the other day and she is patiently waiting for her new one to come. I don't know, what did children used to do before laptops and mobile phones.
    Chris is doing really well. He went back to 6th form on tuesday and is continuing with his physio and hopefully going back to his part time job in a couple of weeks.
    Light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to good family xmas.
    Bye for now everyone
    Take care
    Bev & Sara x

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Thursday, 5th November 2009

    I'm pleased you haven't got too long to wait now for your consultation. I understand what you mean about being keen to move on- l think we have all felt the same on this site- there is an incredible/desperate need for information about what is going to happen to your child. I'm sure you will know much more after the 9th.

    Keep us updated and best wishes to you all


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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Thursday, 5th November 2009

    Hi Bev and Sara
    It's lovely to hear Sara is doing well. Every day there is an improvement and she will be back at school soon l'm sure. It's good to hear your son is doing well- l really hope everything continues to go well for you all.
    Take care and best wishes
    Sue x

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    Posted by sophieria (U12489232) on Friday, 13th November 2009

    Hi Everyone

    All moving very fast now since our first visit on Monday this week to meet Mr Ember at Great Ormond Street Hospital. They have taken over and are going to look after Ria, there is absolutely no question, about waiting any longer
    This is Mr Ember, Mr Tucker and team at GOSH, we are so pleased. We have Ria's pre op visit booked for 15th December. We decided to not have the operation just before Christmas and to go ahead with the holiday we had booked. So she will be having it first thing in the New Year on our return, just waiting now to confirm 4/5 Jan.

    Ria is great, very positive and confident, more concerned about organising all the sports stuff in advance of her absence along with the PE team at her school. She knows she will be 'on the bench' ( but will of course Captain from there) for about 9 months, and was told there is no reason why she will not be back after that doing all she did before.

    So very relieved we are at GOSH now.

    Bev, please let me know how Sara's recovery is going? We all wish her well.

    Bye for now.

    Bernadette & Ria

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    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Friday, 13th November 2009

    Hi Bernadette and Ria
    Fantastic news that things have finally got moving - it makes such a difference to have a plan to work to and a date to work towards.
    Glad that Ria is very postive. It makes such a difference to the recovery period.
    Cam continues to recover well. Hardly any pain at all and managed to walk to school and back the other day (2 miles!!) We went to see Muse the other night and danced the night away.
    Best wishes
    Tracy and Cam xx

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  • Message 232

    , in reply to message 231.

    Posted by sophieria (U12489232) on Friday, 13th November 2009


    Oh wow .....that is all so good to hear I cannot tell you!

    You probably know just how we have been feeling right now.

    I am so happy for Cam and this all makes us feel so positive now.

    Thank you.

    Take good care.


    p.s. another thought and jumped up in the middle of the night with this one.....Ria has top and bottom braces (teeth) silly question...do they need to be removed? Probably one for the pre-op meet..

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  • Message 233

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    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Sunday, 15th November 2009

    I know exactly how you are feeling now - just like all the other mums on this site. I got so much support from everyone it really helped Me get through it, and Cameron loved reading all the messages. It helped him keep positive too - just the knowing someone knew how he felt.
    Its all really scary but I kept turning to this thread and reading the messages because I was desperate for information.
    Cameron says hi to Ria - he'll need braces soon but I don't know about taking them out for surgery.
    Take care and keep in touch.
    Tracy and Cam xx

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    Posted by gentleladygreeny (U13938496) on Sunday, 15th November 2009

    Hi Bernadette & Ria
    Good to hear everything is moving on for you.
    Sara is fine. We went for follow up appointment and they are really pleased with how it has all gone. We go back in 9 weeks for x-ray. She may be going back to school next week which is really good.
    Take care and keep us updated
    Bev & Sara

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    Posted by christine (U10806837) on Monday, 16th November 2009

    Hi Bernadette

    Glad to hear everything is now moving along for Ria. Hope you all have a great Christmas and holiday. Ria sounds like she is coping remarkably well and this will make her recovery a lot easier.

    Keep us posted on dates and how things are going.

    Christine, Emma and Megan

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    Posted by christine (U10806837) on Monday, 16th November 2009

    Hi Tracy

    You are so right, we all know exactly what Bernadette is going through and will support her any way we can. You can never have too much information, it is best to know exactly what will happen, it is easier to prepare yourself.

    It doesn't seem that long ago that we were chatting about Cameron's op and look at him now.

    Emma and Megan also say hi to all the kids mentioned on this forum. Emma had an appointment with an orthodontist last week (after waiting 2 years to see one), needs braces but can't seem yet to be able to convince her to get them. She says she's been through enough and can't face the thought of 2 years wearing them. Will keep on trying to talk her round, it is what us mothers do best, lol.

    Christine x

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  • Message 237

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    Posted by christine (U10806837) on Monday, 16th November 2009

    Hi Bev

    Good to hear Sara's recovery is going so well. Wish her luck for next week, hope she's back at school. Will she be going back part-time or straight into full-time?

    Take care.

    Christine x

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  • Message 238

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Tuesday, 17th November 2009

    Hi Bernadette and Ria
    I'm so pleased that you have a date now-you have something to aim for. You can have your holiday and then the operation will be in the new year. I expect you are relieved that you asked for a second opinion! There is probably never a good time to have the operation but all the kids on this site recovered well and fairly quickly- oh to be young!!
    Ria- continue to be positive! Lucy has her 6 month review this week- the time has flown for us all and l'm sure you will be a great captain on and off the bench!

    Best wishes
    Sue and Lucy

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  • Message 239

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Tuesday, 17th November 2009

    Bev and Sara
    It's really good news that all is going really well for you. Going back to school already is great!
    Take care
    Sue and Lucy

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  • Message 240

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    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Tuesday, 17th November 2009

    Hi Tracy and Cam
    I agree with you- everyone on this site gave us amazing support - it was so comforting. It definitely helped us through a tough time.
    I read lots of useful information which took some of the fear and worry away.
    Lucy wears a mouth brace and did not need it removed for the operation- in fact it's coming off next month after 2 years! Straight teeth and a straight back!!
    Take care and best wishes

    Sue and Lucy xx

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  • Message 241

    , in reply to message 240.

    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Wednesday, 18th November 2009

    Hi Sue and Lucy
    Teetha nd backs must go together. Cam has just been referred to an orthodontist!!!
    I think back to this time last year when our scoliosis journey was just beginning and then look at how things are now. It is so good to share the worry and fear.
    Hope Lucy is progressing well. You must let me know when you are up our way. It woild be great to meet up.
    Tracy and Cam xx

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  • Message 242

    , in reply to message 241.

    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Wednesday, 18th November 2009

    Hi Tracy and Cam
    What a coincidence about the teeth! It would be great to meet up sometime- but l don't think we will be near you until next summer but you never know!
    I am going to pass the details of this site on to a collegue of mine-her friend has a son who has just been told he needs the operation and i think it would be really useful for her. I think he is 14 or 15 years old and they are feeling now how we all have. She could then maybe ask you questions about Cam and how he dealt with it as Cam is the only boy on this site at the moment?!

    Off to London tomorrow for check up with Mr Tucker and then some Christmas shopping!

    Sue and Lucy xx

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  • Message 243

    , in reply to message 242.

    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Wednesday, 18th November 2009

    Hi Sue
    Cam would be more than happy to share his experience. Scoliosis is a bit rarer in boys but we seem to have found out about quite a few!!
    Have a good day in London tomorrow. Lucy seems to be a bit more thoroughly followed up than Cam. I am a little disappointed that we have only had one follow up since September, and not being seen again until next Feb. We still have a few questions to ask, and Cam does get periods of backache. However, he continues to do well, and we know we will be seen fast if he has any major problems.
    So glad this year is nearly at an end!!!

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  • Message 244

    , in reply to message 243.

    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Thursday, 26th November 2009

    Hi Tracy
    We saw Lucy's surgeon last week and he is very pleased with her. He described her as "tough"! We see him again in 6 months time.
    February isn't too long off in terms of weeks and you all have Christmas to enjoy first!
    Life is getting back to "normal" for us all now isn't it after a very trying year?
    I'm pleased Cam is doing well and hope the backache eases off.

    Take care

    Sue x

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  • Message 245

    , in reply to message 244.

    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Thursday, 17th December 2009

    Hi Sue
    So glad all is well with Lucy. Time seems to fly by and have been so busy (as we all have no doubt). I hope you and your family have a brilliant Christmas and New Year. I cannot believe how low I was this time last year when we knew Cameron would be facing surgery. Everyone on this site has been so caring and supportive.
    Cam stops wearing his brace for good on Christmas Day!! (his choice of date!)
    We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Tracy, Ian,Cameron and Finlay xx

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  • Message 246

    , in reply to message 245.

    Posted by suelucy94 (U13851571) on Monday, 21st December 2009

    Hi Tracey
    It looks like Cam is looking forward to Christmas Day for several reasons! So pleased for him!
    Lucy has had her dental brace removed this morning- she is thrilled!
    We wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Thank you all for your invaluble support and care.

    Sue Jamie Rob and Lucy

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  • Message 247

    , in reply to message 20.

    Posted by Georgina (U13808060) on Thursday, 7th January 2010

    I Have Cp and i am 17 and i think i have a slight curved spine (I cant remember what the doctor said when i last went) I think i should get it checked again before i am discharged

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  • Message 248

    , in reply to message 247.

    Posted by madmum2816 (U13850009) on Thursday, 7th January 2010

    Hi Georgina.
    My son Cameron had surgery for scoliosis laast August. While he was in hospital some of the other teenagers having the same op had CP.
    It is definitely worth getting it checked. If the curve is under 20 degrees and you have stopped growing they generally do not do anything as lots of people have slightly curved spines. It would be good for you to be able to get some advice from the doctor to reassure you.
    Good luck

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  • Message 249

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    Posted by Georgina (U13808060) on Thursday, 7th January 2010

    well my mum will know but i didnt listen to that part or forgot lol i know the ovious ones but i cant really see my back apart from i lean more forward than able bodied people which is normal for me but not if it get bad

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  • Message 250

    , in reply to message 227.

    Posted by sophieria (U12489232) on Monday, 11th January 2010

    Hi Everyone

    Ria had her posterior spinal fusion operation on Tuesday 5th Jan (approx 6 hours) at Great Ormond Street Hospital. She came home on Saturday 9th Jan (amazing!!!). She is doing very very well and just on codeine and paracetomol. She is quite mobile, is walking around the house and doing the stairs, we are stunned at how well she is actually doing after such a huge operation. She is a very happy girl, no stitches (strips) and no brace (will not need one). She is still very tired on and off and stiff but not too sore. Her back is beautiful (very long now and straight and not a bruise in sight) we believe she has grown by 3 ins.

    GOSH were simply fantastic....we cannot stress how well it has all gone for her, she has had very little concerns really about about anything.

    Bev, you are quite right - the laptop and mobile is key as is the continued support/visits from her friends keeping her updated.

    Thank you all on this site for your continued support and of course to Emma who got this all going initially.


    Bernadette & Ria

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All the latest news from the paralympics.

Peter White

In Touch

News and views for people who are blind or partially sighted.

BBC Radio 4

You & Yours

Weekdays 12.40pm. Radio 4's consumer affairs programme.

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