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The Fundamental Human Right to be a Parent.

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    Posted by Peter aka Sociable (U6743562) on Saturday, 8th September 2007

    I thought it might make sense to re-start the recent discussion we had over on the main "Talk" board about the cruelty of "forced adoption" as this new forum would I think be an obvious location for a more in-depth discussion of the issues involved, not least as this is about the fundamental right of all disabled people to be parents at all.

    For reference the original discussion can be found here:


    To get the debate started though this is my own recent contribution to the main DRC "Agenda" website which covers some of the key issues involved.

    DRC Comment: By Peter Farrington DRC Forum Member.

    "Picking up on what is perhaps, after the right to life itself, the most fundamental of the human rights which is of course the right to found a family I am alarmed at the lack of comment by the DRC about the recent stories in the press concerning the forced adoption of Fran Lyon's unborn child.


    This report reads like something one would expect to only read about in text books detailing how badly the mentally ill and those with learning difficulties were treated in the dim and distant past.

    Surely in the post DDA and DED world things like this can't still happen, or can they?

    For obvious reasons I can't give details, but I have spent the last year and bit trying to help another young mother who has mild learning difficulties gain the right to at least have a chance to be a full-time mother to her baby, which was placed in care shortly after the birth because of concerns about what "might" happen rather than as a result of anything which had actually happened.

    Sadly such cases are becoming all too common and raise serious issues about the application of not only the DDA and DED duty Social Services have to such mothers, but also the mother's fundamental rights enshrined in the Human Rights Act itself.

    A model of best practice is available, but rarely used, as detailed in the research paper “Finding the Right Support”, from the Norah Fry Research Centre based at the University of Bristol, which suggests a planned cooperative approach may well lead to successful outcomes in such cases not least for the children involved themselves.

    [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]

    As a qualified social worker who trained in child protection I have to confess I am ashamed of the actions of the social workers in the case I am involved in and for the first time am truly happy I am no longer able to work in such an environment where such lack of respect for the individuals concerned is possible.

    In the case I am talking about the only issue is a learning difficulty that is so borderline that the individual concerned does not even qualify for support from Social Services in their own right for that learning difficulty despite having been in care for other reasons for most of her early life.

    The point I have made is that her needs for support as a mother and not just as an adult are being completely ignored. If nothing else they owe her such support having taken over responsibility for her as "parents" until she was 18.

    The one single thing that defines British justice is that one is presumed innocent until proved guilty, but sadly for those of us with disabilities, and especially where mental health or learning capacity is involved, the sad fact is we are often treated as being guilty until we are proven guilty or as in this situation simply deprived of the possibility of proving our lack of guilt."

    Peter Farrington aka "Sociable".

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    Posted by Peter aka Sociable (U6743562) on Tuesday, 11th September 2007

    Just to remind everyone for anyone that would like to leave her a message via the link I gave in the fist post, Fran Lyon has another hearing due tomorow (12th September)

    Or alternatively you can now also leave a message for her on this facebook account.


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    Posted by Peter aka Sociable (U6743562) on Tuesday, 11th September 2007

    Apology I hadn't realised the link in the first post was broken so here it is again:


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    Posted by Wowaddict (U9649895) on Friday, 14th September 2007

    any chance of an update please? checked the facebook site but it hasnt been updated.. would love to hear the outcome of the 12th september appeal.. praying fran won her case. i think it is deplorable that someone who has overcome mental health problems should be treated this way. considering 1 in 4 people in the united kingdom will suffer some form of mental health issue in their lives it is frightning that social services can just walk in and remove a child on the basis that they "may be a risk to the child". how many children have been removed from a loving family home just because social services deem it right when it has clearly been wrong? how many children have suffered because social services have failed them even tho they had evidence that they were being abused? they dont know their backside from their elbows half the time and falsify facts the other half of the time to try and make themselves correct.. Social Services or SS?

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    Posted by Peter aka Sociable (U6743562) on Friday, 14th September 2007

    Hi Wowaddict,

    Just checked Fran's "Asking for a chance" website and no update available on the appeal yet.

    As you will see if you go to the latest discussion thread this was not a full court hearing as we had all thought but an internal review carried out by social services and they have yet to notify what decision if any was reached.


    If I hear any more detail I will post an update.

    btw you are not alone in being addicted to WOW my son is too. LOL

    All the best.


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    Posted by Philip (U7092775) on Sunday, 16th September 2007

    Peter, I read the Daily Mails story and thought it was disgraceful!

    I do hope she wins her case to keep the baby.

    Perhaps a panel of independent judges should be consulted in all such cases rather than leave it in the hands of the so called 'expert' social workers.

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    Posted by doricgirl (U2890157) on Sunday, 16th September 2007


    Just to let you know - there is no update on either of the groups as neither Fran nor her lawyer were allowed into the hearing and she is waiting to hear by post about the outcome...!!!!


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