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Grommets versus hearing aids

My son (who is nearly two) has Down's Syndrome and has glue ...


dmcricketwid ow May 11, 2009


I just trided to renew passport of my 9 year old, but with the new ...


lp09ok May 8, 2009

Managing PAs as a parent

My dad is a PA user (I'm also disabled, but that's not ...


Lisy May 3, 2009

PA's where to find good ones

does anyone know where to look for good PA's? I have had many for ...


anationaldis grace May 2, 2009

who pays

My son who has 24/7 support on account of his physical ...


logicfan May 1, 2009

has anyone had experience of ...

my son was diagnosed with this over a yr ago he is an angry ...


missymel09 May 1, 2009

attitudes of some police officers

has anyone else had problems with the police when your child has ...


outdawinda Apr 28, 2009

Austism and Aspergers

Are there any parents of children/young people on here ...


sesley Apr 23, 2009

has anyone been ...

If my cardiologist, Google and all the medical databases are to be ...


ggggrace Apr 21, 2009

just wounderin

hi just wanted to no if anyone out there as the same condition as ...


dinkydebz Apr 16, 2009

Film extras needed

Hi my name is Andy and I am looking for physically disabled ...


BlockheadFil m Apr 16, 2009

New blog by disabled author

Hello all, I just wanted to let everyone know there's a new, ...


Athenesis Apr 11, 2009

BBC NEWS | South East Wales | ...

Hi! i am new to these boards, and am a law student wanting to ...


angelfyre Apr 11, 2009

no subject

hi..how is everyone doing ..hope not to badi am claiming income ...


smileallie Apr 10, 2009

changing from child to adult ...

I have just recieved the forms to fill out to renew my sons DLA ...


fluffycootes Apr 7, 2009


went to my doctors today to ask him to refer me to someone so i ...


mum2jord Apr 6, 2009

School and my child

Hi there Im new on here my name is Cheryl and I have a child that ...


stressedmom Apr 5, 2009

blind teenager

Do any of you have a "just blind" teenager? Meaning they just can ...


lilshortnsas sy Apr 4, 2009

no subject

OK, this is probably gonna sound silly and obvious but here I ...


wkmmum Apr 4, 2009


Hi All S (9) spent another night struggling with his maths - he ...


foobabe Apr 4, 2009

Does anyone know how to get ...

Hi I'm new to Ouch. I am a single mum from Sussex, with ...


fluffycootes Apr 3, 2009

child with adhd not pitting ...

my 9 year old son is on equasym 15mg twice a day he was ...


mum2jord Apr 2, 2009

help which are the best book ...

please can any one tell me any names of the best books to learn ...


mum2jord Apr 1, 2009

mum and child with adhd

my nine year old son was diagnosed 3 years ago with adhd,after 3 ...


pippi Mar 31, 2009

aspbergers maths genius

hi,i am new to this so if i make a mistake bear with me.i have a 5 ...


scorpiopansy potter Mar 29, 2009

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