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Alton Towers help

We are going to take our son, whos 6 to the theme park, and he has ...


moonshinebab e Jul 14, 2009

Please help for my DT project!

Hello,I am studying Resistant materials in High School and at ...


Katee Jul 13, 2009

school admissions stupidity

I've got to apply for my daughter's school place in ...


helen Jul 12, 2009

care agencies no longer to ...

I have been paying a care agency for 10 months to help me look ...


helen Jul 7, 2009

Who cares REALLY!

You know what, this isnt really so much a complaint or even a ...


VirgoNews Jul 6, 2009

hms eczema and dla

my little girl is neary 4 and get lrc because she has severe ...


tammy2k10 Jul 1, 2009


Please I am looking for any tips or some help. My two year old ...


U13792839 Jun 29, 2009

Can a head leaglly request a ...

At my daughter's annual review the head took unbridge that an Ed ...


starcharliec huckles Jun 28, 2009

Disney - USA Fast pass

not sure if this also applies to Disney land Paris and I ...


angelicgreen Jun 28, 2009

To statement or not

HiMy daughter is due to start secondary school in September, ...


TinyTamz Jun 25, 2009

autism and obsessions

Hi Everyone, I wondered do any of you have an autistic child (or ...


fosters Jun 24, 2009

Would you report it?

Hi,I dont know what to do for the best......If you knew someone ...


alico2 Jun 24, 2009

Any tips for attending a ...

I am embarking on this journey and would like to know if anyone has ...


starcharliec huckles Jun 24, 2009

I Am Running Out Of Patience ...

I am a 27 year old mother of 3 and my 12 year old son is ...


dreonadvs Jun 21, 2009

Do you get angry?

I was just wondering if there are any parents who get angry and ...


Pump_Kin Jun 18, 2009

Help for learning ...

Hi, my daughter is dyspraxic, has had a terrible time in the ...


Pholoca Jun 17, 2009

Can I have a baby with CRPS?

Hello everyone. I'm just leaving a message to ask if any body can ...


gemh83 Jun 17, 2009


I've been awake since 4.30 this morning worrying about my grown ...


logicfan Jun 15, 2009

ADHD......Setting the record ...

I was watching tonights programme with great interest! I have ADD ...


cosmicpeppey Jun 13, 2009

Rules for polling day on ...

It's polling day today and we need you to observe the following ...


BBC Ouch team Jun 4, 2009

child with ADHD act younger ...

hi all my 9 year old son as ADHD and he acts alot younger ( i ...


mum2jord Jun 4, 2009

AS/ADD assessment

I have a diagnosis of ADD and was assessed for AS but told that ...


shoshadevora h Jun 3, 2009

99% of children diagnosed ...

That was what a controversal us radio host michael savage ...


Calvinism Jun 2, 2009

What is the best baby monitor?

Can anyone recommend the best Baby Monitors, software for the PC or ...


scootles Jun 1, 2009


HiJust a short message to raise awareness of a rare genetic ...


monstermansm um May 26, 2009

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