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    Posted by dawnkw (U14925340) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011

    I was wondering if any one could give me any advice, my husband is a insulin dependant diabetic and is been off work with mental health problems for 2 and half years now. He has put in for ill health retirement and been refused twice even though his consultant, family doctor and various other medical professionals have supported him. He was admitted into a physiciatrict hospital after an insulin overdose in January and he is currently in hospital with his diabetes. His firm which is a big organisation sent us for a secong opinion I had a copy of the report and the company did, these reports slightly differ.and the consultant could not confirm whether my husband will be able to work or not.
    I have requested my husbands medical reports from the companies occupational health which I have recieved but unfortunately they are all not there. All i recieved was a letter off the mental health consultant to the worksdr supporting him on ill retirement dated 27.09.2010, a letter off the works Dr to the pension trustees dated 9.11.2010, Aletter to the works dr off Dr family doctor dated sep 2009,a letter off family doctor supporting my husband with ill health dated 26 may 2010,. and lastly a e mail off the personnel dept to the works dr l dated 1.6.2010 asking for a copy of thesecond opinion report from Dudley as it had been destroyed by the pensions guy in the company ( i think i recieved this by mistake). I also am aware that there have been other reports sent regarding my husband, one off his cpn that I handed in personally, one off the DWP , and one off ( diabetic nurse). Looking at what reports I have recieved my husband has had alot of support not only off his consultant, but off various other people, who see my husband on a reguler basis, but has still been turned down. I personally think that the works dr will never support my husband, no matter how many medical reports we have. .
    Also back in April i emailed you to ask why the works dr l hadn,t requested reports off my husbands diabetic consultant, and was told that they would getthe works dr to answer my request, but unfortunately i haven,t heard anything yet.

    After my husband had been turned down for ihr even though his consultant supported him. His consultant decided to get a second opinion and he has also supported my husband, ( which I have a copy off). I thought i would see the outcome of my husbands hospital stay before sending it in.
    even though my husband is currently off sick i thought he was to be informed of everything that is going on within the company. It has come to our attention the company opened a window for early release again.
    I have sent an e mail to the company telling them of these grievances and am awaiting their reply.
    Originally my husband had the union supporting him but apparently the union guy was set to retire and the company have enhanced his package to stay on a bit longer so he doesn,t want to rock the boat, so basically i am fighting our corner against this big company.
    Lastly back in 2009 when my hudsband was 50 the company were also then at the time offering early release to their workers and sent a letter out to everyone with a enhanced package, this would have been great for us as my husband could have started drawing his pension because then the pension age was 50. We did not recieve this letter a year later and so he couldn,t draw his pension because it was changed to 55. I complained the company and they called us in and apologised and said it was human error but couldn,t do anything about it, but unfortunately that doesn,t help us.
    So thats basically where we are at, and of course the financial pressure isn,t helping as my husband is only getting two hundred pounds a month off the company.
    I would be grateful for any advice anyone could give to me

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    Posted by limpinglimpet (U13868921) on Wednesday, 6th July 2011

    Hi DawnKW

    OK, a couple of things.The first one is a plea on my part to make sure there is lots of space and paragraphs rather than chunks of text. It makes it easier to see.

    Onto the main business. You need to see a copy of the rules on IHR from your husband's company pension and what the fundamental question the Dr considers. You then need to have a copy of what is called the IDRP (Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure) that will outline the procedure for appeals, and where to direct any complaints if it gets there.

    Invest in a diary and note everything to do with the case. Who says what, to whom and where it was said.

    Some pension schemes ask whether a person can continue to do the job they were doing until their normal retirement age, others try to establish whether the individual is capable of doing any job at all until their retirement age. You can see the enormity of difference here already.

    The reason why I ask this is that you state and "the consultant could not confirm whether my husband will be able to work or not." This is a big issue for Ill Health Retirement. A person may be gravely ill at the time, they may be ill for 5 or so years, but unless the consultant can give a reasonable opinion of their ability to work until they are 60/65, very few have a mechanism for short term annuities.

    So far as keeping him informed, I would ask HR why they did not tell him of early release (I assume that this was in 2010 as this is when the regs changed from HMRC). Be prepared though, that they may state that as he has been off with mental health problems/ and here read any disability, they may have acted in such a way as to protect themselves from charges of victimising him in a "why not leave now" kind of way and that they want to be seen to support him. I am not saying this is right, by the way, just to be aware of the constraints that some people have put on communication.

    Look at challenging the medical opinion, this is why you need the appeals procedure. Generally only info from consultants, occasionally GPs are considered. I know from having diabetes myself how good the nurses are, but having a report from them is generally not considered good enough. Make sure your reports asses the likely impact on your ability to work until retirement. A very renouned consultant once wrote "this is a very poorly woman" and little else. Their case was rejected for lack of evidence.

    Anyway, I am going to open a thread on Ouch 2 on Ill Heath Retirement, there are several of us on here who are familiar with it/ have been through it or have worked in it. I am no good at posting links, but there are links elsewhere on Q&A and Talk.

    If you have any more questions, please ask and I will do my best.


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    Posted by devine63 (U14166755) on Wednesday, 6th July 2011

    Hi DawnKW

    limpy has given a good answer.

    Just wanted to make sure you understood: the Ouch Boards are being closed down by the BBC - at 11am on Friday. You can find us on a new board called Ouch Too which is at

    See you there,
    regards, Deb

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    Posted by hossylass (U3749845) on Wednesday, 6th July 2011

    As limpet says, it depends on whether the retirement is for any work, or just for the job type hubby currently does.

    Also there is the situation that hubby's mental health may improve, and the diabetes become more managable.
    OK, that may not look realistic to you, hubby or his consultants, but the point is that a lot of mental health conditions are not considered permanent or degenerative, and persuading the company involved may be difficult.

    Thats sort of pours cold water on your situation if you are hoping for retirement, but maybe cheering if you are hoping for your hubby getting better!

    You must feel incredibly frustrated because neither thing is happening smiley - sadface

    Have you had a benefit check up with CAB to check you are getting what you are due?

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