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Anybody have any experience of getting help from there local councillors or mp when they,ve lost there dla claim

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    Posted by nicci (U14924603) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011

    has anybody out there got experience of getting help from councillors or there mp when they,ve lost the benefits ...my partner has lost his claim for a renewal so we,ve put in for an appeal straight away ..we have a meeting with our local labour councillor tomorrow evening ..who has stated he will try and help us as much as he can .he,s willing to contact our local mp too and see if she will also help etc ...i was told twice by different people if we can get them writing letters its fantastic thing to do ...but i,m wondering if anyone else has done this if so how did it work and was there good or bad outcomes ?did it make a difference ??? i refuse to just sit back and do nothing and my partner is the same ...hes had dla since he was 14 and he s always had it for his epilespy .and even after all these years nothing has changed .if anything he has other problems which are a direct result of hes fits such as a shoulder injury Labrum/Labral Tear which hes waiting on an operation to try and fix it again but hes also been told he now has osteoarthritis in the shoulder too so he now has more issues well thankyou for reading this and any comments are all taken on board

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    Posted by devine63 (U14166755) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011


    if you want to involve your MP, please do go and see him/her in person - they will have a local "surgery" session somewhere in the consituency - the local Library should have the details. It is best to see them in person, so you don't end up getting fobbed off by an underling.

    The Ouch messageboard is closing tomorrow, so check out either
    another board run by RNID which you can find with a search engine as I cannot give the link here; but you can find it by putting "Out of Hours 2" into a search engine

    regards, Deb

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    Posted by Lisa Jane (U14861672) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011

    Actually the Ouch board has been extended till Friday.

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    Posted by DavidG (U2600889) on Wednesday, 6th July 2011

    It wasn't a case of loss of benefits, but an attempt to force me on to one of their training schemes which was so spectacularly ill-suited that even the people running the training scheme said there was no way I was suitable. When I raised it with JCP and was ignored, I wrote a formal letter of complaint to the manager of the local job centre and copied it to my local MP and the then minister for disabled people (one and the same person at the time) saying that I thought they needed to be aware of the situation. I think that works quite well as it says 'I'm fighting this and if you want to help that would be great', rather than 'I'm trying to dump this in your lap'.

    I got a letter back expressing concern and saying he had raised it with the regional DWP centre charged with investigating MPs complaints/queries. The change in attitude at the local level was spectacular, 'Ooh, you're the one who wrote the letter, aren't you? What can we do to help?' In the end they said they couldn't cope with me on JSA, so I switched to ESA at their request (which started a whole new fight).

    You need to write to DWP asking for the reasons your partner's renewal has been refused. The shoulder injury may be of most value in showing that your partner is at very real risk of injury during a fit, it's probably not enough on its own to substantially alter the award decision, but seek guidance from CAB or DIAL or the like in how to structure your appeal.

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    Posted by monic1511 (U1768751) on Wednesday, 6th July 2011

    Hi nicci

    I find that councillors have no clout with the DWP, MP's do though but first get the appeal letter in and make an appointment with the MP, take a copy of the appeal letter with you and if at that time your still waiting on a decision ask the MP to pursue it as it is obvious that your partner has care and mobility needs.
    A phone call from an MP can turn things round very quickly

    please don't wait to get the appeal in as you only have 28 days from the decision date to get it to the DBC.

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    Posted by nicci (U14924603) on Wednesday, 6th July 2011

    hello thanks for ur reply well sent of the appeal form today .also seen my local labour councillor who is putting a letter together tonight and is gonna get it signed by the other councillors for are area .also is gonna get in touch with our mp too and ask her to get involved too ...we have been told by an advisor today that he feels my partner will win the appeal ...he said hes totally shocked as this is the first case for dla being refused to an epileptic he,s never known any person with epilespy be refused but were crossing our fingers now .....we were even told by the advisor who deals with disabilitys that my partner should be trying to get the higher rate as his epilepsy is the worst type u can get .....but we will have to go through the appeal ourselfs again as we,ve been told trying to get someone to go with us to represent my partner is nearly impossible nowadays .........the stress of all this now is actually making my partner sick with worry and stressed and that isnt healthy for him as the more stressed he is the more likely of fits ......but thankyou again for ur input i take onboard everything i,m told xx

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