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    Posted by mrsfairysparkle (U11221741) on Monday, 4th July 2011

    I am looking for a ramp I can put into the ruck sack on the back of my power chair that can be taken out and unfolded to use for small inclines (e.g. shops that have one step at the front).

    I have seen several models, and one which looks as if it would go into rucksack, but wondered if anyone had any experience using one.

    Feedback would be much appreciated.

    The weight only matters that my rucksack can take it. I have eyelids - I have no qualms whatsoever at batting them up and down and asking very nicely for someone to help with the portable ramp.

    I shall of course say the words - DDA!, very loudly in any shop I do obtain access too, and point out the obvious. If only they had bought the ramp, then I wouldn't have to.

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    Posted by Lisa Jane (U14861672) on Monday, 4th July 2011

    Have you tried to get a kerb climber fitted to your chair?
    Would it really be practical to carry a ramp everywhere?
    I use a powerchair sometimes but don't carry a ramp.
    I tried a lightweight plastic one but it was rubbish so gave up on that.
    Good luck and I hope you get something.

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    Posted by mrsfairysparkle (U11221741) on Monday, 4th July 2011

    Hi Lisa

    I have a kerb climber and so I know the level of incline that I can do with the chair.

    I would use the ramp only for places I absolutely have to go to, and not all the time. The one I am looking at is called a Portaramp, and if anyone can vouch for it, it might solve the odd situation for me that would make a huge difference.

    Shame about the plastic one.

    FS x

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    Posted by wheelydad86 (U14862918) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011

    With respect, I would not advise a kerb-climber for access to a shop, as when about to climb a kerb or step with a powerchair full power is often required. It can be very risky in confined space.

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    Posted by devine63 (U14166755) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011

    And if you want to cite the law, don't bother saying DDA - it has been replaced by the Equality Act 2010.

    regards, Deb

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    Posted by Lisa Jane (U14861672) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011


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