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    Posted by dexterblue (U14089181) on Tuesday, 28th June 2011

    I have been on incapacity longterm and as this is all changing, recently filled in the work capability assessment form. Does anyone know how long it is before I know if i have to go to the face to face interview? A friend of mine had his form two weeks after I had posted mine and he had a phone call tonight giving him a date for his interview. As the form had to be returned by a certain date, I wondered if there is a time span when they let you know if they need ot see you?

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    Posted by hossylass (U3749845) on Wednesday, 29th June 2011

    There is no set time as they are not dealing with it properly.

    They should get your form back, hand it to a medical professional who should decide *if* you need a medical, and *who* should do the medical, i.e. a midwife, physiotherapist, nurse or GP.

    Then they should contact you to ask if you have any adjustments that need to be made, such as somewhere to lie down, specialist seating, a home visit, or a darkened room.

    Of course they rarely do any of this.

    But when they contact you, you could remind them of this.

    And check that you can actually access the building, and if not insist they visit you at home.
    And always, always, always have someone with you.

    You can also gen up on the GP examining you by looking on the GMC's GP list.

    You can ask to record the examination, unless you are in an area that is trialling recording as they will be doing it, but if so make sure you get a copy of the recording. I would ask if they are when you speak to them.

    Oh and read the WCA handbook 2011, there is a link in the Essential links thread, and in the same thread over on the new Ouch Too board, or on the Disability Alliance board.

    Hope that helps, and the answer is, no idea when you will be called, or if.

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    Posted by dexterblue (U14089181) on Friday, 1st July 2011

    Thanks. It just seems wrong that you have to return the form in a given time but they dont let you know in the same time frame. Also are you contacted if they dont need to see you? Theres no information regarding this.

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    Posted by Stephen (U14331013) on Friday, 1st July 2011

    The average waiting time to hear about a medical os 2-3 weeks but this can be delayed if they need to contact your GP.

    They wont contact you if you do not need a medical, it will go straight to the decision process.

    You can always phone ATOS / DWP and ask what is the current status of your claim

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    Posted by hossylass (U3749845) on Saturday, 2nd July 2011

    What is slightly more worrying is that they can call you in for your assessment before you have returned the form.

    General advice to anyone out there, if they do this to you then explain that they cannot do this.

    They are a bit dumb, and you may like to mention that you saw the meeting of Atos and the Work and Pensions Select Committee and that it was clearly stated that the correct procedure is that they initially assess you from the form, before deciding to call you in for the medical.

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    Posted by dexterblue (U14089181) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011

    Do they contact you to tell you they are contacting your GP. Also does anyone know if they let you know that you are not needed to go to a face to face or a medical. All information is around what the claiment has to do not what the dwp does regarding letting people know whats going on.

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    Posted by Stephen (U14331013) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011

    They won't contact you to tell you they are contacting your GP and it is very unlikely you will be told that you have been excused the medical.

    You can always contact the DWP and ask what the current status of your claim is, and get answers to both of these questions.

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    Posted by monic1511 (U1768751) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011

    Hi dexterblue

    I think the only ways your exempt from the medical are if your receiving dialysis 4 or more times a week, receiving chemotherapy or are terminally ill. Other than that I think you have to go.

    As for contacting your GP - it seems this doesn't happen very often, after you are found fit and have lodged an appeal it does happen but not in every case, only when the DWP think they need more info.

    Claims in my area take 3 -4 weeks to process, then a few weeks after payments start the claimant is called to the medical. Phone your local office and ask the status of your claim.

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    Posted by dexterblue (U14089181) on Thursday, 7th July 2011

    Thanks. I think i will just wait and see if they ring. They say no news is good news.

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    Posted by Sofie2 (U14259204) on Thursday, 7th July 2011

    I think the only ways your exempt from the medical are if your receiving dialysis 4 or more times a week, receiving chemotherapy or are terminally ill. Other than that I think you have to go. 

    A few people have managed to pass the medical and go into one of the groups on the basis of their ESA50.

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