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Powerstep lifts

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    Posted by ditchdwellers (U12199407) on Wednesday, 2nd February 2011

    Has anyone tried one of these Powerstep lifts?


    I need something to help me get up and down a couple of steep steps and thought one of these may be useful.

    If anyone has any comments on how well they work, I would be interested to hear.



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    Posted by Jean - jhmelea (U13794774) on Thursday, 3rd February 2011

    I have the standing step/smallest version of this to get into my garden - it was already installed when I moved in to this property 3 years ago so have no idea how much it cost , or how long it has been here, but it has never broken down in my time of using it.

    One thing I would mention though is that it is fixed and cemented in so is not portible unlike the one in the picture on the site.

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    Posted by ditchdwellers (U12199407) on Thursday, 3rd February 2011

    Hi Jean,

    It's the small, stand on version that I'm interested in. I have a couple of steep steps to negotiate indoors (no stairs though!), and wondered if something like this would be useful. Does it feel safe and sturdy? Is it noisy to use?

    I have found some prices online, and it looks as if they are somewhere in the region of £3500.00. Horrendously expensive, just like all disability equipment!

    I think I need to ask for a demo.

    Thanks for replying,


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    Posted by Jean - jhmelea (U13794774) on Thursday, 3rd February 2011

    No it's not noisy at all but it only goes straight up/down so you may need to have the steps dug out.

    I think getting a demonstration in your home would be an excelent idea as it looks as though it can be portible or fixed so you may be able to take it when you go away or move making it a more worthwhile investment - I liked the image of the lady using it to get into her caravan, my otherv half and I sometimes ponder the idea of a campervan ourselves but have discounted them previously because of access for me.

    (as I said mine was already here when I moved in it seems like the family of the previous occupant were mighty generous (she passed away) in leaving it or maybe it would have cost more to remove it than it did to install - either way it is a lifeline to me in the summer)

    I use it to get into the garden to enjoy the sun or hang laundry on the line, chat to neighbours over the fence. It is fixed with wall brackets and concrete to the ground and has external controls on the handle and internal controls on the wall inside the back door, the control unit is quite large and bulky but again is fixed to the wall so not really too obtrusive - we have a table covering it, and it runs off of our main electricity suppy with it's own slot on the fuse box.

    I'm not sure if this is the kind of information you are after but if not just ask specific questions and I will try to answer them, I can dig out the instruction booklet if nessecery for more technical quireies.

    All the best

    Jean xx

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    Posted by ditchdwellers (U12199407) on Friday, 4th February 2011

    Thanks Jean,

    It's good to know that they're not too noisy, as for indoor use I don't want a complete racket every time I go up and down! I don't live in standard accommodation (a boat!), so the steps are more ladder like than conventional steps, so I'm hoping that something like this will sort the problem out.

    My husband and I have also considered getting back in to camping with a campervan, and like you, I'm a bit nervous of getting in and out. This looks so much more stable than a plastic step, which I know I would struggle with. I have really missed camping and would love to go again. We are still members of the Camping and Caravanning Club, and each month when we get our magazine through we look at all these lovely tents and campervans going to such lovely places and think 'One day........' May be this summer will be the one.

    Thanks for all the info Jean. It's good to know that you have found it so useful.


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    Posted by OutnAbout (U14779221) on Monday, 7th February 2011

    Hi Rachel

    We have one of these for our caravan and paid about £2000, certainly not £3500! smiley - smiley Mines the small stand on one, it has 2 little feet to help with uneven ground, and yes it's nice and quiet. Might be worth phoning them and asking if they will do you a deal - you could be a trend setter in the boating community too!


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    Posted by ditchdwellers (U12199407) on Monday, 7th February 2011

    Hi Jason,

    Glad to hear of someone else using them for camping!

    I have only recently started looking at the Powerstep lifts, and the £3500 price was the first one I found on an internet search, so I'm really pleased to learn that they are available for much less.

    I definitely need to shop around.

    Happy caravanning!


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    Posted by OutnAbout (U14779221) on Wednesday, 9th February 2011


    I bought mine direct from the company that you gave the weblink for. They're local to me in Oxfordshire and friendly to boot! Good luck in your search!


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    Posted by ElaineAbilityLifting (U14775306) on Friday, 4th February 2011

    [Personal details removed by Moderator]Hi Rachel,

    I work for Ability Lifting Solutions - we are working on a video to put on our website to show you how the different Powerstep models work and that will be ready in a few weeks. ( there are 3 models – one is the step-on model, the 2nd one is for people using frames so has a larger platform and the 3rd one has a large platform for wheelchairs ).

    Hope this helps

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    Posted by cggibson (U14923708) on Saturday, 2nd July 2011

    I happened on this Powerstep thread and can give more information if required as I designed the lifts and made and fitted them for a number of years.

    The original Powerstep was made by my business partner for his wife to be able to get into their caravan. This was improved and put into production. Later the version now available was re-designed by me to meet higher safety requirements and proved successful both in caravan and domestic use.

    The manufacturing rights were obtained by C N Unwin and later by The Wheelchair Lift Co trading as FMS Powerstep Ltd.

    It may be possible to obtain used lifts. It was usually neccessary to attach these to caravans for stability, though a version is available with folding feet. Power is obtained from the 12V caravan battery. Lifts were fairly quiet, and little maintenance is required.

    If I can be of any help let me know. Whilst I am retired I continue to work with Remap which is a charity that designs and makes or modifies equipment for the disabled that is not available commercially. See Remap.org.uk

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